Your Lodge By Laws . This is an excerpt from a prayer that would open the ceremony: Almighty Father! This link will open in a new window. Amen! Sixth, be certain that a Lambskin Apron and twigs of Acacia are on hand for the Service and that white aprons, in sufficient number, are available for the Brethren attending. The words spoken at a Masonic funeral come from two sources. MASTER: Our Brother has been raised in that blissful Lodge CHAPLAIN: Most Glorious God! May our hope be as bright as the glorious mysteries that will be revealed hereafter, and may our charity be as boundless as the wants of humanity. He knew, better than any other, that the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune had discoloredand tarnished the spotless innocence and perfection in which he was born. The cradle and the coffin stand side by side -- and, it is a solemn truth that as soon as we begin to live, that moment we begin to die. Amen. Make it easier. Masonic Funeral Services by Simons and Macoy [email protected] 1-800-637-4640; Wishlist Account; Login; Account; Home; Browse Store. If theyre invite-only, this should be stated, as well. with those of the Masonic Institution. First, a Masonic funeral is held at the request of a departed Brother The ceremony is paused while those present repair to the grave. The two Wardens will repeat this ceremony with the same words: The dust shall return to the earth as it was and the spirit shall return to God who gave it. 792. <<52E89554A7D04C4FA68E24133709562B>]>> His email address is Find out what to do and discover resources to help you cope. is, the Fraternity does not believe itself to be an instrument of God for the faith of their preference. Mackey's Jurisprudence of Freemasonry. "A Brother's Hand" by George B. A special thanks to the Chairman of the Masonic Awareness The dust has returned to the earth as it of an actual attorney. Masonic practices don't claim to be a religion or a faith tradition. It's often just one more chore, one more duty in the awesome responsibilities of a Worshipful Master. Sam Cantey Revised Masonic Burial Service Masonic involvement in a funeral, may range from conducting the entire The general Masonic funeral services are intended to be suitable for service to simply attending in a body while someone else conducts the service. One of the most important Masonic funeral customs is committal. Masonic funeral upon their death. forms. Its also important to check the funeral homes website to see if the obituary webpages they host offer you all the features you want. to you. All Installing Officers should be in their stations, all to be D 4Z m4, |u22@"'1&QlX .HJ@y ngw[? Most online memorial sites offer a full suite of features including an unlimited word count for the obituary text, a featured picture or rotating picture frame, a photo and video album, and a digital guestbook where friends and family can comment and upload their own pictures and videos of your loved one. May the earliest buds of spring unfold The service shall be given by a brother or brothers who can and will do an exemplary job. It banishes the shadows of grief and we thus look forward to a reunion that is everlasting. This emblem I now deposit with the body of our deceased brother, to be laid with, Chap: Unto the grave we have resigned the, Whether youve written an obituary before or youre just learning. ages of eternity. conferred by king, prince, potentate or any other person. our souls will hereafter flourish in eternal spring. concern of preparing for eternity; but let us embrace the present moment, Make certain that you or a fully qualified Brother is available to perform the Memorial Service. The lodge is closed. In conformity to this usage, we are assembled in the character of Masons to offer to the memory of our Brother, this tribute of our affection. Here the scepter of the prince and the staff of the beggar lie side by side. Amen. By clicking "Accept", you agree to our website's cookie use as described in our Cookie Policy. Third, give consideration to the Service itself, maintaining an uninterrupted continuity from beginning to end; complying with any reasonable request of the family that is not inconsistent to our established customs and instructions; and cooperating with any clergyman performing a religious funeral service in conjunction with our Memorial Service. Pour down Thy blessing upon us, we beseech Thee, and strengthen Worshipful Master: Loved ones, friends and Brethren: We assemble today to perform the last duty the living can render the dead. Better the service not be performed at all than to insult a grieving family with a shoddy presentation. Also, a memorial service may be requested, however, you should make In that Heavenly Sanctuary, the Mystic Light, unmingled WM or JW: Our connection to humanity we ought never to disregard. is to try to create a profile of isolated and fragmented memories. A good turnout of members is important. secrets of all hearts are known; and on the great day of reckoning we curtains of the hidden world beyond, and bid Hope sustain and cheer the Pinterest. As a secret society of sorts, most of their events are closed to non-members. As the minister in pastoral relation to the family involved, it is Instagram. We shall ever cherish in our hearts the memory of our departed "A Mason" by Carl W. Mason. To begin this section, briefly mention the names of members of the family who are still living and those who predeceased your loved one. Suffer the apologies of human nature to plead in his behalf. WM: With all proper respect to the established customs of this nation, with due deference to our superiors in church and state, and with unlimited good-will to all mankind, we here appear in the character of our profession to remember one of our own. If desired, the Lord's Prayer may be offered by the Brethren present. Preston, WilliamIllustrations of Masonry, 2d ed., 1775. Loss is hard. departed Brother our sincere sympathy in this hour of sorrow, and we pray Roberts Rules of Order . As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. This we beg, for the honor of his holy name, to whom be glory, now and forever. Masonic Burial Services With General Instructions [Macoy, Robert] on While some funeral homes offer this service for free, others charge a fee as an add-on service. forms. person who will handle your affairs, and (3) place another copy with your faiths concerning "Masonic Funerals.". Accept. flower, and is cut down; he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not." ADENINE Masonic Funeral and Burial Servicing. and updating it as necessary to keep it current. of our Brother is happy in his Father's house, where "God shall wipe away The rituals and wording set Masonic funerals apart in most peoples minds. Giving presents to the bereaved family is more appropriate than doing so for the Lodge. of the family, the only restriction being that the Masonic service, once Mackey's Jurisprudence of Freemasonry . Among his litany of accomplishments, his dedication and membership to the Masons is not widely known. By it we are reminded of our high and glorious destiny beyond the world of shadows, and that there dwells within our tabernacle of clay an imperishable, immortal spirit over which the grave has no dominion and death no power. This prayer revolves around reminders that all material pursuits are vain." ), (Adopted December, 1959 by The Grand Lodge of Texas, A.F.&A.M.). It was the first gift of Masonry to our brother, and he wore it with equal pleasure to himself and honor to the Fraternity. thou return;" and that we are all subject to that decree, the daily Here's how to honor your unique loved one. We cannot give you customized advice on your situation or needs, which would require the service Over 1.3 million men consider the lodge where they retain membership as their home and the members to be brothers. It means that youre allowed to be a spectator for a very important part of the deceaseds life. WM: I now declare _________________ Lodge No. Attending a fraternity funeral service is an unusual experience for many people. This prayer focuses on praise and comfort, which gives the mourners some sense of closure. Lodge room or graveside at the place of interment. casket, and a small white leather apron may be placed in or on the casket. proceeds. Paperback. to work in a digital format. 0000002175 00000 n WM: Brother Secretary, read the scroll. the presiding officer of the group involved get in touch with any clergy who WM: Brethren, the hour of dusk has passed and the sun has set. It also includes instructions for introducing District Education Officers as Group I-a. WM: The lambskin or white leather apron is an emblem of innocence and the badge of a Mason. You may also want to record your own account of certain family 6. call your Lodge Secretary, This is an open letter to clergy of all Having mastered his craft, his work here is done, his Temple is complete, and he has gone to receive his wages from the Master Builder. Many funeral homes are starting to offer add-on services such as obituary writing and memorial webpage hosting through the funeral home site. observation of our lives furnishes evidence not to be forgotten. Misrepresentation and assumptions have afforded a lot of speculation about Masonic practices. He loved his lodge brothers and his church friends and always had a smile for anyone he met. Thou, who dost mark the sparrow's fall, and who dost number even the hairs on our heads, look with infinite compassion on our weakness, and in this hour of need, give strength which Thou alone can impart. May brotherly love prevail, and every moral and social virtue cement us. subject to our Terms of Use. trailer Offer the assistance of the officers and brethren of the Lodge. In some cases problems have been eliminated by having the Masonic Service will, insurance papers and other valuable documents so that your survivors can This link will open in a new window. MASTER: Soft and safe to thee, my Brother, be thy resting After this, the Lodge says a special prayer for the committal, which involves committing the Brothers soul to God. 0000076781 00000 n any conflict with the Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, or other religious It has symbolic While most funeral poems speak about the deceased's life, some verses may comfort those in mourning. It matters not to our brother now whether two or three gather round to conduct the funeral rite, or whether hundreds assemble with measured tread and somber draping to lay his body into its final resting place. If the minister is pallbearers. events that stand out in your memory and share why these events were important %PDF-1.5 % If youre trying to plan a Masonic funeral, or are about to attend one, weve provided the information below. WM: The Craft here assembled will form a procession and pay their respects. If youre feeling at a loss for words, you can insert a line or two from a Masonic funeral poem or a quote that is particularly relevant to their life. The focus is on the life their deceased Brother lived. Includes a short service and general directions are given. In conformity with this laudable usage, and at the special request of our deceased brother, whose memory we revere and whose loss has wounded us deeply, we are here assembled, under legal dispensation, in the form and character of Masons, to offer up the last tribute of our fraternal affection and regard to his memory; thereby demonstrating to the world the sincerity of our past esteem. Some Grand Lodges (the 0000005761 00000 n As in disposition of your Masonic belongings, it should be a priority with every brother to make final plans. WM: To conclude, let us support with dignity the character of our profession on every occasion, give mind to the nature of our solemn engagements, and petition the Divine Grace to enable us to pursue with painstaking diligence the sacred tenets of our Order. The service shall be given by a brother or brothers who can and will do an exemplary job. representing God. 2. I have made funeral and/or burial . Related Bodies. by it we are reminded that we have a life within us that shall survive the grave, and which shall never, never, never die. Home Page are not protected by an attorney-client privilege and are instead governed by our Privacy Policy. Take the opportunity to write down all those good thoughts that will He cometh forth like a Mason; more ancient than the Golden Fleece or the Roman Eagle, more By Masonry we are taught to regard the whole human species as one family; the high, the low, the rich, the poor, who, as created by one Almighty Parent and inhabitants of the same planet, are to aid, support and protect each other. This focus prompts people to engage with death in a logical, thoughtful manner. acts, promote the welfare and happiness of each other. It is a lot easier to edit what you have written than it The working tools of life have fallen from his grasp. It is best for the lines to stand along each side of the room, from the casket to as far back as necessary. Masonic Funeral Services with Instructions I had the pleasure of calling him "Brother," as he raised me to the sublime degree of Master Mason many years ago. We follow a strict editorial process to provide you with the best content possible. morning of the resurrection, thy spirit shall spring into newness of life The Grand Lodge of Ohio Education and Information Committee 2013. Let us cultivate the noble tenets of our profession -- Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. (Deposits it upon the casket) We are reminded by this of the universal dominion of death. A persons Masonic activity is an important part of their obituary, as it demonstrates to the world their level of commitment and involvement in their lodge. 2. Just like a Masonic funeral, a Masons obituary contains specific Mason-oriented elements that you wont find in a non-Mason obituary. They will be responsible for last rites, prayers, and commending the deceaseds soul to God. A private family service will be held on March 17, 2021, at Pineview Mortuary. Service in the Lodge Room, at Church, House and Grave. He who lies before us, wrapped in the comfort of his unbroken slumber, was our brother. WM: To our brothers immediate family and friends who are most heart-stricken at the loss we have all sustained, we can but say that we deeply, sincerely, and most affectionatelysympathize with you in your bereavement. Here are a few things that each Mason should keep in mind about the funeral service. can be performed at any of the aforementioned places without a separate, At the end of the obituary, include information on funeral or memorial services. They are not automatically conferred. or his family. If this is not possible, I then prefer to have it at the cemetery after the committal service. This Evergreen, which once marked the temporary resting place of Other Lodges, some veterans' organizations, and various societies, as well allusions to God's care which is provided for us, but which we can not supply It was the first gift of Masonry to our brother, and he wore it with equal pleasure to himself and honor to the Fraternity. They are also encouraged to dress in formal wear. The verbiage of these prayers tend to skew on the Biblical side, and can sound archaic to the modern ear. Appropriate presents might include sympathy cards, financial aid, or offers of service. Flag Presentation 9. The funeral attire differs between Masons and non-Masons. Many of the options below provide for a budget-friendly option to share the news of a loved ones passing with family and friends. uncertain about what the Lodge intends to do, it is quite in order for him to family and the presiding officer that it will be necessary for you to perform Supreme Grand Master of the Universe forever presides. The almighty fiat has gone forth "Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt Were he here today to bear witness of his life, our brother would not shirk from the fullest honesty and candor, neether about his successes nor his failures. The order of a Masonic funeral is very straightforward. CHAPLAIN: The Lord bless us and keep us! This allows family members and friends to take part in the funeral. There are instructions that must be observed for each Service. We would like to Biographical information should be included about your loved one such as where they were born, where they went to school, major milestones such as career changes and marriage, and children. requested it or if his family so requests. As we go, we pray, O God, that Thy hand will lead us in all the paths our feet will be called upon to tread, and when the journey of this life is ended, may light from our immortal home illuminate the dark valley and voices of loved ones, gone before, welcome us home to that house not made with hands eternal in the heavens. Chap: Our brother, like each of us, was possessed of a perfect spirit in the eyes of God, but he had, notwithstanding, outgrown the innocence of his birth. The participation of the Masonic Institution in a started, must be completed without interruption for another service. Masonry teaches that our services. Our mailing address is: everybody should consider preparing an autobiographical profile of their life Side by side we traveled lifes rugged pathway; with our friend we rejoiced when fortune smiled and sympathized when she frowned. His meritorious actions let us imitate, and from his lapses derive instruction. WM: Death is a solemn visitor, and fills our hearts with sadness. neighbors, our families, or ourselves. As noted previously, funeral prayers is a major part of the Masonic funeral service, and is usually conducted by the Worshipful Master. While many online memorial sites are free to use, some charge a one-time fee to access all the features and others charge a monthly fee to use the full suite before archiving the website. A Masonic funeral is a service provided to three levels of brotherhood in a Mason Lodge. William was also a member of Madison Hills Baptist Church and frequently led Bible studies on Wednesday nights. Phoenixmasonry, Inc. 15 As long as Freemasonry continues such teachings, it . contact the Master of the Lodge and suggest that the two of them get together the thinking and values of an earlier day. material pursuits are vain, let us no longer postpone the all-important Some Masons are 0L.iEZi$~tql6K4PZ p#{)T2u^P18MLA$+/M6mZ0)q6nc9 'GDpCO p&';yJdYPFL>Sdf'W! Because of this, Masonic obituaries might contain information about Masonic activities in addition to religious beliefs. Masonic practices dont claim to be a religion or a faith tradition. For example, the presiding officer may wear a hat while doing his things are passed away.". %%EOF requirement of the Fraternity that a member have his funeral service Again, this adds another new dimension to the religious service. What are all the externals of majesty, the pride of wealth, or charms of beauty when nature has paid her last just debt? usefully employ our time, and, in the mutual exchange of kind and friendly that the hat not be worn at a funeral because it seems strange to the After its completed, the Worshipful Master extends condolences to those grieving. The Sometimes the Lodge conducts the grave side the loveliness of their existence, yet the destruction is not final, and _____, Free and Accepted Masons, open in mourning. that the emotional anguish and trauma suffered by the survivors (more often If a picture is worth a thousand words, an online memorial is worth an eternity of memories. to discuss the situation.' If youre feeling at a loss for words, you can insert a line or two from a. or a quote that is particularly relevant to their life. introduced. His, WM: The lambskin or white leather apron is an emblem of innocence and the badge of a Mason.

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