Ive never heard this before. Well, the ambulance serviceDMCare Expressthat transported Chriss body from the hotel DID report the head injury in their written report. Thanks for reading my work and thank you for the comment. Loved what you have put together and written down with references. He said he was as gracious as always to sign autographs for 15 min. That is quite a stretch she is making. To lead a life that you're not in It has been reported that from a police review of the surveillance of the hallway outside Chriss room no one else had entered or left Chriss hotel room that night. I cant wait to never be with you, Always thought that I pride myself on patience . She claims that when the ME wrote drugs did not contribute to the cause of death that what he really meant was that the drugs were not the mechanical cause of death. As mentioned earlier, Chris ended up with 9 broken/fractured ribs, his t-shirt was torn (though it was not torn while he was in concert that night), and Chris had the large bloody head wound during that final concertthe head wound that was never mentioned in the police report, nor the autopsy report, nor the official narrative released to the public. Now, first and foremost I must state that with Chris Cornells deathA HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION HAS NEVER TAKEN PLACE. Then after Toni was born, Vicky got pregnant by Chris right away so that she would have her hooks in him even if he ever found out Toni was not his biological daughter. As you can see, there is minimal damage, and it appears as though the latch of the interior lock was broken off from the inside while the lock was not engaged. Martin said that he had already taken the red band down and that Chris was found on the bathroom floor. If Im remembering correctly, I think hes an Italian actor. All the while pretending to be The different medications do look a lot alike, and in the police report Martin never named, not in his quoted statement, what those sleeping pills were. Vicky Cornell - Murderer of Blue Skies lyrics. Producer Rupert Hine talks about crafting hits for Tina Turner, Howard Jones and The Fixx. Why would the Trolls mother be saying anything about anything though, she didnt even like Chris. rest, ip. Huge names are on that list. Did Weaver weave in what Vicky had reported to him with what Martin had reported? And I just recently saw a claim by someone that says they play basketball with a couple of the Detroit PD that were at the scene, and this person says that Chris had the broken ribs BEFORE CPR was conducted, and that he had 2 gashes to the back of his head. If Vicky really was angry that Chris took two extra Ativan and that she was worried about how it was effecting him and that she believes it is those extra meds that made Chris kill himself and that Martin is the one who gave Chris more of his meds than were prescribedwhy is Vicky not going after Martin for giving Chris those meds? Did Martin put Chris in that state? You flew in on the wind How did Theodore Brown, the ME who performed Chriss autopsy, miss it? Watch: New Singing Lesson Videos Can Make Anyone A Great Singer You flew in on the wind Was a day that I won't forget Told me to let you in And that I would not regret it But you had a touch as cool as rain And only once the weather changed Murder of blue skies I can't wait To never be with you again And I can't wait To lead a life that you're not in And I won't break Though I may bend From . Or did Martin give it to him by accident and Chris just did not notice the difference? TC, Jasmin. And why does Detroit PD not mention the written report from the ambulance company? The song in question is Cornell's "Murderer. Just as long as it doesnt catch someone elses house on fire. It seems as though it was meant for more than just one person, and it seems as though there is a much bigger picture here than marital issues alone, but I will get to that more in just a moment. Again, the description of the scene sounds and looks more like foul play and suggests that a homicidal hanging took place that night, not a suicide. Also, it only takes 2-5 minutes to throttle someone. And one-handed CPR is a half-assed life-saving action. Murderer of Blue skies is about Vicky . I called the hotel operator and told her that I needed security to open the bedroom door. )Geffen is the one raking in the most money in the death of rock legend Chris Cornell (as well as with the death of Chester Bennington), which makes him one of the primary suspects in the homicide investigation that still needs to take place in the death of Chris Cornell. Murderer Of Blue Skies by Chris Cornell Album: Higher Truth ( 2015) License This Song lyrics artistfacts Songfacts: In this acoustic-driven breakup song, Chris Cornell is far from broken-hearted over the demise of an unhealthy relationship, singing, "I can't wait to never be with you again." Evil always sets out to destroy good and then tries to make the good look bad. My email is reneeyoungdecamillis@gmail.com. If you dont mind. Also, if Chris was over-intoxicated and acting strangely, Martin, of all people, would have been the first to notice because he was the one paid to be with him at all times and he was there with Chris in his hotel room while Vicky was only talking on the phone with Chris. Thank you for replying to my comment and again my deepest respect for your research. Back to Chriss on-stage rant: Not only did Chris sound angry during his final concert (refer back to the rant I referenced above) on May 17, 2018, but in previous concerts he had also shown a lot of anger toward a small group of billionaires who run the world. I feel bad for both those kids either way because regardless of the father they are stuck with Vicky. Hi Renee! It's a song everyone will relate to, but I'm not really sure, emotionally, where it's coming from. a voice that will sing til the end of time. Granted my daughter was my mini-me when she was little but my son looks nothing like me or my husband now but looked just like my husband when he was born. I was honestly shocked to see that while I was over here licking my wounds, there were hundreds (if not thousands) of others just like me who not only had a multitude of questions but had also come to a theoretical conclusion BEFORE gathering as many facts as we now have. Who says, I cant wait to live in a world youre not in. (Link to final concert footage here: https://youtu.be/rejYKbCFcc4 This video was shot in high definition in AVCHD mode using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS30 using P mode in ISO 3200 exposure and 1/60 min shutter speed.) Murderer of blue skies I can't wait To never be with you again And I can't wait To lead a life that you're not in And I won't break Though I may bend From time to time I can't wait to never be with you again Now, the truth will set you free But all you had was lying in you So you built a cage for me All the while pretending to be I dont know what it would take to get this case reopened. I am going to put out a video hopefully tonight questioning why emergency personnel moved Chris body. I hope they dont get away with it. Though I may bend Why didnt Weaver question any hotel staff contacted that night by Vicky and Martin, or any hotel staff that were on the scene at some point that night? It's just, here's my humble perspective here. The capital murder trial for the death of Ridgeway . It is important to note that with the release of the music video for Chriss song The Promise, for the movie of the same name, (which coincidentally was released, per Chriss request, on April 20, 2017World Refugee Dayone month and two days after his death) was set by Chris to have all proceeds go to the IRC. Why did Investigator Weaver never mention anything about Chriss head injury? And I won't break - The Other Stories. The empath subconsciously believes they are restoring balance when realistically they are just destroying themselves . Ill answer that question for you: THEY CANT. It must also be noted that Vickys Karayiannis family is allegedly involved with escort services and human-trafficking, all linked to a property in Miami that they rent. I have it somewhere in my research, but thats on my other laptop. He also worked on that film Far Away Places (2018) that little Tony wrote a song for, the film directed by Tatiana Shanks whose Instagram looks like shes an IG model looking for buyers. I also do not believe that he killed himself. When there is evidence of someone lying, it makes it very hard to believe anything that person says after that first lie(s) is revealed. Chriss final resting place is nowhere near his familyneither his eldest child, Lily, in Seattle which is his original home, nor his younger two kids who live in Florida. All I seek is the truth, the Higher Truth. Its been one of the many things that tell me people are actually still talking about Chris, dismissing the narrative and wanting the truth of what really happened to him. Looking at his eyes makes me want to cry (I'm an empath too). And thank you for your comments. So you built a cage for me It sounds like that PD and the Detroit ME need to do some checks and balances and A LOT of retraining. Non-lyrical content copyright 1999-2023 SongMeanings, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display, 2 idiotic comments . Moving on from the allegations, to the facts: I cannot stress the blood issue enough, which backs my above claim of a murder cover-up. So why then has his death been declared a suicide? These are facts that cannot be ignored in this homicide investigation, but these are facts that would make this write up far longer than most people would have the patience to read; therefore, I will stick to the facts I can fit into a more easily digestible piece of writing. was a teenager writing hits and playing on tracks for Jan & Dean when he wrote a #1 hit that got him blackballed. This means that Investigator Weaver never looked into Martins statement or Vickys statement; those statements were taken as the absolute truth right from the start. the posterior of the neck had four, less than 0.1 centimeter to 0.5 centimeter, dry, tan, abrasions associated with the ligature mark. (See a copy of the autopsy report at the end.) Yes, I said people because over the course of this past year I have found hundreds of people asking many of the same questions I have been asking. Did Martin allow anyone else into Chriss room that night? Weve done well in music, but honestly in our last 30 years Im not really friends with anybody thats a billionaire or that owns a business that is worth more than all of us put together and doesnt give a shit what happens to us. Greed is destructive in a relatiinship. To never be with you again I have a strong suspicion that she is not Chriss biological daughter. Chris suffered so much in the end and no one was there to helponly to destroy and fight with and leave behind a very talented and gentle soul. But their silence and their cooperation were bought, allegedly, at some point during this case. P.F. His wife didnt understand depression. . And there we have my opinion . (Please see the screenshots below to see the official report that I am about to speak of.). Now the media needs to start reporting the real news, the true news, not what the BIG WIGS pay them to report. and her other various shady business practices within days before he died; allegedly Geffen, for the reasons I mentioned above; potentially Martinif Martins barging into Chriss room had actually found Chris alive and pissed off because he couldnt get any peace and quiet, which could have spawned an unexpected altercation that ended in Chriss accidental death that was staged as a suicideone among many theories. The web of these billionaires connections is so vast that it is easy to get lost and chalk it all up to a crock of conspiracy theories created by delusional people. Vicky has been claiming for the past year that those two Ativan are what made Chris unknowingly take his own life. ***I will start off by emphasizing: my writing is NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED. Many of us fans see that these two men were suicided by people wanting to shut them up. Why did Martin not tell Vicky that he had to tend to her husband, try to save his life, and that he would have to call her back with an update? The official reports also state that no suicide note was found at the scene. LIKE A PI . I can't wait to never be with you again. Before I go any further, I want to first say thank you to a few peoplewhom I will not name due to their fear of the repercussions from Vicky Karayiannis Cornell and her mother Toni Karayiannis (Toni Vasil on Instagram) and whoever else is allegedly behind Chriss deathwho have helped me gather all the evidence that I am about to unleash and who have given me much needed support along the way. Murderer Of Blue Skies Tab. Next Post Next post: The Litigious Vampire Vicky Cornell Sues Remaining Members of Soundgarden. In the immediate months following his death, I was not yet strong enough to drive myself to dig into what I knew made NO sense. She was the last person to spesk to him. These people thrive on msming their money via law suits and there have been many indicators that the Karriyannis family were (and still are) involved in many underhanded illegal activities without his knowledge using his money , including sex trafficking.

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