Insert your new cartridge and turn it with the white tool to line it up properly (see video)4. Mjc5OGUwMjIyYTI4NjE3NWYzYjZiMTI3YTU5ZGUwODcxMGY4M2Y5MDNhNDE3 Once you loosen the cartridge by twisting it a bit in both directions, then you can wiggle it up and eventually remove the entire cartridge. You should have been supplied these 2 rubber O-Rings along with some lubricating grease. As with any plumbing project, start by turning the hot and cold water supply lines beneath the sink off. Providing Faucet Repair Services to clients in the area of Lorton, Virginia NjkwOTgyN2U3YTk4YTEwYTRmMTdkODUxOTEyMGY2YTVkMmE3NDY1YmFmMTY4 Bathtubs. For additional articles, visit. 877-346-4814. A deck gasket organizes the hose. Life Shine finish not to tarnish, corrode, or flake off. If you look in the middle, youll see the support block. Y2NjZTU4MDAyZTYzOTMyYWFjNDllZTcxZWIzNzFjYjc5OTkxNTllMTQ3NmRj Faucets are a key part of your home for an obvious reason: They dispense water. Moen faucets are some of the most beautiful pieces of plumbing you can buy. Generic Body Diagram Moen provides installation instructions with its kitchen faucets. Got a question about All Year Appliance Repairs? OTQ3NWFmNmQ5MGU4NzE0YmM1OGFmNjM5ODNjZWY5Y2JmZTQ1Njc3ODUxMzJl It is very helpful. ZjM4MGMwYTk5OTZmNTBjMTk1MjU5Njc2MGM5YjQ2Yjk0N2NmMDNkY2UxMzgx If the leaking is only related to cartridge, why is there no water on all lines under sink? . Large selection of Moen Anabelle at everyday low prices. I'd appreciate it. Why You Cant Connect PEX Directly to Your Water Heater, Is Wellfor a Good Brand? Weve found that it can be helpful to know what each of these little parts is and where it goes in the grand scheme of things. I have knobs just under my sink to cut off the water supply. Shop Moen Anabelle Spot Resist Stainless Single Handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Function (Deck Plate Included) in the Kitchen Faucets department at Lowe' For additional information on Moen products visitsolutions.moen.comand select the type of product you are repairing. After watching the faucet repair video, you may be wondering what type of Moen cartridge you need. Once the cap is off, insert the long end of the hex wrench into the hole and poke it around until it engages with the screw. OWE3ODcxZTAyYTEzZWZlMmYwMzAzY2UyZmUzNmZmYzIxNTFkYjBhZWIxY2Yw If the problem persists replace the spout aerator. In those cases you will not have a receipt. You'll need to use a needle-nose plier or two screwdrivers to get the cartridge to move and you should be able to get the cartridge out. Moen Anabelle Faucet DIY install Sky Management 15.4K subscribers Subscribe 13K views 2 years ago Link to Moen Anabelle Faucet on Amazon The BIGGEST Mistakes DIYers. Free Shipping on orders over $99.00. If you already took it apart, jump to the next section for a detailed description on reassembling each component. YTUzNTliYWRjMGRkMzkxOTA1ZDNlYTFlMjRmOTVmNjNiYmI0MWY0OGE0OWRk Oh, and thanks for the tip re: the lifetime warranty - I didn't know that. Please give me a "Thumbs Up" on YouTube if you enjoyed them. All faucets are slightly different, yet they share the same basic components. spent 20 minutes on the phone talking about my problem. It can be if you watch the following videos about repairing a leaky Moen faucet. OTE4N2EwNGRlMDk3NTQ3ODk5NDY2YTYwZmY5MWI1NzcwN2Q4ODM4ZWUxYzQx When you're done with your Moen kitchen faucet adjustment, replace the handle by reversing the procedure for removing it. The Best Free Beginner's Knitting How-To Videos, The Best How-to Videos to Learn Amigurumi Crochet. Slide your spout back over the copper base3. This Instructable hopes to share some of my experience with a leaky Moen kitchen faucet. MjAyMmJlZjY1ZDQwOWVhNmY4MGI4OGY1NTJiZTNkNGY5NjQ0NWY1NzYwNDI2 Put away your standard 1/8-inch hex wrench when you're servicing a Moen faucet. YThhM2E3NTZlZTk2YTJlNDZjY2I0NDgyNWQzZTgxNmI3YmNjOWRkYmY2NTYx . on Step 6. Remove the nut and pull out the cartridge. The bottom of this sleeve actually has another white ring inside of it (as you will see later). I was able to order the parts kit 100429 from Amazon and execute the repair flawlessly. How to identify your Moen pulldown kitchen faucet spray wand by detailed information and pictures. Ultimate 3D Printed RC Car + Laser Cut Chassis. One of the quick ways to tell if if you pull out the lever to run the water or if you turn it. In the next step you will proceed with removing this. OTYxMmM3ZDMyMTNlYTY0NDVmYTg1MTMyNjNlNzUyMjViMjgwOGVlYWMzYmU1 ODBhOGQ3OTZjMjViOWE4ZGI2YzE1OTEzYTI3MjgyZDk3NDZmOTU3NDc1MmE5 Hook the handle lug into the pivot retainer groove, ensuring the cartridge stem notch faces forward. YTAzY2ZlOWNjNjRmMWFhYzg4OTgxYzc1ZDNiZjUxYWVmMjMwZjkwMmEwMjRj Recommendations: As a starting point to troubleshooting low flow, it is recommended to always check that the water supply shut off valves under the sink have not been turned off. Anabelle classic stainless steel 1-handle pull-down kitchen faucet. Thank you. OWQ1MjIyMDU5NTE1YmVmZTBkZmI1MDBmNGU3NmE3MmI0YzFkZTZkMDI4YTNi Faucet Repair Lorton, (VA) Providing Faucet Repair Services to clients in the area of Lorton, Virginia Faucet Repair in Lorton, (VA). If you believe Wordfence should be allowing you access to this site, please let them know using the steps below so they can investigate why this is happening. The screw is seated inside the handle and won't come out, so you can't lose it, but when it's loose enough, you'll be able to lift the handle and remove it. Loosen and remove the screws . We have the lowest prices, a huge selection, and free shipping options. Anything that sits above it is visible; anything below it is beneath the countertop. To install a new cartridge, you basically reverse the procedure. Recommended Solution-Moen faucets are designed with an interior component called a cartridge. There is a feature on their website to let you identify your Moen fixture if you don't know or obtained it with the house from a previous owner or the builder (like I did). NGIxZjljMDVlNjk3MzVlM2U2YzA5OWIyZDE3Njk3Yzg1Mjc5NzIwODIxMzIz We're almost done! In the video, I cover how to take apart the faucet, swap the cartridge, and cover little tricks I've learned over the years that make this job a cinch. Your help will be greatly appreciated! I also show you how my cartridge puller makes taking out the cartridge dramatically easier. If you enjoyed this Instructable, please don't forget to rate it and give me a thumbs up on YouTube. Perhaps you started a plumbing project that involved disassembling your Moen single-handle kitchen faucet. If there isa shared flow between the spout and side spray or if only the side spray is getting good flow,replace the diverter. Test the water. To remove the handle, flip open the little red/blue plastic nib on the side of the handle (see video). Moen products have been manufactured under the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Watch the video! Then you need to unscrew the larger sleeve underneath (dark brown or black in the photos). This is what I call a "restriction ring" as it has a small raised flanged on one side that restricts how far you can turn the metal part left and right. Use pliers to turn your cartridge (in any direction) to loosen it. WARRANTY INFORMATION TO ORDER PARTS CALL: 1-800-BUY-MOEN SARAI Single-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet MODEL HANDLE FINISH 87836SRS Lever Spot Resist Stainless 9/18 Order by Part Number Mounting Hardware 113173 Underdeck Kit 344113 Hose Kit 150259 Set Screw (Requires 3/32" hex key) 155023 Wand Kit 194878SRS Spot Resist Stainless Handle Kit Study them to get a general understanding and read the instructions as well, which go over everything in this Instructable. If you havent disassembled the faucet yet, use this guide. Compare. Then offer your services to help fix all of your family and friend's leaky kitchen faucets as well. The Moen Anabelle is a pull-down kitchen faucet equipped with the Reflex system for smooth operation and docking of the spout. Just explain that when filling out your form. Remove any debris and reinstall. These measurements include: Within the faucet itself, there are various small parts, each vital for proper faucet function. Is it right? Using the tool of choice, wiggle the cartridge shell back and forth to get it to loosen. Trust me, once you've done it a few times it will be easier and make more sense. In this case, I think replacing cartridge only may not solve my current leaking issue. Providing remarkable refrigerator repair, washer dryer repair, dishwasher repair, and more, we have the skills and expertise to service virtually all major appliances. Slide plastic clip on metal handle mechanism part and screw into cartridge (see video) - you will screw the handle mechanism back into the top of the cartridge - test it by turning side to side and lifting up and down - it should behave exactly how it was behaving previously if not, check again8. Once the wrench is engaged, turn it counterclockwise to loosen the screw. Tighten the dome by hand to avoid scratching it with your wrench or pliers. Save on Moen Anabelle collection at Still Not Finding What You're Looking For? Often there's a cartridge inside the base of a Moen Faucet that needs to be replaced. Screw on the black/beige sleeve that holds down the spout - remember it should have that white ring inside of it, in proper orientation6. Remove any debris and reinstall. $312.90 - $406.65 (1521) Write a Review. Now that you know where the set screw is located, you need to pop off the cap before you can access it. NjVlNTRhMjM1MjFkODViMDMxZmIwNDY3MGVlYjMxMDhhMGI5MDk3MjhlZDJj A Carefully align the handle connector with the cartridge stem, then gently push the handle into place on the cartridge stem. YWI1NzU5NWE4MzA2Mjc1M2U0ZDg1ZGQxNWFmZDQ2MmEyMTVmNmM5YWQ4YTQ4 Ask the Yelp community! If a faucetis not shutting off properly the reason is usually the cartridge. You may be able to do this with your fingers, but if not, use a flat-head screwdriver to pry it off. This diagram gives us a breakdown of these components. $312.90 - $406.65 (1519) Write a Review. You will access a hole to get your Allen key (hex tool) and be able to unscrew the long screw that holds the handle on. OGEzZGI0YWFlNTVhNyJ9 Y2FlYTU5YjFjZjUwYzIyYTZhMDgxM2U2YzlkYWY3ZTU3MDk3YWRlODUxNDc2 All Year Appliance Repairs accepts credit cards. YzAyYzMyNmI1YmU0NGRjZTY3NGE0ODBhNjUyMGFmNjdmZjZmZGYxM2NiM2My Beneath the spray head, youll also see the escutcheon. Now we will be removing the spout and clip that holds in the cartridge. Also remember which way the flange is pointed (otherwise you will also have it flipped 180-degrees). It's totally free. The photos (which are on all remaining pages of the instructable) are taken from my previous repair of this sink about 4 years before the current repair. I called him in the morning asking for his availability to fix my. I haven't done any plumbing home repair before and I was able to replace the cartridge in my tap and buy all the pieces I needed on the first trip. From project advice to design planning, we'll help you get started. Question Now if you have to replace the entire faucet for some reason (perhaps there were bigger problems that you didn't expect) then here's the official video from Moen about installing a new faucet. MmU1OWM4ODkwZTJiZDE0MTUyOGNkYzdhMTA4OWI0MjQ4ZWZmODA1YzhjM2Yz One little known secret is that Moen guarantees its parts for life. Moen products reflect the best of our experience and we stand by our workmanship while maintaining our high level of helpful support and service. The sleeve top also has 2 flat sides so you can use the Pipe Wrench Pliers at this stage to unscrew it if it is difficult to turn counter-clockwise to loosen. The diagram displays each part as it fits into the assembly. Due to National Conservation Laws, Moen manufacturesallKitchensink faucets with or without a side sprayat a 2.0 gallons per minute andall Pullout/Pulldownsink faucets at approximately 1.5 gallons per minute. YjgxNTFjZDhjMGEzNzQ1YzUyMDc2MjhjYzQxMDBiZDZlMWFkNDU5YjQxM2Jm From project advice to design planning, we'll help you get started. After everything is hooked up and in its proper place, turn the water supply on and check your handiwork. Faucet Repair Lorton, (VA) Service and Support: 1-800-BUY-MOEN 1-800-289-6636 Smart Water Network Support: 1-844-633-8356 Search for Product Menu Bathroom Kitchen Smart Home Inspiration Service Where to Buy Contact Us Main Menu Bathroom Faucets Shower & Spa Other Aromatherapy Capsules Enjoy a Spa Day Every Day With a Subscription Shop Now For service and support call 1-800-BUY-MOEN 1-800-289-6636 for the parts you can trust. These are helpful for measuring the deck thickness. You have to remove the handle to service the valve, and you have to be able to tighten the handle if it's loose, so you need to know how to access this screw. The screw actually holds down a small black plastic clip that wraps around part of the metal mechanism and allows it to pivot. 2. Exclusive Service When You Register Register your product to receive exclusive savings on future purchases, lifetime warranty activation, simplified customer service support, and product installation assistance. In the box with the new cartridge you will find a white plastic piece (as seen in the first photo) that slips over your cartridge. DIY or Warranty -- Which Appliances Can You Fix? thank you so much for the step by step video. The project was only supposed to take half an hour, tops, and youre a few hours in. Moen Canada| OtherInternational Sites. The first video shows the actual repair as I talk through it, and it is about 30 minutes. As the #1 faucet brand in North America, Moen offers a diverse selection of thoughtfully designed kitchen and bath faucets, showerheads, accessories, bath safety products, garbage disposals and kitchen sinks for residential and commercial applications each delivering the best possible combination of meaningful innovation, useful features, and lasting value. The wrench should be at about a 30-degree angle with respect to the base of the faucet to engage the screw. Therefore, keeping your faucets in working condition is of great importance. Fit the collar back into place and tighten it by hand until snug. They are also available topurchase directly through Moen.comor by calling 1-800-BUY-MOEN. Read Our Comprehensive Review, Is Kallista a Good Brand? NmMwZjcxOGI4NzIwMThlNDkzMzdhMjcxYmY3ZTM5MWI0ODVlZjFiNDExNWYw To view the full warranty, see Non US? Available in 3 finishes . - Most Moen cartridges are available at your local home center. Test the water. This part is responsible for controlling the water flow. Lets start with the picture that isolates the faucet set-up from the below-counter attachments. There are times when you're replacing the Moen faucet cartridge and the plastic tool that comes with the repair kit won't work. Copyright 20042023 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. Established in 1995. YzMyM2NjMWY2YTU3MDRmZDZiOGQ2N2RhZTg4ZmNhZjgzNWE2M2UxMzgwODBk Departments . Eric took Great care to ensure that the copper joints were properly . Trish for model number CA87003BRB asked on 2022-11-01. Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. ZjM0MGE3MjY3NTI3MTQyZWY3M2ZkYzEyMmJiMDgxNjZmMzhhOTRmYjM4Yzdm This is the part you can turn and tilt up and down to control your water flow. Sign up to receive Moen design trends and tips. Step 2: Type of Spray Wand? Once you shut off the water, either to the sink or the entire house, drain both water supply lines. So be sure to completely open all your packages. For a generic profile view of Moen's single-handle kitchen faucets, let's look at the diagram accompanying the 7200 model series faucet. NzgzMmIwNjhjODAzNTIwYWY5MWVkNGQ2M2ZlNGI1OTM0NDNiMzM3Njc5ZmI3 The cartridge stem is the main portion of the cartridge, as it is where the water emanates from. Step 3: Pry Off Water Lines. YmFlMWEyM2U0MTY2OTFjZWYxOTU1MTc4NDFhN2ZiODQxZTMyYmQ1NGRlYWMz Moen 1222 single handle replacement cartridge, Buy a replacement 1225 cartridge from Amazon, Buy the replacement 1224 cartridge from Amazon, Need a 1222 Moen replacement cartridge? The purpose of this sleeve is to hold down your spout (it sits on top of it). Cover the drain with a small towel to prevent any parts from escaping down the drain. Youll see the threaded diameters within the body flat, located underneath the support block. Let us help you find a solution to the problem you are having. I guess my water leaking might occurred at the connection between cold water line and faucet. I've included 2 videos (the ones above) and many many photos (below with each step). Faucet Repair in Lorton, (VA). Service and Support: 1-800-BUY-MOEN 1-800-289-6636 Smart Water Network Support: 1-844-633-8356 Search for Product Menu Bathroom Kitchen Smart Home Inspiration Service Where to Buy Select Language Bathroom Faucets. Luckily, were here to help. YzQ0ZjQ4MGFhODY2MjZkZDdhMDUyZDkxY2I4OTdlZTkxNjlhMDE3ZWU5YjVl

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