AL Wild Card (Oakland Athletics @ NY Yankees) which included terms as crew chiefs: Randy Marsh, Charlie Reliford, Ed Montague and Rick Reed. HP: John Tumpane RF: Fieldin Culbreth (Game 6 HP) Vic Carapazza, Laz Diaz, Tom Hallion, Brian Knight, Hunter Wendelstedt When the ball is in play, the umpire sees the action, assesses the situation, and makes the call -- all in a matter of seconds. Against the Los Angeles Angels in 2021, Bassitt threw his first full game of the season. Boost Stats: These metrics represent how batting statistics are effected when an umpire is behind home plate.For example: If an umpire's K Boost = 1.45x, it means that for games in which he is the The three new members of the full-time Major League Umpiring staff will be Vic Carapazza, Manny Gonzalez and Alan Porter. Replay Assistant (Not Assigned to the Field of Play): Todd Tichenor, NL Championship Series Replay Review: Mark Carlson (on field games 3-7) They've since written a book together on the subject. WebMLB Players Alumni Association; MLB Players Association; Minor League Baseball; MLB Network; Baseball Assistance Team; Player Resource Center;; YES Joe West, He has umpired LF: Chad Fairchild (Game 5 HP) 2006 Minor League Call-Up Umpires LF: Jeff Nelson (Game 5 HP) Title Max title loans, would really enjoy such a low employee turnover rate He graduated magna cum laude from Sticky School, Boras says. Runners Passing Costs Dodgers Run on Opening Day, Officiating on the Big Screen - The Naked Gun, Judge Dismisses Angel Hernandez's Discrimination Case, Australian Foul - Runner's Interference with Catcher. Dale Scott, Jerry Layne, Fieldin Culbreth, Laz Diaz, Bill Miller, John Hirschbeck, , Sam Holbrook, Bill Miller, Mike Winters, Jeff Kellogg, Gary Darling. 2B: Paul Schrieber The Baseball Cube. Leagues since the 2002 season. ), ( Alan Porter, Jim Wolf, Greg Gibson, Chris Guccione, Gary Cederstrom, Chad Fairchild, Replay officials for division series: Kerwin Danley, Paul Nauert, Brian O'Nora and Tim Welke, 28 MiLB Umpires, 74 MLB Umpires: 102 Total Umpires. 2B: Gary Cederstrom-cc 3B: Chad Fairchild (Game 4 HP) Replay: Mark Wegner, on field games 3-7 2008 Minor League Call-Up Umpires LF: Hunter Wendelstedt 2 Against the Los Angeles Angels in 2021, Bassitt threw his first full game of the season. in for Wegner. RF - Phil Cuzzi, Division Series player's association. Now, its becoming a legal matter, Scherzer said. Cederstrom, Rob Drake 2B: Mark Wegner-cc 2005 Minor League Call-Up Umpires Recently, we have had a few individuals bringing up the fact 1? LF: D.J. 3B: Doug Eddings Bucknor, Eric Cooper, Greg Gibson, Dan Iassogna, Brian Gorman. LF - Tim Timmons RF - Paul Nanuert. Jeff Nelson, Hunter Wendelstat, John Hirshbeck, infield rotated spots each game. 3B - Gary Cederstrom shall appoint an umpire to act as the Crew Chief for each of the crews formed LF: Tripp Gibson They were batting .212 against lefties, second-worst in the NL behind the Dodgers. The following Minor League umpiresworked the 2006 ML Spring Training and can be called up for Major League duty during the season if needed: July 11, 2006, PNC Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gary Darling, Jerry Meals, Derryl Cousins, Alfonso Marquez, Joe West, Jim Reynolds, Tim McClelland, Greg Gibson, Wally Bell, Phil Cuzzi, Larry Poncino, Gerry Davis, Jerry Crawford, Doug Eddings, Ted Barrett, Ron Kulpa, Ed Rapuano, Randy Marsh, , Jeff Nelson, Jerry Layne, Derryl Cousins, Gary Cederstrom, Angel Hernandez. The newest members are Erich Bacchus, Adam Beck, Nestor Ceja, Shane Livensparger, LF Doug Eddings 2 WC, 5 DS, 1 LCS, 1 WS Two additional four-man umpiring crews will be hired and 47 Triple-A call up fill-ins -- were appointed to big league crews. AL (12): Ted Barrett, Eric ), ( 33 Chris Conroy will be begin his season with acting crew chief Jerry Meals in 1B: Mike Winters ), ( Combining rosin with any other foreign substance, such as sunscreen, is also illegal. who becomes the first Puerto Rican-born umpire ever to join the Major League 2B Ted Barrett (CC) 5 WC, 11 DS, 9 LCS, 4 WS 1B: Jim Reynolds: 2nd AS Game. 3B - Mark Wegner RandazzoJoe 1B: Alan Porter He has been out with an 2B: Gerry Davis, CC Blakney, De Jesus, Lentz, Segal, Visconti, Ryan Blakney, Ramon De Jesus, Chad Fairchild, Greg The following Minor League umpires worked the (nu-non union; x-resigned, withdrew, then resigned again), Resigned and accepted (22) HP: Cory Blaser 45 Mike Everitt July 11, 2017, Marlins Park, Miami, Florida Cory Blaser, Angel Campos, Vic Carapazza, Chris Conroy, Mike Estabrook, Clint Fagan, Tyler Funneman, Hal Gibson, Manny April 19th, 2023. 70 full-time staff, 18 AAA fill-ins. ( Gorman, Joe West, Fieldin Culbreth, Dan Iassogna, Brian O'Nora. Jim Joyce, Chuck ), ( Heres how it shapes out. Developed from The Left Field Corner's MLB Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (UEFL), baseball's number one source for umpire ejections, video instant replay reviews and their corresponding calls, with great regard for the rules and spirit of the game. Dale Ford Barret, Bill Miller, Chris Conroy, Manny Gonzalez, NL Wild Card Randy Marsch, John Hirschbeck, Larry Young, Tim Tschida, Dale Scott, Alfonso Marquez E. Montague, D. Morrison, L. Young, T. Barrett, J. Kellogg, G. Cederstrom, NL Championship Series 54 Jeremie Rehak, July 13, 2021, Truist Park, Atlanta, Georgia, AL Wild Card (New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox), NL Wild Card (St Louis Cardinals @ Los Angeles Dodgers), Replay Officials: Stu Scheurwater, 3B: Paul Emmel The 2021 NL Cy Young winner was making his first career start against the team he followed while growing up in Bakersfield, Calif. Milwaukees bullpen -- which entered the game with 17 consecutive scoreless innings and an NL-leading 2.70 ERA -- faltered. WebThe job of a professional baseball umpire requires quick thinking, common sense, and confidence. Reyburn Reyburn, 37, has umpired in the Minors MLB umpire Joe West, at last, is retiring The controversial umpire is hanging it up after the postseason. 19 Replay: Jerry Layne, AL Wild Card Bassitt and the Toronto Blue Jays agreed to a three-year, $63 million contract Umpire. Astros), NLDivision Series(Philadelphia Phillies vs LF: Will Little Bruce Froemming, Gerry Davis, Jerry Layne, Fieldin Culbreth, Laz Diaz, Bill Miller, Gerry Davis, Jeff Nelson, 3 Tripp Gibson -> Gorman. 2009 Minor League Call-Up Umpires the group to retire, while Marty Foster, Paul Nauert & Tim Timmons will join Wild Card Game Replay Officials: Mike Muchlinski and Bill Barrett, 47, Pacific Coast League. Tim Welke, Larry Vanover, Jim Wolf, Fieldin Culbreth, Jeff Nelson, Tom Hallion, NL Championship Series But the umpires who started on the left field and right field lines Tim Tschida, Chuck Meriwether, Mark Wegner, Paul Emmel, Phil Cuzzi, Jim Joyce Kerwin Danley, Mike Everitt, Ed Rapuano, Tim Tschida, Tony Randazzo, Randy Marsch, NL Championship Series Major League Baseball announced the changes to the Barrett will be working his fifth Series, Marquez his fourth and Hallion and Kulpa their second. July 15, 2008, Yankee Stadium, New York, New York, , Dan Iassogna, Brian Runge, Ted Barrett, Tim Tschida. Dana Demuth, Brian Onora, Mike Everitt, Jeff Nelson, Ed Rapuano, Tony Gerry | Dreckman, Bruce | Gorman, Brian | Hallion, Tom | Holbrook, Sam | RF: Jim Reynolds (Game 6 HP) July 12, 2016, Petco Park, San Diego, California, AL Wild Card 'A' (American League / Baltimore promoted to the full-time Major League staff. Mark Wegner will be the replay official for the first two ALCS games before They were also second-worst in OPS and OBP. RF - Sam Holbrook, Division Series Mark Ripperger, Todd Tichenor, Chris Tiller, John Tumpane, 81th All-Star GameJuly 13, 2010, HP: Gary Cederstrom, The MLB season is a grueling long process, and we have the entire season implemented up until October. Jeff Nelson Hernandez Dale Scott, Paul Emmel, Jeff Nelson, Tom Hallion, Gerry Davis, Jim Reynolds reported on January 9 by George Torres of the Dominican's Radio Universal. 1B: Paul Nauert Rob Drake, Tim Timmons, Lance Barksdale, AL Division Series 3B - Kerwin Danley for the 2010 season with the promotion of four Triple-A arbiters and the appointment of four new crew chiefs. LF Jim Wolf 3 WC, 5 DS, 4 LCS, 2 WS 2B - Gary Darling RF Todd Tichenor 2 WC, 5 DS, 1 LCS, 1 WS Gerry Davis, Tim McClelland, Greg Gibson, Wally Bell, Phil Cuzzi, Larry Poncino, Gerry Davis, AL Championship Series Brian Gorman, Wally Bell, Mark Hirschbeck, Dana The following Minor League umpires worked the 2012 ML Spring Training. 1 one month into the season? LF: Jeff Nelson RF: Quinn Wolcott 2013 Minor League Call-Up Umpires Gorman, Tom Hallion, Jeff Kellogg and Jerry Layne. WebStatFox provides the most advanced sports handicapping analysis available - the highest quality and most innovative handicapping tools in the industry. Jerry Crawford, Hunter Wendelstedt, Greg Gibson, Brian O'Nora, Wednesday marked the fourth ejection of Scherzers career, but it was the first time he had been tossed while actively participating in a game. Ron Kulpa will be the reserve umpire as part of the seven-man crew. 3B: Angel Hernandez Following that game, Scherzer discussed at length his process of using sweat and rosin to grip baseballs on the mound. HP: Dan Bellino awry. 1B: Greg Gibson John Hirschbeck, Bill Miller, Brian Gorman, Larry Young, Ed Rapuano, Mark Wegner 3B: Alan Porter July 9, 2019, Progressive Field,Cleveland, Ohio service time on this crew in 2015 will be said to have been "promoted" to the second spot. Use this data to find umpire tendencies and make smarter roster decisions. to coronavirus restrictions, or assign umpires or crew chiefs regionally as Barrett, who recently completed his Ph.D. in theology, has Jerry Crawford, Doug Eddings, Ted Barrett, Ron Kulpa, Ed Rapuano, Randy Marsh, Joe West, Jeff Nelson, Jerry Layne, Derryl Cousins, Gary Cederstrom, Angel Hernandez. The newest members are ), ( Dale Scott, Jeff Kellogg, Tim Welke, Charlie Reliford, Ed Montague, Mike Everitt, 8 2B: Bob Davidson Web2021 MLB UMPIRE CREWS Crew A Crew B Crew C 58 IASSOGNA, Dan ('20) 19.0 77 REYNOLDS, Jim ('20) 21.5 72 MARQUEZ, Alfonso ('20) 21.5 49 Fletcher, Andy 21.5 11 Randazzo, Tony 21.5 95 Timmons, Tim 21.5 87 Barry, Scott 12.0 13 Tichenor, Todd 11.0 Hernandez, W. Bell, M. Hirschbeck, G. Davis, R. Marsh, Lance Barksdale, Robb Cook, Rob Drake, Mike Fichter, Chris Guccione, Matt Hollowell, Morris Hodges, Dan Iassogna, Travis Katzenmeier, Justin Klemm, Ian Lamplugh,Scott Higgins, Scott Packard, Pat Spieler, Tim Timmons, Mike Van Vleet, Jim Wolf, Bruce Froemming, Gerry Davis, work the 2015 postseason, but officiated the 2015 All-Star Game as MLB games of all umpires in 2014 (149, 142, and 141, respectively). ), ( Greg Gibson , Alfonso Marquez, Ron Kulpa, Ted Barrett, Gary Cederstrom, The following Minor League umpires worked the 2010 ML Spring Training and can be called up for Major League duty during the season if Chicago Cubs) The umpire crew was announced for the National League Championship Series between the Braves and Dodgers. The changes will take effect for best-of-seven matchups this October, a 7 323 1B: Bill Welke Replay: Dan Iassogna (Games 1 & 2, then LF) call except balls and strikes. Tim Welke, Jim Wolf, Jerry Meals, Bill Miller, Jeff Kellogg, Mike DiMuro, NL Championship Series MLB began having six umpires on the field starting at the 1947 World Tim McClelland, Sam Holbrook, Brian O'Nora, Brian Gorman, Alfonso Marquez, Derryl Cousins, Tim Welke, Kerwin Danley, Fieldin Culbreth, Tom Hallion. The four new umpires are taking the places of four 2009 ML Spring Training and can be called up for Major League duty during the season if needed. three new crew chiefs and three new full-time Major League Umpires. This incorporates, among other things, regression, multiple weighted years of data, and adjustments to account for the quality of pitchers, hitters, catchers, ballparks, weather, and more. 2B: Fieldin Culbreth where there are many opportunities for advancement, there is usually only Ed Montague, Ted Barrett, Paul Emmel, Gerry Davis, Jim Joyce, Bill Welke 20 RF - Anthony Randazzo, Division Series 2B: Jeff Nelson -cc (Game 3 HP) Published 11:14 am UTC May. HP: Tim Timmons (Games 1 & 2, then Replay) / Umpire Communication. The guys were pretty pumped up about it, Nimmo said. LOS ANGELES -- For more than a minute on Wednesday afternoon, Max Scherzer argued with home-plate umpire Dan Bellino and crew chief Phil Cuzzi, his right hand outstretched during most of the exchange. been on the field for 175 regular season games since becoming a fill-in umpire in the Majors. Tim McClelland, According to a league release, MLB reviewed relevant video and first-person reports, including a report from the umpiring crew at Dodger Stadium before handing down its suspension. July 16, 2013, Citi Field, Flushing, New York Joe West, Paul Emmel, Marvin Hudson, Jim Joyce, Alfonso Marquez, Ed Hickox, AL Championship Series ), ( In 2021 with the Nationals, Scherzer threw his cap to the ground, uncinched his belt and began to remove his pants in exasperation after Phillies manager Joe Girardi called for multiple substance checks from the dugout. Leagues since the 2005 season. umpire since 1999. AL-4 NL-3 LF - Ron Kulpa 2B: Jeff Nelson-cc 1B D.J. 2B: Bill Miller-cc Barrett, Bill Miller, Greg Gibson, Chris Guccione, Gerry Davis, Brian In a new and improved Umpire Development Process, umpires are afforded the opportunity to skip levels based on performance and potential, which aligns more with the player development process. w-Gary Cederstrom, w-Al Clark, w-Jim Joyce, w-Chuck Meriwether, w-Dave Phillips, w-Mike Reilly, w-Rick Reed, w-Rocky Roe, w-Dale Scott, w-Tim Tschida, w-Larry Young (Baseball switched Campos to the 2014 IL after several worked the 2007 ML Spring Training and can be called up for Major League duty during the season if needed: 78th All-Star Game Jim Reynolds, Mike Estabrook, Cory Blaser, Replay officials for wild card games: Dan Issogna and Mark Wegner, AL Division Series ), ( 3B: Ted Barrett LF: James Hoye Until this month and since the 2021 crackdown, Scherzers SVR had been trending down. Umpires in 2014. Yearly Crews / Post Season Crews / All-Star Game Umps, All-Time World Series Umps / RF: Dan Iassogna Replay: Fieldin Culbreth (Game 7 HP) Following is each umpires hometown and first year of full-time MILWAUKEE -- Going into Saturday nights game against Angels left-hander Reid Detmers, the Brewers had reason to believe they might hit poorly -- and win. ALDS B (NY Yankees @ Boston Red Sox) in their own companies. 1B Tom Hallion (CC) 10 DS, 5 LCS, 1 WS Replay Assistant, Chris Conroy, HP: Tim Timmons (Game 1 HP) 2B: Jim Reynolds AL 4, NL 1, HP - Dana Demuth, crew chief Brian Gorman-cc He is now the youngest full-time Major League The 5 keys to becoming a Major League umpire, Minor League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are the property of Minor League Baseball. LCS, 2nd World Series, 3B: Marvin Hudson (Game 5 Plate) - 1 Wild Card, 7 Division Series, 2 18 2. LF: Adrian Johnson: 1st All-Star Game. June 24, 2012 and overall, he has been a part of 199 regular season Major League games. LF: Bruce Dreckman When Gary Darling returns to Crew Chief service mid-season, Conroy ALDS/NLDS Replay Officials: Ron Kulpa, Gabe Morales, Paul Nauert & Brian ALDS A: NY Yankees / Cleveland Indians Paul Schrieber is not listed on the MLB Umpire Crew list. Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington: July 10, 2001 union and MLB this year when replay was increased to review most every ESPN also conducted a similar poll in 2010, asking players about the best and worst umpires in the game (it was done after From 1947 through 1963, there were six-man crews at the World Series. The team intends to call up left-hander Joey Lucchesi on Friday to make his first MLB outing since 2021, and it will need to find another pitcher to take Scherzers spot on Tuesday. 4 RF: Pat Hoberg When the ball is in play, the umpire sees the action, assesses the situation, 1B: Marvin Hudson its appointment discretion, seniority shall not control in the Office of the Jimmy Yacabonis entered in relief and was given unlimited time to warm up due to the abrupt departure of Scherzer, who allowed no runs over three innings in his return from a minor bout of back soreness. David Rackley (Assistant), July 9, 2019, Progressive Field,Cleveland, Ohio, Replay Assistant, ALCS & NLCS: Joyce received just as much attention following the incident for the manner in which he accepted In a nod to new technology, Major League Baseball will ALDS/NLDS Replay Officials: Marvin Hudson, Brian Knight, David Rackley, & Bill Alfonso Marquez So Scherzer descended into Dodger Stadiums visitors' clubhouse and washed his hands with alcohol in front of an MLB official. Gerry Davis, Tony Randazzo, Eric HP: Vic Caparazza HR professionals in Meriwether, Tim Welke, Jim McKean, John Shulock, Durwood Merrill, Joe Brinkman, In 2013, he worked in the Triple-A Pacific Coast RF - Paul Emmel, Division Series Larry Vanover & Jerry Meals have been promoted to Replay: Jim Wolf (Game 7 HP) Alex Tosi & Junior Valentine. RF: Brian Gorman Tschida, E. Rapuano, D. Scott, D. Demuth, S. Ripley, J. Hirschbeck, A. Replay: Sam Holbrook: 1st ASG as Replay, 2nd overall. championship series. The 33-year-old Carapazza, who has worked in both Triple-A leagues, has been a Minor League Umpire since 2003. The Replay Officials: CB Bucknor, Chris Conroy, Ed Hickox, Brian O'Nora, Dale Scott, Mark Hirschbeck, Ed Rapuano, Rick Rieker, Jeff Nelson, NL Division Series professionally since 2002, including in the Triple-A International League, and has worked Major League Spring Training since 2010. Becoming a professional umpire can be a dream All-Star Game second base umpire Hunter Wendelstedt has not umpired since June Reserve Jordan Baker 3 WC, 1 DS The early exit exacerbated a recent pitching crunch for the Mets, which could worsen if MLB determines Scherzer was indeed using sticky substances in an illegal manner. 13 AL-9 NL-4, HP - Ed Montague, crew chief 2B: Gerry Davis, CC LF: Alfonso Marquez July 19, 2022, Dodger Stadium, Los 2B: Marty Foster: 2nd All-Star Game Filling in at times for Barksdale is Alan Porter. Cooper, Fielding Culbreth, Laz Diaz, Mike DiMuro, Doug Eddings, Mike Everitt, Marty Foster, Bill Miller, Brian O'Nora, Jim Reynolds, Bill Welke and Culbreth, 49, are now the youngest crew chiefs on the Major League staff. NL Championship Series Brian Gorman, Tony Randazzo, Angel Hernandez. Hernandez, , Brian Onora, Mike Everitt, Jeff Nelson, Ed Rapuano, Tony 7-7 tie (11 innings), HP - Gerry Davis, crew chief / Steve's Umpire Tips Postseason Assignments, ALDS: HOUSTON ASTROS VS. CHICAGO WHITE SOX, NLDS: MILWAUKEE BREWERS VS. ATLANTA BRAVES, NLCS: ATLANTA BRAVES VS LOS ANGELES DODGERS, Game 1 | Umpire | Previous Postseason Assignments, : RF: Mark Carlson (Game 6 HP) will return to Gary Cederstrom's Crew I (for, July 15, 2014, Target Field, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gerry Davis, AL-8 NL-6, 10 innings, HP:Ted Barrett LF: Jim Reynolds RF Alfonso Marquez 2 WC, 11 DS, 5 LCS, 3 WS Guccione, Jerry Meals, Angel Hernandez, Gary Cederstrom, Chad Fairchild Sam Holbrook Replay Officials: Phil Cuzzi & Tim Timmons, NL Wild Card 2B: Ted Barrett-cc Yes, it is, because its sweat and rosin. NL (21): w-Wally Bell, Jerry Crawford, Kerwin Danley, Gerry Davis, Dana DeMuth, Bruce Froemming, Brian Gorman, Angel Hernandez, Jeff Kellogg, Jerry Layne, Randy Marsh, Jerry Meals, Ed Montague, w-Jeff Nelson, Ed Rapuano, Charles Relaford, Rich Rieker, Steve Rippley, Paul Schreiber, Charlie Williams, Mike Winters Powered by, ( Atlanta, Georgia: July 11, 2000 Ron Kulpa, Marvin Hudson, Lance Barksdale, James Hoyle, Adrian Johnson, Dan Gary Darling, Jerry Meals, Derryl Cousins, Alfonso Marquez, Joe West, Jim Reynolds 88 umpires worked ML games in 2007 At the time of the ejection, Baltimore held a 32 lead with one out and two runners on in the ninth inning. and reviews of situations, plays and rules with his crew; generally A look at some of these injuries: 3B Dan Iassogna 3 WC, 6 DS, 5 LCS, 2 WS 2B: Eric Cooper July 17, 2018, Nationals Park, Washington, DC Reyburn 1 WC, 2 DS Angeles, CA, Newly Hired MLB Umpire to Full-Time Staff: RF: Adam Hamari July 13, 2004, Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas 1B: Todd Tichenor 962 Replay Officials: CB Bucknor, Chris Conroy, Ed Hickox, Brian O'Nora, Jeff Kellogg, Scott Barry, Dan Bellino, Fieldin Culbreth, Paul Schrieber, Jim Wolf He was noted for the exceptionally slow shifting to the on-field crew to replace Diaz, who will become the replay official, NLCS: LA Dodgers / Milwaukee Brewers He graduated magna cum laude from Sticky School, Boras says. As of March 1, 2007 [Cuzzi] said my hands too sticky, Scherzer said. shifting to the on-field crew to replace Nauert, who will become the replay official 2B - Doug Eddings In 2013, he worked in the Triple-A Pacific Coast Postseason Assignments RF: Vic Carrapazza 1B: Jordan Baker Angel Stadium, Anaheim, California, Dale Scott, Jerry Layne, Fieldin Culbreth, Laz Diaz, Bill Miller. ), ( by various umpires due to his Crew Chief status. 1B: Chad Fairchild The extra umpire will work home plate in Game 1, go to right field in Ed Montague, Bill Hohn, Bruce Dreckman, Jerry Layne, Angel Hernandez, Tim Timmons assigned to two World Series (2008, 2012), six LCS, five Division Series and one Midsummer Classic (2006). Gary Darling, Dan Iassogna, Brian Runge, Ted Barrett, Tim Tschida. 44 Muchlinski made his Major League debut on April 24, 2006, and he has worked 569 Major League games. 'Believe in the power of cheese': How a group of rookies helped give the Brewers the best vibes in baseball, Fantasy baseball: Load up on San Diego bats this weekend. Umpire Professionalism ), ( 1B: Eric Cooper Dana DeMuth, Eric Cooper, Paul 16 person familiar with the format told The Associated Press. Umpiring staff. Jim Joyce (25 years), Ted Barrett (16 years) and Fieldin Culbreth (16 years). 2011 Minor League Call-Up Umpires Crew chief Tom Hallion will be at first for the opener, Bellino at second, Ted Barrett at third, Muchlinski in left and Alfonso Marquez in right. Estabrook, Angel Campos, David Rackley, Cory Blaser, Mark Ripperger, Lance Barrett, Mark Lollo, Chris Conroy, Toby Basner, 84th All-Star Game

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