That's right. CHECK OUT MARK ON YOUTUBE: Eric & Matt are both former US Army combat veterans who served together while deployed to Iraq during OIF III. Two, two redundancy redundancies, there's and things are only redundant if they both work. Well then, like I said, everything they did was had a purpose. So all of that was improvements in metallurgy. Thread starter SWR; Start date Sep 14, 2020; Help Support Ruger Forum: Sep 14, 2020 #1 S. SWR Single-Sixer. What what what what areas in firearms technology with john browning utilize using Polymer? They have a ton more restrictions on airspace, meaning you have to clear a lot more airspace to use them. Yeah. So you eat a lot of bread, a lot of meat and a lot of potatoes and you look like a freakin termite. So there's all kinds of stuff and at the end of the day, you come back off a tour and your wife will not allow you in the house because you smell like we called it metal oxide breath. And specifically here, what we're talking about. But you have to have the burner in order to hide the battery gives off hydrogen. What's new. It would be a traditional firearms material. Milvetsandpatr2 Has some pretty interesting videos on You Tube. They They probably came back from the war and they're like, yeah, give me a grand and a 1911. It was already in development, it was practically free. They got them great big walkie talkies, which was basically an enormous battery with a microphone on it. at every army story, right? Geared to the Interests of Veterans and Non-Veteran Patriots. He is also very passionate about the 2nd amendment and freedom.APPAREL AND OTHER MERCH: OUT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNELS: Mark Novak of Anvil Gunsmithing is one of the most passionate people at the IV8888 Range Day event. It ain't like powdered milk, it is powdered milk, we call it plastic milk. Um, honestly, seriously, honestly, it's all garbage. So in the military's current MTOE, right? Eric is most known for his YouTube channel . So I thought that today's podcasts, it would be a lot of fun to maybe just touch on, like what Mark does. So you're I mean that that's admirable, you're preserving the past. That I mean that I'll have that thing singing all day. Matt runs Ballistic Ink which is a branding and merchandising company serving 2A content creators and the firearms industry. Yeah, so what do you think that greatest achievement that brought us where we are today in the gun world? Who knows how to work on that. By viewing or flagging this video you are acknowledging the above.Fair Use: In the rare instance we include someone elses footage it is covered in Fair Use for Documentary and Educational purposes with the intention of driving commentary and allowing freedom of speech.Copyright 2018, 88 Industries, LLC They move people around. But the problem is, is that after seven to eight days, the first thing that happens is the cow dies. He goes on my trigger guards messed up and from across the room without my glasses on, I noticed that the bedding was screwed up, because it's a Drilling therefore the bedding is screwed up. I have a contempory but very nice 62 caliber flintlock handgun. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is solely AT YOUR OWN RISK. What is a giraffe? We are not a gun store and DO NOT sell or deal in firearms. No, it might break. What do you think is the most significant and important technological events that have occurred in relation nuclear energy like, are we are we better as a as a planet because of its existence? In my experience, and we did use them I'm more of a 240 Bravo kinda guy. If John Alright, here's a great question. velocity. By viewing or flagging this video you are acknowledging the above.Fair Use: In the rare instance we include someone elses footage it is covered in Fair Use for Documentary and Educational purposes with the intention of driving commentary and allowing freedom of speech.Copyright 2018, 88 Industries, LLC I mean, that's what I see it as because it's an energy source. So what the French have is what the nuclear Navy has is a very large pool of qualified talent that all know the same thing. Everything every last thing spare barrel, spare mags, cleaning brushes, the whole nine yards. Yeah, I think he would use polymer and I think he would use it all over the place and he would tell you what he would have loved to have had was access to the materials. Okay? Same deal there. Yeah, I think so. He was very much you know, your typical British officer and he was 110% like by the book. Just curious if anyone had any first hand info on Mark Novak and his gunsmithing. This is Eric and Matt. You didn't walk around going, Oh my god, I'm going to die. All of these innovation things, you know, all of these innovations were paid for by the fact that we were shooting each other up. You know that there's there seems to be this this certainly discernible disconnect from one generation of people that are used to a certain, you know, level gear and type a gear. Yeah, they were completely willing to kill anybody they need to kill you know? Now, while he's refilling marks glass, I will tell you a little bit about this army procurement process and some of the stupidity that comes out of it. That's what it comes down to is who use that you see a lot of useless stuff come out of the procurement process. Gunsmithing & Repairs Mark Novak: Rust BluingAnvil 0109 RugersGR8 Mar 19, 2022 R RugersGR8 Sharpshooter Supporting Member Mar 19, 2022 #1 Rust BluingAnvil 0109 Mark Novak Mar 18, 2022 Snattlerake Conservitum Americum Mar 19, 2022 #2 The trouble I have had is the carding wheels are $90. Any machine is only knew once and two specifically about guns. Or is are we doomed? I have a reproduction of a 1778 Ferguson, screw barrel flintlock. All shooting is performed on state-approved firing ranges under the supervision of trained professionals. And then look at the Germans and using the magnetic Enigma device. So if you can't go fast, you got to go big. The charger bridge long gone, the barrel had been lopped off and then he went and found a stock off another gun and then all the other parts that were missing off the gun came off a Japanese Winchester copy. There's over 600 tons of AC in a nuclear submarine. So in a battlespace, where they're using B52s for close air support, I gotta wonder if the whole world is upside down. We are not consuming stored sunlight, which is what dinosaur whiz is. Okay, dinosaur poop and dinosaur Wiz is colon oil, right? I love the southern drawl. Yeah, I can tell you what happens to anything that's made out of metal on a submarine eventually turns green. CHECK OUT ANVIL GUNSMITHING ON YOUTUBE: Store: USCCA LEGAL SELF DEFENSE NETWORK: OUT OUR MUSIC CHANNEL: this video we take a field trip to South Carolina to visit Mark at Anvil Gunsmithing. Well, there are several things upcoming projects that I'm doing is part two of "Why Did My Gun Explode?" Right? You're not in a lot of them because they're not safe. All right, we are drinking. Posted: 1/21/2020 9:12:24 PM EDT. Problem solving and fixin' on older guns to get them up and running. And we tried to make automatic, bad idea. Great to be here, guys. It's rust OK? I'm the opposite of one of those guys that clear coats the patina into a 67 Cuda I don't do that. While we're much better? So this is about an 18 by 18 room if I'm not too far off. I taught mechatronics in high school. Oh, yeah, I'm sure you put everything in a tank and then when you're ready to blow the tank, you push you you either blow it overboard with air, you push it overboard with the pump, you pump the sanitary tank and then everything drains into that and it goes off. I've actually shot a lotti yeah was Chad when we were up there with FPS Russia film in the Lotti episode was that that was a lot or was that a Solothurn? And as we'll talk about here, I'm guessing we now have the technology to spread the gospel of, of doing the maintenance. You know, I mean. In this episode, Mark Novak, a renowned and well known gunsmith out of Charleston, SC join Eric & Matt to discuss firearms and much more.CHECK OUT MARK ON YOUTUBE: & Matt are both former US Army combat veterans who served together while deployed to Iraq during OIF III. So you run out of milk, and then they put this container you bring about maybe 15 or 20 of these great big cardboard boxes and milk will drink all that hundred guys will drink that in about 10 days. Husband and wife Police Armorers. That's my experience of it. Have you ever heard it's just like you hear and then my little literally five seconds later, just snap cap small. It's very recognizable and you know, six rounds of 22 to buy me a loaf of bread in a pinch. I mean, like, every single part on that sucker is like, no. Oh, let's not forget that, you know, over 100 million watt reactor that's just happened to be sitting in there and right there's everything yeah, it's it's just to make oxygen you electrolytically decompos water into hydrogen and oxygen inside a machine that runs at very high pressure. That's true right but there's no dumb luck in that boat if all right if I'm an infantry men and I forget to clean my rifle and I have a minor stoppage and I just need to clear the stoppage and get my mind back in order that's one thing but out there the training disposition you must be on your A game because all everyone is relying on a well oiled machine. So I want to show all the engineering differences and show the fact that John Browning was evolving as he went. And then we have mark. It's bathwater it's it's crap, but you know everything in the sea's crap and there's a couple hundred million quadrillion gallons of water on the ocean. Imitation or the use of any acts depicted in these videos is solely AT YOUR OWN RISK. Because while the other 11 guys that I know build a 1911 I'm sorry, a rev on your shotgun barrel. Anvil Gunsmithing Gunsmith and Hard-Knock-Life Coach, Mark used to live on a submarine. Classifieds. That main fuel load at Chernobyl is 75 feet under the secondary containment and melting its way towards the center of the earth. I do think that it's amazing that they had, you know, literal prisoners from jail that were volunteering to go in hand, right, knowing very well, right that they could die. I have a 20 millimeter Lotti L39 semi automatic anti tank weapon that we're waiting for the paperwork for. Oh, yeah, except I'm old enough to watched it in network. He is also very passionate about the 2nd amendment and freedom.APPAREL AND OTHER MERCH: OUT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNELS: The firearm does not know how old it is. However, the Marines are still carrying 1911s. Thank you, Mark. Anvil Firearms Repair, Port Angeles, Washington. It's small for its value. These videos are free to watch and if anyone attempts to charge for this video notify us immediately. And I'm having fun with equipment that will actually poke man sized holes in stuff. A Certified Armorer with Beretta, Remington, Glock and various other manufacturers. Now he hosts his own series, Anvil, in an attempt to preserve his craft. You may not run into a person's actually ever even cracked one of these weird old guns I mean, like that Tower Gun that we're looking at. You know what makes the 1911 a brilliant handgun. So what did what did World War One give you improvements. And this is all about keeping things from dying and premature death because of a lack of maintenance. You are limiting the ship's ability to perform combat because I don't care how big your budget is, I don't care how big your op tire is, I don't care how many spare parts you think you got, you only got so much room 1400 miles out in the middle of damn Atlantic. Have a good one. What else? I mean, they went over there and they did their job and They fought a very bloody war with those tools and you know, if you're going toe to toe, right back during World War II with the Nazis, right, right. And there's a lot of examples of that in this room. So then by the time you started burning fuel inside, you're looking at the temperature rise and in that 40 year timespan between about 1890 and 1930. Leave it to the Russians. It's like going it's like going in country with 25 or 30 guys in a squad that all get it, you're safer there. Mark Novak owns and operates Anvil Gunsmithing in Charleston SC. CHECK OUT MARK ON YOUTUBE . The ability to communicate on the battlefield. LLP #19: "Mark Novak of Anvil Gunsmithing". Yeah, I don't know if I was even prepared to answer the question and I'm sorry. Yeah, the modern primer emanates percussion ignition. They didn't understand what happens when you add that much positive reactivity to a reactor that's that poorly designed and it blew the entire top off the damn thing and flipped it over upside down. The gun doesn't know it will run if you do your part. Yes, he was definitely a colorful fellow. Yes. The hook that goes through the flash hider, hook it up behind your horse and drag it. Right. Well actually the Russians are simplistic because like if you look at the Tokarev they just copied a lot of the components from Browning and. You're the only person that the gentleman that got that back by the way was thrilled hanging on the wall in his gun shop and everybody looks at it. It also increases ranges dramatically i can i can consistently hit a six foot diameter target at 1000 yards with my trap or Springfield firing 535 grain projectiles. There are well, the Russian mindset during that time was that everything had a purpose. Okay. And every once in a while I'm coming back around to your initial question. It's already in the crust of the earth. Well And not only that, but there's also that window for your battle sight setting right was much wider range much especially like in the 6.5 Swedish right if I'm running the lowest sight setting on a six five will shoot so flat, yeah, I can get out the 400 and probably hit within a 12 inch circle of where I'm looking at even all the way up to 400 yards. Naval guns were short and huge in the moment, the ability to continuously accelerate the projectile down the barrel came in. The US military has had to relearn this lesson over and over again, big, dumb and slow wins the battle. And then anything else that just happens to come my way. So just humor me here for a second. You can put a 10 to 15 kiloton nuclear weapon through your front door from 1100 miles away, and they're using b 52. So you're sleeping container is called your rack. And yeah, and, Well, they got to have somebody up to like check on system while there's. Okay. I really love it. We are not instructing our viewers on how to modify firearms, accessories or otherwise to change their basic legal function. It was the self contained cartridge followed by smokeless powder. We'll do it. Right. That place makes the sun look like it's bothering me kind of they kind of created a tiny sun. . [#6] I got hooked on his stuff during a C&R Arsenal binge last year. All shooting is performed on state-approved firing ranges under the supervision of trained professionals. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - "Anvil gunsmithing" aka Mark Novak is back. So then now we have all these different clean parts and stuff floating around you have some guys using the carbon some guys using the CLP and it was a mess. And everybody knows the same thing that we did that here in the United States, we would be much, much better off. The cylinder indexes it stays cocked and it's pretty cool. Alright, so out of all the major superpowers on the planet right now. But out of all the stuff he brought down, the the man in history that has always intrigued me the most in the British military was Patrick Ferguson. Guys, I need to equip them with 100 weapons that costs 25 times as much and essentially said to the British government, in today's money, I'd like you to just kick me about 20 or 25. mil. All right, then. And when you run out, you wind up with a mag full of empties. So let's backtrack. From a military perspective on smokeless powder though yeah not only is important for the velocity gains that you get but also for revealing your position. You can support us over on ballistic ink by picking yourself up some merch and remember guys dangerous freedom . Mortars will do the job just as good. Okay, which is really, really cool stuff. Absolutely. All work on firearms should be carried out by a licensed individual and all state and federal rules apply to such. Yeah, they're cool. technically, I mean, those missiles are holding six warheads apiece. I think the US military is planning for a world in which either not automatically have air superiority over every combat zone. Anvil Gunsmithing Gunsmith and Hard-Knock-Life Coach, Mark used to live on a submarine. 16K Followers, 543 Following, 565 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Mark Novak (@anvilgunsmithing) I thought more of the guys here would be too. My Abolt is a 25-06. So you have limited options because of where you are and what you're doing. Now in that aspect I mean, if you're in today's battlefield, I think if you're going to bring mortars to the battlefield, you're going to bring 60s and 81s. However, there's 23 feet of mid course trajectory on that round and I hit better know where that target is within about 20 yards here or there where I want mess it in front of it or behind it with a Garand, I can lay back there all day and I'm off by 10 or 12 inches. No, we're not five that we're not five to midnight anymore. Sign up to get unlimited songs and podcasts with occasional ads. I really don't. There's 100 other guys on his boat that have a clue. All we did was maintenance and clean and stand watch and I'm telling you what it is 100 hour weeks. So crew comfort is definitely not the point I. And the reason it is, is because people don't associate the value of something, right, right. Yeah, I mean, that that's Honestly, the question, if Finland used it more war to write probably good, you're probably Gore, that base technology within that gun platform is something that is certainly good, right? But it just didn't work the way that it was. Yeah, not even that but just not like 904L like right having like that access to the formula for 904L would. If you enjoyed the show, be sure to subscribe on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else podcasts are found. And then you had, yeah, we never had any major stoppages. Live life today ON PURPOSE. Holy crap. Now I did hear this heinous, but it is what we did. If you can never get enough true crime Congratulations, youve found your people. My father bought me one of those CVA flintlock kits. Very worthwhile watching. . If the Finns or the US Marines could keep it alive. We have the metals. Even if you don't have an interest in antique guns, the wild stories of how Mark both. Eric is most known for his YouTube channel IraqVeteran8888 which has over 2.3 million subscribers currently as well as his outspoken and no compromise stance regarding the 2nd amendment. You put on this They're better. For close air support. You mentioned that you don't really like working on as much of the modern stuff. I wouldn't worry about it. I'll switch gears just a little bit. They said the Chow is amazing. And there is a still photograph of you shooting it off the video next to it. Preview of Spotify. I'm I'm guarding my words here because I don't know what is still guarded and what isn't, but you have an equipment rotation that guarantees that the entire boats going to wear out at the same time. And the astronauts flew up to the space station and they were, they were just showing up like, oh man, look at this amazing pen. And then they put a box of plastic milk in there and stays there for the rest of the patrol because it's heinous. It only deflagrates so fast. Such a practice is heavily regulated and subject to applicable laws. They're using a Benelli Nova for a rifle and for handgun. I like to believe the stories because it does sort of romanticize British military valor at the time it was like a super offensive to you know, harm someone who wasn't a threat to you. But with smokeless it completely changed the game totally because a guy could be hiding in the woodland you have no idea where he is he just got hit with a high speed rifle bullet from long distance. We will have other guests on. It doesn't know that it's not 1778 we've got a gun in here now we're going to shoot this weekend. And it's just you know whether or not that true that that story is true, or whether or not it's embellished. Alright guys, thank you so much for tuning into this podcast. I don't clear coat over rust. Okay, now I'm gonna I'm gonna take a moment here to read a little bit of a monologue from one of my favorite films related To the Cold War and related to the whole communist scare, and that is a Stanley Kubrick film by the name of Dr. Strangelove. Look at the fact that there's are multiple redundancies for every system usually with aircraft, submarines. But one thing I want to mention, yes. And a lot of people nowadays don't even know what that looks like. You've got 100 guys on a boat. All content 2023 Life Liberty and the Pursuit. And you were armed with an M1 Grand. And if it didn't have a purpose, it didn't. I have a double barreled 75 caliber rifle flintlock that we've been slowly but surely gathering the footage for as we've been planning down the boards turning the breech plugs so that's kind of popping up. Yeah, it really is. If you do not posses the skills to perform at this level, do NOT attempt. Your Library. It doesn't it's not there. Yeah ,and you know it's they've chosen to set this most recent little kerfuffle out so anyway that's that's who they are. Mark Novak restoring a Sharps Carbine 50-70 percussion conversion By Warden Callaway August 7, 2021 in SASS Wire Start new topic Posted August 7, 2021 Good entertainment but about the 24 minute mark he shows how he repairs damages screw heads and flame blues them. They never really were known for their reliability. He got shot in Arm had like a wounded arm so we had to fight on horseback with one arm and a sword. That's what you want. Yeah, yes. Let's think about the 1960s. Since 1982, our pistolsmiths have been crafting some of the finest custom 1911 and Hi Power handguns in the world. So, There's just a certain pedigree of gunsmith in terms of people that are looking for someone to work on something super super obscure like like that walking cane gun that we did the video on. When you pull the trigger the whole top of the gun comes back and on its way forward. Out of all the guns that you brought down.

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