Monster House Animation 2006 1 hr 30 min English audio PG CC Buy or rent Three teens discover that their neighbor's house is really a living, breathing, scary monster, and decide that. Terrors that they endured caused Chowder and DJ to argue with each other with Jenny breaking up their fight. Yes, I'm hurt! In her first appearance, she wore a green dress with white flowers and heels. Her legs were short with seemingly fat arms. Constance Nebbercracker, formerly known as Constance the Giantess, was the main antagonist of Monster House. There, they discovered Mr. Nebbercracker's old explosives and photographs depicting Mr. Nebbercracker when he was young alongside his wife Constance when she was alive. The only bits of foliage shown are a few modest tree sprouts in the lot's front yard and a few bushes next to the property. In her final form, Constance is completely demolished but quickly assembles her broken pieces into an even more menacing form. Officer Landers notices that something seems not right as the other one suddenly driven away with the tree's roots. The house continues to chase down DJ and his friends until they were near a construction site, where, for the safety of the children, Nebbercracker throws a stone brick at his house and stands up against Constance, revealing his non-child-hating ways in the process. She is also very disagreeable and unpleasant, so she frequently dislikes the circus and playful teasing, which is evident by her reacting to the boys throwing eggs and rocks at her before death and overhearing others talking about her in house form. Though neither of Chowder's parents appear on screen, there is one joke about them in the movie that likely flies over most kids' heads. It's Halloween." They try to convince the babysitter, the police, and some weirdo named Skull. Jenny Bennett is the tritagonist of Monster House. Mr. Nebbercracker proceeds by lifting him upwards and unleashing several tantrums on his face. Man-eatingDestructionAnimal crueltyAttempted mariticideUnlawful imprisonmentChild abuse. Here, Jenny stated that the main hall was deformed into some kind of mouth cavity where the opened hole acts like a throat, the rug acts as a tongue, deformed woods around the door acts as teeth, while the hanging lamp acts as a uvula. She has black roof shingles which can move with the chimney placed on the right side that leads to her heart, although the exact location of the fire is yet unknown. When DJ got the call, he only hears furious growls instead of a word. When Nebbercracker was immediately brought to the hospital, Constance ghost immediately awakened from her years of slumber. After taking possession of the house, Constance's physical appearance is shaped like a head; the hair is made of black trapezoid roof tiles with the chimney placed on the right side where the heart is, although the location of the furnace is yet unknown. Though the activities mentioned don't explicitly point to anything scandalous going on in Chowder's house, the implicit meaning couldn't be more apparent to adults watching Monster House. Hi. 2006'sMonster House follows DJ, a 12-year-old who religiously spies on his cranky neighbor, an elderly man named Mr. Nebbercracker. NebbercrackerThe HouseMonster HouseOld Man Nebbercracker's HouseDomus Mactabillis (by Skull), DeceptionIntelligenceFull control over the House and propertySelf-reconstructionImmortality. Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!! DJ was happy he did not make the old man be killed, but only crippled him instead. As seen later in the movie, the house actually houses a human spirit: that of Constance, Nebbercracker's long-dead wife who, much like Nebbercracker . Not only is the imagery of the film relatively dark (and even a bit unsettling at times), there are also quite a few lines of dialogue and visual references that are likely to fly over most children's heads. Around her dead body, they found some flowers and photos that people would normally place on the grave of their loved ones. Witnessing this, they realize that the house only moved when the unsuspecting victim approaches, and Jenny decided to call the police. DJ stated that Zee and Bones had a conversation about Nebbercrackers past life and assumed that he devoured Constance much to Jennys disgust. When Chowder explores the house and stumbles upon a large mirror that used to be Constance's mirror, Constance's spirit appears in the mirror and attacked him. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Opposites attract, we suppose, even when it comes to bandmates. The only one whom is suspicious with this grumpy and wrathful attitude is DJ, a boy whom spy on the house for the past few years. They manage to formulate a plan where Chowder will lure the house under a crane so that the two can drop the stick of dynamite down its chimney which leads to the heart. However, the officers were not the sole target as it had the trees to grab the police car and devouring it into its mouth inside along with the children. Monster House is a 2006 computer animated horror / black comedy film about a murderous living house and the misadventures of three preteens who try to stop it. Officer Landers notices that something seems not right as the other one is suddenly driven away by the trees roots. In its final form, the house resembles a porcupine made of timber boards, with the shattered yet same windows and a triangular mouth with a longer flange chimney set in the center of its head. Her eyes can glow depending on the time of the day. This pays homage to the iconic scene inStanley Kubrick's adaption ofThe Shining, when Danny Torrance rides his big wheel tricycle through the halls of the Overlook Hotel. However, DJ accidentally desecrated Constance's remains by breaking the concrete casing that covered the corpse, revealing the skeleton and inciting the house's fury. While the dummy wouldn't fool anyone into thinking it was a trick-or-treater coming to their door, what with the broom acting as arms and its figure squatting on a vacuum, it seems to do the trick of fooling the house. Right before he collapses onto DJ, Mr. Nebbercracker yells, "Why can't you just stay away from " It is apparent that he was about to finish his sentence by referring to his house as "her," but is interrupted by a medical emergency that prompts him to collapse. Chowder looks behind, where the house became more deformed than it previously was before returning to normal. Constance: You vandals! She is also the arch-nemesis of DJ, Jenny and Chowder. Before her death, her dress was full red. The kids then resume the investigation when suddenly, the floor below them opened, sending them to the basement where Nebbercracker kept the stolen toys from the children. Did you notice this in MONSTER HOUSE? In her first appearance, she wore a green dress with white flowers and heels. Mr. Nebbercracker tells her to look at him and tries to convince her he will not let anyone hurt her. Now, all three of them need to try and stop the house and the only way by doing that is to go inside the house. Having overheard the conversation, Constance goes berserk and tears the house free from its foundations and begins to chase the children and her husband through arms / feet made of trees on the property. Devouring trespassers who dare walk on her lawn. She is the archenemy of DJ Walters, Chowder and Jenny Bennett. The house becomes dirty due to the age Constance is reaching. During the construction of their house, her sudden untimely death occurred due to falling into the basement and getting covered in wet concrete, after which she took possession of the house instead of going to heaven, which developed monster-like characteristics. It's the home of the old man, Horace Nebbercracker, just across the street from DJ's House, and the house possessed by his late wife Constance, after she died from falling to her into it's basement while it was still under construction and having her body poured on by cement, turning it into a living, breathing monster, that attacks anything that dares to come close to it, the house was destroyed at the end of the movie with dynamite. Koko Da Doll, who was featured in "Kokomo City," a documentary about four Black transgender sex workers that won awards at the Sundance Film Festival this year, was fatally . As such, it is filled with organs analogous to those of the human body. DJ convinces his friends to keep up with their search for the house's furnace. The eyes have blinds similar to eyebrows to express her emotions. This article is about Nebbercracker's House as the main antagonist of the film, for the article about it as a location from the film, see Old Man Nebbercracker's House. Constance Nebbercracker DJ Walters Chowder Jenny Bennett (all formerly) Type of Hero Tragic False Antagonist Horace Nebbercracker, (simply known as Mr. Nebbercracker, or Nebbercracker to some characters) is the overarching protagonist of Monster House. Constance as it possesses Bones's old kite in order to devour Bones. Even the house's exterior turned into a demonic form while retaining its former appearance. When they entered it, they discovered Constance's corpse that was covered by cement layer. Get away from my house! A 12-year-old boy DJ Walters spies on his elderly neighbor Mr. Nebbercracker who confiscates any item landing in his yard. I'm gonna rip them to bits. Movie Villains Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. The house then picks them up one by one after spotting the kids before they find the place to hide. As one officer accosts the kids, another goes to inspect their creation. Her eyes are windows of different shapes, her left eye is square and her right eye is arch. Little DJ has suspicions about the house across the street and the cranky old man who lives there. Three teens discover that their neighbor's house is really a living, breathing, scary monster. In terms of backstory, Constance is similar with Onryos in mythology (includes restless souls such as. The game was also playable on the now defunctMonster House website. Right off the bat, he comes off as emotionally stunted. However, this nearly made the house awaken as the house' main hall turned into a mouth-like cavern before spitting a large amount of water. When Jenny points out the house's uvula, Chowder claims that the house must be female, foreshadowing that he was correct. This is however a great mistake; due to his elderly age, he forgot that his body could no longer endure the boy's weight and he had a heart attack at the same time. Monster House was made in 2006 and Hotel Transylvania was made in 2012. Terrors that they endured made DJ and Chowder argue with each other, with Jenny breaking up their fight. Constance furiously believes that DJ is trying to take Nebbercracker away from her. Against his friends' protests, DJ tries to talk some sense with Nebbercracker about the truth behind his wrathful and suspicious behavior. Reginald Skulinski is worshipped by DJ and Chowder as a minor god of video games. He is a 12-year-old teenager boy who is known for spying on Nebbercracker and his house through a telescope. Constance going after DJ, Chowder, and Jenny. Inside, Constance has a room that functions similar to a human's inner mouth. It is unknown why no one else in the neighborhood heard or even questioned the obvious screaming and loud noises from the house possessed by Constance, especially when chasing DJ, Chowder, Jenny, and Nebbercracker down the streets. Both the boys are horrified by this, believing that Nebbercracker had died. Monster House is a 2006 animated horror/comedy movie directed by Gil Kenan. The house's furnace (the heart) burns on its own, and with both the house and lawn under her control, she caused them to emit sad, groaning voices as the ambulance approaches to carry her husband away. In her first appearance, she wore a green dress with white flowers and heels. like a petulant kid. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Weight: 80,000-160,000 Pounds (Presumably, average weight of a house), Age: 29 at age of death, house is 45 years old, Gets angry if anyone gets near Mr.Nebbercracker, Can Move The House As Easily As A Human Body Even With Its Carpet-Like Tongue, Can Control Trees In Its Yard Like Arms Or Legs, Can Independently Move Furniture Within Itself, Body has been shown to be able to keep itself together, Thins inside her can change from a normal look to an evil look, Pretty much every part of her body can be moved by her, Carpet at the front of the house has been used like a tongue, Can make the front of her appear as a gigantic mouth, Metal ventilation pipes act as tentacles/large worms with teeth at the end, Body can stretch around, despite being made of mostly wood, Can cause pipes to come out from places inside her, Can use the trees around her to uproot herself and move around, Even after falling apart, she got back up in a deformed state, but still kept going as if she was the same, Can't die unless the furnace inside her is destroyed, This is because the furnace acts as the heart of her, Will go into a massive tantrum when angered, Her chimney seems to produce more smoke the angrier she is, Can possess and control the stuff in the house, Can make books and pots float and fly around as a projectile, Can see people inside her if light from outside goes on them, Gets angry when someone is near Mr.Nebbercracker, The furnace itself is able to breath fire and shoot fire balls, After she came back, she was able to bite off the claw of an excavator, She also was able to lift the rest of the excavator with her mouth, and shortly after, she ate it, Has uprooted herself using the trees on the lawn around her, Has attacked people before they could react or try to escape, Can knock down trees like they aren't there, Can keep herself up with just one tree arm, Just the carpet was able to easily snag a car and wave it around like a toy, Despite her large size, she can actually move fairly fast, around 15-20mph, possibly more, Even after coming back deformed and a mess, she could still move around just fine, If her furnace is destroyed, she will die, Most of her abilities only work if someone is inside her. It then had a beam of light to search the house' main hall where the beam came from one of the windows. They both loved their husbands so much before they perished (Constance died while building the house and Martha was killed by enraged humans). She is also extremely brutal, murderous, and vituperative, so she wants to kill them, but when the house got blown up instantly, it seems that her spirit is finally put to rest and most likely let go of her grudge to people. Nothing slows the house down. In his notes, he lists the date of each event and what was taken from whoever stepped on Nebbercracker's property. Read at your own risk. In the end, all the house's victims are revealed to be alive and well as they crawl out of the house's foundations. As is implied by the film's title, the monster house is, in fact, a living being. Thinking that it maybe a trick, he tries to call the house itself, only for no one to answer him. Despite being killed, her soul became the vengeful spirit both due to her rage and unwillingness to leave her husband. Thanks to Jenny's quick actions in pulling the house's lamp, the possessed house ended up vomiting them to the outside, along with the contraptions that they supposedly used to make it sleep. Everything seems normal until Chowder pressed the bell, and the house awakened. The house had the slinkies snatch Chowder before did the same on the pipes that snatch Jenny and had the wooden stairs to attack DJ, whom barely escaped back to the hall that turned into a mouth cavity, with his friends nearly devoured. Just then, Constance, whoalready set her sights on Jenny, possesses the porch, making the planks below her to rise and lead her to her mouth, only to be thwarted by Zee and the boys' interference. I'm gonna rip them to bits! Not only that,she was forced to sleep in a cage by the rest of the circus members. Upon reaching the crane, DJ uses it to swing over the house's chimney and throws the dynamite down to its heart. This ritual has been observed for years by DJ, who is shown taking Polaroid pictures through a telescope in his bedroom. Constance's victims were originally supposed to be dead, but the creators decided that they should keep them alive. All of his bad deeds toward the children were merely ruse to keep them away from his wife's wrathful spirit after the latter's accidental murder by bullies and because of it, he was forced to become a child hater so Constance, now as the possessed house and wrathful spirit, won't be able to destroy and consume everything on her path. This causes the house to explode and Constance's spirit to be released, allowing her to spend a peaceful and loving moment with her husband before passing on, signifying that her wrath is finally gone. Somehow the cracked, depleted soil changed its composition dramatically over the course of only 45 years. Constance shares similarities with Martha from Hotel Transylvania, another animated film from Sony which is also about Halloween and also starred Steve Buscemi. Monster House Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. It's my house, and they're HURTING ME! Not only that, she was forced to sleep . DJ and Chowder then return to DJ's room with Jenny to continue the investigation. When DJ's parents travel on the eve of Halloween and the abusive babysitter Zee stays with him, he calls his clumsy best friend Chowder to play basketball. They later decided to have a discussion on Reginald Skull Skullinski at Pizza Freek, where he believes that the possessed house was a monster named Domus Mactabillis (Deadly Home in Latin) or at least that was he believed as he knew about from comic book conventions. Her entire body is made of jagged, broken piece of wood with now shattered window eyes and a triangular mouth with longer fangs. She chases DJ, Chowder, and Jenny. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . The player utilizes various weapons, such as a whip, daggers, bombs, holy water, and axes such as the one seen in Thou Art Dead. Before it was too late, they rushed toward her and convince her to go away. Yet there are full-grown deciduous trees in the film's opening shot that stretch to the horizon. The house then pick them one by one after spotting the kids before they find the place to hide. Despite being labelled as a circus freak, Constance is shown to be rather intelligent. Before her death, her dress was full red. As the house fights with Chowder, who is controlling the vehicle, DJ is given the dynamite and is told to destroy the house for good. However, the idea was scrapped for being too dark. The chimney is set on the center of her head and her tree limbs are now located at the bottom of her body. Now aware that Nebbercracker's house is sentient and sinister, Chowder and DJ, along with their new friend Jenny, are determined to uncover the mystery behind the monstrous house and protect their neighborhood's residents. When awakened or disturbed, parts of Constance break apart to further reveal her monstrous nature and she puts herself back together when calming down. Constance's victims were supposed to die, but the creators decide to have them alive. Things then suddenly became worse as the house attacks them and devours Officer Landers alive while sadistically playing with Officer Lister whom it grabbed via branches before eventually tossing him into its mouth. Moments foreshadowing Constance's dark fate are scattered throughout Monster House. She was DJ's former arch-nemesis and Mr. Nebbercracker's wife. His bones cracked in the process, causing him to fall unconscious on DJ's body. As soon as DJ's parents are gone, Zee takes off her cardigan to reveal a shirt that says "Skull x Bones." DJ's parents Mr. and Mrs. Walters leave town for the weekend for a dentist convention and leaving him in the care of Zee. When Constance sees this, she proceeds to possess his kite within the basement, and uses it to lure Bones into the house. Still, her spirit l. When she was human, Constance was a tall obese woman with short black hair, pale pink cheeks and grey eyes. The film's opening scene shows what has become a regular occurrence in Mayville: A child, or one of their possessions, touches Mr. Nebbercracker's lawn, only for the old man to run out of his front door, throw a fit, and confiscate said item while berating the child. Constance plummets into the basement, where she gets covered in cement. Just then, the house moves again and taunts Chowder by playing his basketball that marked with Jack-O-Lantern's face, which Chowder perceives that the house would start the real killing spree tonight. Officer Lester taunts the tree, which suddenly, prompt it to move and grab his leg. When consumed by rage, the house has two trees linked to its head that are its chimney emitting a red glow and smoke, indicating its heart is racing. She lost her balance while trying to chase them away, falling to her death into the basement of their still unfinished house along with some fresh cement. Furthermore, she didn't attempt to devour the cops that DJ, Jenny, and Chowder had called to the scene until she was certain that they wouldn't be able to call for assistance. 13-year-old DJ is observing his neighbor Nebbercracker on the other side of the street in the suburb that destroys tricycles of children that trespass his lawn. DJ finally convinces Mr. Nebbercracker that it's time to let go of his attachment to his wife-possessed house but Constance doesn't take this development in stride. A little girl named Eliza rides her tricycle around the neighborhood, singing along, but she hits the lawn and as she tries to get out, Horace Nebbercracker snaps and takes the tricycle and removes the wheel to tempt her to go away. The indie classic follows Donald "Donnie" Darko as a series of strange events and visions culminate in alternate timelines, time travel, and the end of the world. The porch and door comprise her mouth with small wooden planks that emerge and act as her teeth to give her a powerful bite. Yet another reference comes when the children fall into the house's basement. Three teens discover that their neighbor's house is really a living, breathing, scary monster. Just then, Chowder spotted the hanged lamp on the house's hall, prompting them to shoot it. Contents 1 Victims 1.1 Before the Film 1.2 During the Film 2 Deaths 3 Kill Counts Victims Before the Film Constance Nebbercracker - Buried alive in cement when she accidentally fell down a pit during the house's construction. One day, when Chowder's basketball accidentally flew into Nebbercracker's lawn and prompts DJ to bring it back, Nebbercracker ambushes and storms toward him. The ending was a little bit WTF and Dan's comments about it make it seem like things were changed that he had no control over so that's a shame. The story features a similar monkey doll who brings misfortune and disaster upon whosoever possesses it. Monster House was able to reform in a less neat and more rough looking form, but she still appeared to be fine, despite how she looked, and was possibly even stronger than before, despite her still being made of wood and bricks. An image of the house in question is featured on the cover of the first edition of Waste Lands, the third installment of the series. As the trio went home, DJ believes that the possession on the house was started from when the furnace inside the house was set alight, implies that the furnace was the house's heart. However, she started to show hostility and eventually turned against him when DJ convinced him to "let her go". For instance, the house has a. These are the characters that appear in Monster House. Her legs were short with seemingly fat arms. "Constance to Mr. Nebbercracker moments before her death. He remarks to his wife, "You would be so happy if [DJ] was under this car." For a brief moment, they are distracted by a beautiful girl named Jenny who, much to their horror, approaches the house. Despite Monster House having a PG rating, the film contains a fair amount of substance use. After taking possession of the house, Constance's physical appearance is comprised of the different parts of the structure. That night, she possesses the telephone in her house (off-screen) and calls DJ through the telephone. Chowder looks behind, where the house became more deformed that it previously was before returning back to normal. She has a red elongated carpet for a tongue, a chandelier resembling a uvula, and a green throat which is an opened pit with sharp wooden blades circling around. I am an admin of this site. Monster House - Ending robohobosam 30K subscribers Subscribe 1.5K Share 129K views 2 years ago Show more Show more Try YouTube Kids Learn more Suggested by Sony Pictures Movie Titles Through. As such, it is filled with organs analogous to those of the human body. The house, however, does not take this well and grabs Nebbercracker to eat him for this apparent betrayal before DJ, Chowder, and Jenny arrive just in time with an excavator, which proves effective against the house. But one Halloween some children decided to torment and laugh at her. However, the landscape in Nebbercracker's flashback looks incredibly different from the Mayville shown in the film's opening shot. Therefore, Constance has been suffered too long and in spite of his benevolent intentions to keep the children away from the house, it will not improve either of their lives. Monster House, original name Constance Nebbercracker, is the main antagonist of the 2006 animated movie, Monster House. We can accept that there are no police, since the house ate the town's only two officers, but the total lack of public reaction to the giant wooden horror is a bit jarring. When they entered it, they discovered Constance's corpse which was covered by a cement layer. The next instance of foreshadowing takes place as DJ goes to sleep. Get away from my house! It all starts at the beginning of the film, with a shot of a little girl riding her tricycle onto Mr. Nebbercracker's lawn. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Yet not a single one of them is shown during the chase scene. Mr. Nebbercracker then lashed out to the trio to leave, but his wrath quickly changes into worries as he realized that children would be approaching his house. Just then, Constance grabs her husband with the intentions of killing him for this apparent betrayal before DJ, Chowder, and Jenny arrive just in time with an excavator, which proves effective against the house. They manage to formulate a plan where Chowder will lure the house under a crane so the two can drop the stick of dynamite down its chimney which leads to the heart. And from the sounds of it, the two are clandestinely meeting while her husband is tied up at work. As adult viewers will know, cough syrup is often abused as a recreational drug, sometimes in tandem with other substances. The most subtle reference to drug use comes during the scene immediately before the kids' dummy plan is foiled by the police. 13-year-old DJ is observing his neighbor Nebbercracker on the other side of the street in the suburb that destroys tricycles of children that trespass his lawn. They later witness a dog who approaches the lawn, only to be eaten by the house. As DJ, Jenny, and Chowder make their decoy dummy to feed to the house, they decide to use a pair of sweatpants, some old shoes, a vacuum cleaner, a broom, a letterman jacket, and the monster mask Chowder was wearing earlier in the film.

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