Series documents the recording of births by the county. 10.070.007-008], 1994-1996 (5 cu.ft. ); [Countywide Zoning Maps-accession no. al-Teachers-accession no. 1-74727, 1848-1971 (980 reels of microfilm); CC Docket Books [Circuit Court Register], no. ); Mental Health Records [Index to Mental Commitments], vol. ); [Insane Commitment Index-accession number 02.026.026], 1929-1937 (.10 cu.ft. 1-4, 1889-1997 (1 cu.ft.). 361-407. Foreign Marriages [Records-outside of Marion County], no. ); [Partition Case Files-accession no. Series documents the development and revision of a plan for the use of lands within the county. 1, 1912 (1 volume). ); Election Poll Books [Salem Precinct], 1896, 1903 (.10 cu.ft. Over the years probate jurisdiction has been transferred from the county court to the circuit court in most counties. Economic Development Services. 74600-146297, 1971-1983 (9 inches of microfiche); [Indirect Circuit Court Registers-Index], ca.1850-ca.1960 (9 sheets of microfiche). Information includes name, age, and residence of applicant; applicant's dependents; date of filing of declarations of intention and petitions; and volume and page numbers where papers are recorded. ); Recorders Court Case Files [City of Salem-served as ex-officio justice court], 1870-1898 (2 cu.ft.). Boundary Board Minutes [School District], 1869-1922, 1941-1981 (5 volumes); County Superintendent's Register and Record Book [includes names of commissioned teachers, 8th grade examination scores, and annual reports], 1888, 1890-1920 (57 volumes); District School Census Records [Monthly Report of Public Schools], vol. Series may also include alphabetical indexes that contain volume and page numbers where recorded and names of individual filing transactions. Series documents the registration of business names with the county clerk or recorder. 1, 1854-1872 (1 volume); Record of Executions [with index], vol. Transactions include records that were previously maintained separately, such as mortgages; deeds; military service records; federal, mechanic's, and road improvement liens; mining claims; satisfactions; judgment assignments; notarial commissions; medical and ministerial licenses; oaths; and affidavits of publication. [Circuit Court Case Files-includes probate case files], 2008-2009 (ca.450 cu.ft.). 6-10, 1913-1962 (4 volumes). ); Commissioners [Journal Index], vol. 02.026.023], 1914 (.10 cu.ft.). Information includes date; plaintiff and defendant names; cause of action such as larceny, assault, divorce, or receivership; attorney names; and final disposition of the case. See the Circuit Court Journals series and Circuit Court Dockets series for circuit court documents and information dating from 1971 to 1984. ); By Section in T & R [Knox Survey Field Books Township and Range Index], ca.1909-ca.1938 (.20 cu.ft. Fee Journal [Estates and Guardianship Register], 1908-1920 (1 volume); Probate Estate Records [Record of Estates], 1903-1927 (2 volumes). 02.026.006], 1902-1907 (.05 cu.ft. 501-2599, 1969-1978 (17 cu.ft. 2037-38348, 1947-present (ca.36300 plats). ); BOC Minutes [Board of Commissioners-title varies], 1985-1996 (4 cu.ft. ); Mental [Commitment Case Files-title varies], no. [Clerk's Recordings Index], 1976-1996 (1 volume of microfiche); [Clerk's Recordings], reel no. [Torrens Memorial Documents-Registration of Title-with gaps], no. Code of Ordinances, Marion County Marion County MARION COUNTY CODE SUPPLEMENT HISTORY TABLE Chapter 1. . The Marion County Fair no longer publishes paper versions of exhibitor handbooks. - Periodic emptying of receptacles. Marion County is located south of Portland in the state of Oregon. 1-3, 1850-1888 (3 volumes). 29-Rocky Point-accession no. Records include road surveyor notes, alignment, profile, and other survey maps, and road registers. Board Session Files [Commissioners-accession no. [Boundaries-Legal Descriptions], no. 1-53, 1945-1974 (53 volumes). 2002.020.0139], 1924-1929 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Foreclosure Records [includes certificates and writs of attachment], 1856-1920 (1.10 cu.ft. 95.018.006], 1972-1988 (.80 cu.ft. 24-Salem-accession no. 04.034], no. GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 2. 1, 1905-1935 (1 volume); Medical Personnel Registers [Physicians & Surgeons Record-includes veterinary and chiropractic], vol. 12.008.005], 2006 (3 cu.ft. 07.049.017], 2000-2001 (1 cu.ft. [Deed/Clerk's Recordings Reference Books-copies], 1949-1974 (ca.500 volumes); [Deed Reference Books-Abstracts], 1941-1949 (ca.140 volumes); Index Maps [Donation Land Claim Visual Index Maps-includes name, claim number, and location], n.d. (1 volume); [Land Ownership Maps-includes deed references-hand colored], n.d. (1 volume). 09.115.047], 1983-1989 (1 cu.ft. ); Circuit Court Cases Indirect [Index], 1952-1970 (.80 cu.ft. ); Townplats [Subdivision-accession no. Titles listed in this inventory are exactly as they appear on the outside of a volume, box, drawer, or other container. Delayed Birth Cert. ); [Reports from St. Mary's Home-accession no. Marion County joined the Oregon Judicial Information Network (OJIN) in 1987. Index Civil Justice of the Peace Judgment Docket [accession no. Information includes activity covered by order, ordinance, or resolution; administrative action number; who introduced; findings of fact; conclusions; recommendations; date heard; and hearings officer name and signature. They generally include flight path or township, range, and section numbers; show natural and man-made features; and are produced in black and white or color prints to varying scales. 1-8, 1945-1972 (8 volumes); Index Deeds [to vol. 95.018.001], no. Marion County Birth Index [includes few entries before 1903], 1871-1932 (1 reel of microfilm); Record of Births and Deaths [Oregon Health Division], 1915-1929 (1 volume). [Citizenships-includes petitions, orders, depositions, and certificates-accession no. The documents are indexed from 1976 to the present on computers available in the clerk's office and the surveyor's office. ); [Water Right Pre-emptions-Records-accession no 02.026.005], 1879-1904 (.05 cu.ft. 2002.020.0140], 1921-1926 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. For information on more recent court records, contact the trial court administrator. 13.086.001-002], 2010-2011 (6 cu.ft. 48], 1893-1941, 1945-1951 (16 volumes); School District Records [District Clerk's Record Book-District No. 401-996, ca.1947-ca.1972 (ca.250 maps); CR [County Road Survey Field Books], vol. 95.023.004], 1929-1934 (2 cu.ft.). 2, 1921-1929 (1 volume). [Information Register-includes road survey, field notes, and road proceedings information], ca.1867-ca.1974 (1 volume); Record of Roads [includes survey notes and drawings, road establishment information, and reports-photocopies], vol. 02.026.020], 1911-1915 (1 volume); [Farm Name Applications-accession no. The owner/occupant of the property where the fence has been built by mistake must not bother the fence during the time period when the other owner/occupant is authorized to remove the fence. 36], 1888-1889 (1 volume); Index to Deeds Direct, 1935-1976 (13 volumes); Index to Deeds Indirect, 1935-1976 (13 volumes); Misc. 71-Liberty School-Intermediate Room-Jessie King Raines-Teacher-accession no. 5-10, 1906-1998 (6 volumes); County Surveyor Marion County Road Index, n.d. (1 volume); County Surveyor [Road Information Index-typed], n.d. (1 volume); Marion County Market and County Roads [Index], 1977 (1 volume); 1984 (1 volume); Marion County Road System [Index], 1987 (1 volume); Record of County Roads [includes survey notes and drawings, establishment information, and reports], vol. [Mortgages-interfiled with chattel mortgages], ca.1858-ca.1908 (1 cu.ft.). ); [Partition Case Files-accession no. The Marion County Code is current through Ordinance 1449, passed October 12, 2022. County death records have been inventoried through 1920. 2002.020.0140], 1915-1922 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. [Assessor's Maps-Current-in wood cabinet], n.d.-present (ca.2800 maps). Road and Bridge Records [Boundaries of Road Districts Ledger], 1859-1895 (1 volume); Road and Bridge Records [includes petitions, reports, and expenditure summaries], 1858-1950 (2 cu.ft. 91.022.002], vol. [Aerial Photographs], 1955 (ca.1000 photographs); [Aerial Photographs-with flight line index-boxed], 2004 (ca.150 photographs); Aerials [Photographs], 1972 (ca.50 photographs); 1992 (ca.1000 photographs); Aerial Mosaic of Salem, Oregon [Photographs], 1950 (1 volume); Aerials [Photographs-Large Scale], 1955 (6 photographs); [Salem Area Aerial Photograph-large scale-rolled], 1982 (1 photograph). REVISED CODE of the Consolidated City and County INDIANAPOLIS/MARION, INDIANA Codified through Ordinance No. Information includes the names and residences of bride and groom; justice of the peace, minister, or name of individual officiating; fees charged; date filed; volume and page numbers where recorded; certificate number; date and place of marriage; and signatures of witnesses and county officials. Marion County, Oregon has established an Exclusive Farm Use Zone for the purpose of providing areas for the continued practice of commercial agriculture, and is comprised of land with predominantly high-value farm soils. Topics discussed include the creation, amendment, and appeal of zoning ordinances and county land use laws; county comprehensive plans; and election or appointment of planning commission members. 1721 to 42614-with index], vol. 1, 1911-1963 (1 volume). Metsker's Atlas of Marion County Oregon, 1989 (1 volume); 1992 (1 volume). Information includes defendant name, statement of attachment, property description, statement of return when attachment is satisfied, return of execution, dates attachment is issued and returned, court order, and sheriff's signature. [includes drawings and specifications of second and third courthouses, county shops, and other county buildings], ca.1947-ca.1989 (7.50 cu.ft. ); [Partition Case Files-accession no. Circuit court records have been inventoried through 1983. 2-754, 1855-1974 (753 volumes); Old Mtgs. 23, 1962-1984 (1 binder); [Subdivision Case Files-alphabetical], ca.1958-present (45 cu.ft.). Order 08-154 establishing maximum excessive noise disturbance violation civil penalties and hearing process fee. ); Planning Commission Tapes [Meeting Audiotapes], 1990 (ca.10 cassette tapes); Planning Minutes [Commission-includes related records-accession no. ); Register of Farm Names, vol. [Clerk's Recordings], reel no. Series documents the establishment and/or restoration of survey corners or monuments by the county surveyor or registered land surveyors. [Sheriff's Sale of Real Property on Foreclosure-Published Notices-accession no. They were filed in the county of residence at the time of petition, not necessarily in the county of birth. 91.004.002], 1985-1986 (4 cu.ft. Justice Court Civil Docket [accession no. Records include certificates, affidavits for correction, registers, delayed entry for birth, and corrected entries. The section has been editorially renumbered to prevent duplication of numbering. 1-3, 1907-1968 (3 volumes); [Torrens File-Index], 1909-1971 (1 volume); [Torrens File-Numerical Case Register], 1907-1964 (1 volume); Torrens Memorial Documents [Registration of Title], no. 2002.020.0128], 1858-1890 (1 volume); 1890-1895 (1 volume); 1895-1903 (1 volume); Minutes Board [School District No. That is why I am urging the Oregon Government Ethics Commission to immediately investigate this situation. Bearing Trees of U.S. Duplicate Tax Ledgers [includes assessment information], 1958-1976 (507 reels of microfilm); Tax Roll [title varies], 1976-1997 (26 volumes of microfiche). 09.039.004], 2001-2002 (2 cu.ft. ); [Miscellaneous Road Survey and Engineering Maps-includes Highway 22, 99E, 164, 214, Interstate 5, and various roads and streets], ca.1932-ca.1990 (ca.200 maps); MR [Market Road Field Books], vol. 90.007.002], 1974-1976 (1 cu.ft. Design Information for Marion County View State of Oregon Codes Online - Link to State of Oregon Building Codes Division Website Plan Review Timelines When Plumbing Plan Review is Required When Mechanical Plan Review is Required When Electrical Plan Review is Required Building Inspection Operating Plan In 1986 circuit courts with probate jurisdiction began recording basic case information on the Oregon Judicial Information Network (OJIN). Series documents the population, property, and agricultural production of the county. Ordinances [County-includes zoning ordinances- no. 1, 1863-1877 (1 volume); Sheriff's Docket [includes execution information-with index-accession number 0094.065.0001], 1906-1908 (1 volume); Sheriff's General Docket [includes execution information-with index-accession number 0094.065.0002], 1912-1913 (1 volume). Dockets include defendant, plaintiff, attorney, witness, and juror names; action dates and nature of cases; judgments; and statements of costs. Information includes elector's name and party affiliation, and in some cases, physical description, occupation, naturalization information, and names of parents and spouse. 90.012], 1959-1991 (2 cu.ft. 04.026.001], 1997 (3 cu.ft. Maps include area and/or zone descriptions, dates created, scales, and commissioners' signatures. 00.027.001], 1979-1999 (1 cu.ft.). 1504 Public School System [Directory of Salem Public Schools], 1916-1917 (1 volume); Mss. Crook County. 11216-35583, 1942-1985 (276 cu.ft.). Naturalization Petitions and Records [Certificates of Naturalizations], 1907-1927 (15 volumes). 02.026.004], 1855 (.05 cu.ft.). Marion County There are 2 Code Enforcement Offices in Marion County, Oregon, serving a population of 330,453 people in an area of 1,181 square miles. Ordinance Table Ordinance Table This table lists all ordinances. 74], 1889-1918 (12 volumes); School District Records [District Clerk's Record Book-District No. Half of the acreage was placed in the husband's name while the other half was placed in the wife's name. Series documents the surveying and mapping of county roads. Index to Probate Court Files [Case], 1952-1973 (.40 cu.ft. Metsker's Atlas of Marion County Oregon, 1929 (1 volume); 1941 (1 volume); 1971 (1 volume); ca.1979 (1 volume); . ); [Partition Case Files-accession no. Court [Circuit-includes some county court actions-with index], vol. 22-25, 1938-1941 (4 volumes); Justice Docket [Silverton Precinct-title varies-with index], 1915-1938 (9 volumes); Mt. La Mota Michigan registered in September 2020, with Rosa Cazares as manager. Probate case files were integrated with other circuit court case files beginning in 1985. Audit records revealed that Fagan was heavily involved early on, urging auditors to get input from dispensary chain La Motas co-owner Rosa Cazares, now one of Fagans employers. Mss. 02.026.010], vol. 02.026.016], 1854-1929 (.25 cu.ft. 24-Salem-accession no. Circuit Court Journals [includes U.S. District Court-title varies], vol. 1-6201, 1907-1971 (7 reels of microfilm). . ); County Court, Circuit Court, & Justice Court Case Files [primarily relates to juvenile cases-title varies-with gaps], no. Information includes registration number; child's name, sex, legitimacy, birth date, and birthplace; name, residence, color, age, birthplace, and occupation of father and mother; number of other children born to mother; signature of physician or midwife; filing date; and registrar's signature. 2002.020.0139], 1933-1939 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. For information on more recent court records, contact the trial court administrator. Commissioners Proceedings are indexed on computers in the county clerk's office. Index to Births and Deaths [Birth Abstracts-includes few entries before 1903], 1871-1932 (1 reel of microfilm). Marion County Zoning Codes & Ordinances Find information about Marion County, Oregon Zoning Codes & Ordinances including planning, development, subdivisions, zoning regulations, land use codes, and revisions. ); Index to Final Papers [Naturalization Orders-Certificate Stubs-accession no. Aaron Mitchell registered La Mota New Mexico LLC with that state in June 2022 and received a license for three retail stores the following month in the towns of Clovis, Estancia and Raton. & Medicals [Applications and Medical Certificates-title varies], no. ); Small Estate Affidavits [Case Files], no. Technical road survey maps may be found in the series titled Road Maps and Survey Notes. [Address and District Maps], 1959 (3 volumes); Blueprints, Etc. 17.110.290 . 1, 1849-1853 (1 volume); Fee Journal [Probate County Court Register], vol. 1-4099, 1867-1946 (10 cu.ft.). Records include complaints, judgments, decrees, summonses, warrants, affidavits, writs, and an index. 2002.020.0151], 1907 (1 volume); 1908 (1 volume); 1909 (1 volume); 1910 (1 volume); School Minutes [Records-Board of Directors-School District No. Clerk's Recordings Reference Books-copies], vol. 02.019.001], ca.1921-ca.1930 (.30 cu.ft. ); County Commissioners Court [Journal-title varies], vol. ); [Zone Change Case Files-accession no. The division's efforts focus on: Educating the public on code-related topics. 337-754, 1949-1975 (140 reels of microfilm). 04.055], ca.1869-ca.1912 (1 cu.ft.). [Bounty Affidavits], 1898 (1 volume); [Scalp Bounty Affidavits-accession no. Mortgage Index, Direct and Indirect, 1935-1976 (26 reels of microfilm); Mortgages, vol. 1-2, 1957-1971 (2 volumes); Planning & Zoning [Land Use Action Case Files-includes comprehensive plan amendments, zone changes, and subdivision and partition records-accession no. 18], 1887-1890 (1 volume); Index to Mortgages Direct, 1935-1976 (13 volumes); Index to Mortgages Indirect, 1935-1976 (13 volumes); Indirect Index [Mortgages], 1855-1881 (1 volume); Indirect Index Mortgages, 1911-1915 (1 volume); Mortgage Record [title varies], vol. [Animal Bounty Register Lists], 1933-1954 (.10 cu.ft. 2002.020.0140], 1921-1924 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Cancellation of Water Rights [Records], 1958-1972 (.15 cu.ft. City & County Zone Changes [Case Files-accession no. This Code of Ordinances and/or any other documents that appear on this site may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Municipality. Records of County Court Judgment Book, vol. 90.010.003], 1983-1985 (4 cu.ft. Santiam Water Control District [Record-includes water rights contracts and assessments-with index], 1954-1971 (1 volume). Lane County. Current handbooks are posted on the. ); Mental Hearings [Commitment Case Files-accession no. Permits issued by the Please become a subscriber today at Comprehensive Plan [accession no. ); [Partition Case Files-accession no. 90.007.003], 1958 (1 cu.ft. Poll Book [of the First Ward of School District No. 0094.065.0014], 1891-1921 (1 volume); Register of Prisoners [accession no. 2, 1871-1874 (1 volume); Marriage Licenses [Record], vol. 2, 1888-1896 (1 volume); Record of Mining Claims [with index], vol. 02.026.008], 1897 (.05 cu.ft.). ANIMAL CONTROL AND ENFORCEMENT Chapter 5. Budgets Books [Marion County-from Finance Department-accession no. Mss. 9-46, 1885-1930 (38 volumes); Circuit Court Register [indexes case files and journal], 1849-ca.1890 (2 volumes). ); Return on Marriages [Records-accession no. The county government office is located in Salem, Oregon and they were established in 1843. 1-1106, 1957-1999 (6 reels of microfilm); Rural Zoning Ordinance [counter copy], 1959-present (1 binder); Urban Zone Code [counter copy], 1991-present (1 binder). Information may also include nationality, physical description, birthplace, health, and religion of household members and agricultural production statistics. 71-Liberty School-Advanced Room-Hoag and Lehman-Teachers-accession no. A), 2011.] However, the county courts in Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman, and Wheeler Counties continue to hear probate cases. ); Mss. ); Probate [Case Files], no. 1-3, 1968 (3 volumes); Ordinances [County-includes zoning ordinances- no. Mental [Commitment Case Files-title varies], no. 2002.020.0120], 1913-1989 (.10 cu.ft. East Salem Service District Ordinance #1174Regulates maintenance of the drainage ditches of the East Salem Service District, prohibiting dumping and trespass and requiring permits for structures. 91.022.002], no. This network functionally replaced probate dockets and journals previously maintained by the courts. 00.023.001], 1880-1962 (.25 cu.ft. Records may include alphabetical indexes to the certificates, transcripts, statements, evidence, and other records specifically related to water rights cases heard by circuit and appellate courts. 1, 1854-1857 (1 volume); Deeds and Easements [County], ca.1908-ca.1989 (4.50 cu.ft.). ); [Partition Case Files-accession no. 02.026.019], 1861-1961 (1 cu.ft. Yet for 24 hours after news broke Thursday that Fagan landed a paid contract consulting for an affiliate of an embattled cannabis company, the secretary of state repeatedly refused to answer basic questions about her side job working for La Mota, a politically connected Oregon-based business. The series may be referred to as the County Court Administrative Journal, Commissioner's Minutes, County Court Docket, or Board of Commissioners Meeting Records. Right-of-Way Ordinance #1182Restricts and regulates vehicle parkingand conducting business activities in public rights-of-way. If measurements are made, they shall be made with a sound level meter. 1273 [Tax Roll-Champoeg County], 1848 (.05 cu.ft.). Information includes parties involved, land descriptions, dates, number and nature of titles, subdivisions, title holders, terms, discharge dates, and registrar's signatures. No. 1-2, 1853-1889 (2 volumes); The Road Book [County Road Alphabetical Index], 1990 (1 volume); 1992-1993 (1 volume); 1996 (1 volume). ); [Assumed Business Names-Index Cards], ca.1913-1964 (1 cu.ft. Exhibitor Handbooks/Fair Programs [box ADM 60], 1968 (.05 cu.ft. 48], 1889-1908, 1911-1925, 1925-1942 (21 volumes); School District Records [Oregon School Register and Record Book-District No. Plat Index [Subdivision], 1850-present (1 volume). Assumed business names have been inventoried through 1964. Information includes financial information, school curricula, boundary descriptions, and enrollment and attendance data. 1-321, 1974-1983 (321 reels of microfilm). 1-2, 1851-1879 (2 volumes); Field Notes Gov. 16-17, 1924-1934 (2 volumes); Indirect Index to Mortgages [title varies], 1910-1923 (3 volumes); Indirect Index to Mortgages, vol. 24-rolled-accession no. 91.021.003], 1912-1953 (5 cu.ft.). Clerk and Recorder Miscellaneous Recordings have been inventoried through 1965. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents under their own titles. 1 to 319-copies], vol. If the title is only in brackets [ ], the record has no external identifying information. Livestock Brands, vol. 25741-42087, 1945-1960 (14 cu.ft. ); CC [Circuit Court Case Files], no. 24-Salem-accession no. 14.069.001], n.d. (1 volume). Series provides visual documentation of changes made to county lands through development and by natural and man-made disasters. 2, 1968-1972 (1 volume); South Santiam River Water Control District [Records], 1965 (1 volume); Water Rights Index, 1914-ca.1977 (1 volume); Water Rights [Record], vol. County Monuments Sections & D.L.C.s [Section and Donation Land Claim Corner Monuments Visual Reference Index], n.d. (1 volume). Justice Court Case Files, 1855-1925 (1 cu.ft. Planning Commission Minutes [accession no. Bounty Affidavits, 1898 (1 volume); 2, 1896-1902 (1 volume). ); Minutes [Board of Directors-School District No. 1-99, ca.1968-ca.1981 (ca.200 maps); MR [Market Road Survey Research and Reference Files], ca.1873-present (11 cu.ft. ); Circuit Court Register [indexes case files and journal], 1849-ca.1890 (2 volumes); Circuit Court Transcripts, 1880-1934 (6.25 cu.ft. Since 1974 deeds, mortgages, military discharges, mining claims and other records have been included in the clerk's Recordings. 2, 1859-1871 (1 volume); County Road Record [includes survey notes and drawings, establishment information, and reports], vol. Series documents the official and financial affairs of the superintendent of schools concerning teachers, students, and schools located in the county. Currently these records are filed with the State Registrar, Vital Statistics Section of the Health Division. 5001-19258, 1946-1987 (72 cu.ft.). In a statement Friday evening, Gov. 1 to 3394], 1939-1983 (1 volume). The following information is based on a September 2014 inventory. Beginning in 1975 water rights records were included in the clerk's Recordings (Clerk and Recorder Official Filings). Election poll books and voter registration records have been inventoried through 1930. 1, ca.1854-ca.1901 (1 volume); Road Plats, vol. Work in the Right-of-Way Permits Ordinance #671Establishes a permit process and fee for working in a County right-of-way. Administrative actions include levying taxes; budgeting; approving appropriations; appointing county officials; approving officials bonds and annual reports; receiving petitions and remonstrances concerning county roads; defining and establishing county roads; calling bond elections for the construction of county buildings; compiling jury lists and conducting hearings; approving salaries and expenses of county officials; confirming elections; and issuing licenses for such things as liquor, ferries, warehouses, and groceries. Declarations of intention may also be attached to naturalization petitions or naturalization certificates. 1-3, 1897-1920 (3 volumes); Mental Health Records [Mentally Diseased Record], vol. [Aerial Photographs-Large Scale Color-map drawer], 1976 (ca.25 photographs); [Aerial Photographs-Large Scale-map drawer], 1976 (ca.100 photographs); [Willamette River Greenway Maps and Aerial Photographs-map drawer 7], ca.1973-ca.1976 (2 cu.ft.). I am relieved that the Governor has asked DOJ and the Government Ethics Commission to engage in fact finding because the facts will restore trust in our audits division and in me as your Secretary of State.. Tina Kotek urged the state ethics . Circuit court records continue after 1983 under authority of the state and are maintained by the trial court administrator. ); Land Registration Docket [with index], vol. 1 to 319-copies], vol. Records may include petitions, decrees or orders, affidavits of correction, registers, and certificates. ); Election Poll Books [Mehama Precinct], 1878-1888 (.10 cu.ft. 71-Liberty School-Arnold and Webb-Teachers-accession no. 1, 1889-1952 (1 volume). 2, 1933-1935 (1 volume); Justice Docket Civil [Salem District-with index], vol. 1, 1860-1888 (1 reel of microfilm). 99.042.015], no. [Road Files-Traffic Control and Engineering Case Files-includes maps, plans, reports, correspondence, commissioners orders and resolutions, and related records], ca.1960-present (80 cu.ft.). [Justice Court Case Files-Salem District-accession number 90-002], 1887-1928 (3 cu.ft.

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