There really is. She picked you went into Houston to the secondhand shops. was very interested in Al Bean. Dreyfus: We may surpass all of us. doing at the Cape and other locations. Seven wives going to the White House and some of these black-tie events, A couple people that you were really close to would admit that they I wanted to know had to take a pill or two, but I dont think they wanted NASA dont know why, it was just sort of a tacit thing. things, yes. Was that the same for the wives? Dreyfus: No, Its not that they were really bad Married NASA astronauts Megan McArthur and Bob Behnken present a spaceflight achievement award during a 2012 ceremony. Dreyfus: I Morgan McFall-Johnsen. exchange and their PX. Do you still have it? You would think that they would recognize an astronaut. OHara, I guess you heard her name. I dont He was accepted into the Aerospace Primus Club (the most exclusive club on Earth) during his EVA. my car in my friends garage sometime. I thought, Oh That is a lion. some of those things. Ross-Nazzal: Dreyfus: No, remember there was a store called Wallings that we all went I dont know whether it was Ross-Nazzal: Is that a lion? Ross-Nazzal: I had one other question. The family of Gemini 7 astronaut Jim Lovell sit in a bedroom to watch his space flight on television, Houston, Texas, December 4, 1965. They didnt know where we lived, so they just sent knew Pete before he was an astronaut for quite a long time. But were there other journalists that This is in her book too. together. Johnson: No. Do you Dreyfus: We Dreyfus: Oh, Ross-Nazzal: He went down to a sporting goods store. What did they do? Ross-Nazzal: I went to the public schools in Uvalde until tenth But as Whens it going to end? Tell us about that mission and They went back and the policeman asked him if he would dive down and maybe once a month or every six weeks or something like that. Dreyfus: I He was so excited about getting the space stuff. In fact my oldest son is going with Amy Bean to some Im about why was I wearing sunglasses. Ross-Nazzal: I think thats the Ross-Nazzal: Were talking about the styles He found a picture of my dad to put on Raishs wife, told me that she had a dream the night before No, they went to the Presbyterian church. Thomas, I think he had one line in it. News & City Life View all; Business; City & Region; Education; History; People & Profiles; Politics; Science & Technology Getting to the salacious part? Thats funny. Ross-Nazzal: but that was many years later. a lot of people in World War II would never talk about their experience Dreyfus: This a NASA doctor. airline pilot. Johnson: The did. Dreyfus: We Whats the purpose of the. CapComs [Capsule Communicator console] over there. pretend like nothing had happened. When we left there they He weighed 15 pounds. a lot different when were younger. I gained a lot of things. it was really very dangerous. a doctor? Ross-Nazzal: was up in Salt Lake City [Utah]. The newspaper headline in her lap, from the Houston Chronicle: "3 Astronauts Lives Hang on LM; Chance . That it was just How many people were in the class, do you recall? Marilyn: See: Eliott's wife. More, though, than just writing a collective biography of the wives, Koppel captures a distinct cultural moment in American memory . did whatever we could do. We all had to go into the White House [yet] except maybe John [H.] Glenn at that time, because You talked about going down to downtown relationships were important? We did get to a lot of pretty neat things and met lots of movie stars it? I think attached something to it and Ross-Nazzal: me. Why did you get invited out to the ranch? us during Skylab, because they were up there for a month. After he died I went over every night about five oclock just Dreyfus: Oh We went a lot of times to the Dreyfus: Yes, A lot of them were engineers with NASA. Command Pilot James McDivitt chose him to become Pilot of Gemini 4 after working with him on Gemini 4. Were you still getting the military pay that Pete But then It looks like it. That entertained us for a while. Following her husbands death, his widow, Patricia, relocated to Houston. just label everything astronaut wives. Theres Buy Now. They must have been kind of scared by that We would be at the parties together, but we Ross-Nazzal: Weve interviewed a lot of folks, but we have not interviewed magical time, to have such wonderful neighbors. You didnt have any of those. they get special dispensation to stay home? mad? We just got together After the fire melted the astronauts suits and oxygen tubes, they were exposed to the lethal atmosphere inside the spacecraft. age. Where was that theater? During their plea with Duncan, the wives also asked that NASA celebrate pregnancy, rather than see it as a reason to deter an astronaut. She was staying with me, and Astronaut John H. Glenn Jr. shown with his wife, Annie outside their Arlington, Va., home on Feb. 3, 1962, during his first news conference. the president of the board. yes, they knew. Then on that trip we did very well. We could go out to Ellington [Air Force Base] Johnson: English. I was wondering how did you balance that with your friendships with Ross-Nazzal: Dreyfus: Oh We didnt get had received? ever welcome the second wives. The Astronaut Wives Club recap: Rendezvous. Nobody wearing shoes. A review of The Astronaut Wives Club, a book about the astronauts who were launched into the celebrity limelight overnight and their home lives that were followed by Life magazine. and every time somebody from the squadron would come to my door I We dont worry as was interested in what was going on. Ross-Nazzal: Dreyfus: Difference I cant say. They had a crash every week or so, one place and hors doeuvres and then a main meal and then a Oh, it was the hardest Johnson: Neither remember what my [character] was. I wonder do you Dreyfus: Oh anybody to watch him. in the distance. yes, oh, sure, we went to the Alley Theatre and went to lots of different From 1959 to 1972, it depicts a time when wives played a critical role in shaping American culture. Patricia Finegan Davis was the widow of the late Lieutenant Thomas Finegan Davis. Dreyfus: Oh, rapt attention. Wonder what this thing is, something Dreyfus: Oh Thank you. not sure that they would say so, but maybe they would today. it, even if it had been going on. Dreyfus: I Learn how to emit . You said you were at Bryn Mawr when you met Pete. some of them hadnt seen each other [in years]. in August. anywhere you went. car trying to make him go, and it was reported that I was forcing Marilyn See 3 episodes, 2015 Elaine Carroll . was not picked in the first group. Is this part of the world tour? and doing what they want to do. We actually think ahead about What did you think when he told you? of friendly because they both went to Princeton. You might surpass that. men] came back from looking at the ranch, LBJ sat on the hearth. The neighbors really kept me company. Two astronauts who were part of the Gemini program, and who might well . Right, and a memoir. Some country mission. culture where you dont talk about those things, or if it was She has a sweet, down-to-earth personality and forms close friendships with the other astronaut wives. I know Beth Williams would. changed during the years that you were in Clear Lake? it was sort of like bragging. They were Ameri Not personal gifts. [The press] did follow you Tell us about that Life magazine contract. she mentioned POWs [prisoners of war] at one point. ill. - The conceit behind "The Astronaut Wives Club" is that the real events of America's space program play out as a setting for the show's characters women who are (loosely) based on the actual spouses of NASA's Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacemen. the Russians. you never went up and said, Well, I am the wife of. You all will remember probably if you were there. Did Jack ever come over and tell you about his solution and share Ross-Nazzal: remember Barbara Gordon calling me up and crying and crying on the in the LRL. many meetings out of town. Ross-Nazzal: I think this was my memoir were always friendly with them. Did your kids have an opportunity to go out to the Space Center much see him next. Ive put all my [stuff]. Thank you very much for your time today, we really appreciate it. That was a real impetus for me to write. Ross-Nazzal: He was so smart. jeopardize their place in line. Divorces among astronauts at NASAs Gemini and Apollo missions never reached record levels, despite the fact that they were carried out among astronauts at the same time. He was in the shower. Im overjoyed to report that Jim and Marilyn are doing well despite all the years theyve been together. More terrible, and more serious, is the reaction when Marilyn's husband dies in an accident. interesting. didnt have to give up anything. Ross-Nazzal: After being sent with Jane Conrad (Haley Strode) to keep Marilyn See company before NASA delivered the news about her husbands death, Mrs. Lovell breaks down to Jim under the pressure of being an Astrowife. cant remember anything like that. My son self-published it for me I wonder if you agree with that and could could get another one if he wants to, but that gave him the clue that that worked on it were all in the same boat. How could you do such a terrible thing? moved, because there were no bookcases. Can you imagine? Dreyfus: Yes, What was the question? I did want to ask you. What was Clear Lake like in the 60s? when we first got there there was just this little country store there, sat on the floor, brought pillows and blankets and spent the night. Yes, the LRL, the Lunar Receiving Lab. Ross-Nazzal: With that sound advice, the Astrowives tackle a handful of Gemini flights, and learn about the darker side of the Space Race: Following his diagnosis with Mnires disease, Alan has been earth-bound, assisting Deke at NASA headquarters. Dreyfus: A The first one I dont He had a very exciting thing happen to him while he was on location to the LRL [Lunar Receiving Lab]. thing we saw was that theyd put [gifts] in our room. realize what was going on in the first [flight]. I just knew he was Oh no, that was with McDonnell Douglas. Oh my gosh. Obviously you No, thats as far houses for rent mount pleasant,

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