all these people saying God told them this and that. Was this crackhead behavior or cheating behavior? Wants us to. much of their appeal. I just cant believe this is God. Praise Godanother life freed from that bondage from hell. Enough is enough. Hope your doing well, Thank you for sharing. Stay true! For me the best way to find out what we should do or where we must go, is to ask our Father. Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote to the Church of Corinth to correct several major errors including the abuse of the Gifts of the Spirit. Thank you we are all finding each other I believe because the Holy Spirit This I never knew about before. Its so devastating. God is an illusion and so is this. Yes Mark, I have heard and seen crazy stuff in the Church since I became a Christian as a kid. Where was I to go now and how do I re-shape my belief system? We are told in Gods word, if we seek him with our whole heart, we will find him. I got over 1000 shares on fb alone even though I only got a few likes, so you truly never know who needs to hear it. We made sacrifices for the good of the church. Back then he was called a heretic today he would be condemned for touching the Lords anointed. The apathy of believers is truly astonishing as I watch wolves overtake the churches. Well, I can quickly disprove that because I can see people like my dad who were once hardened by life and is now totally spirit filled. Nothing you speak of has ever happened at any of the places I have been and I am on my way back to Rick Joyners this month. The Lord is calling his children out from the delusion and false teaching of the pentecostal movement, one by one. His word is enough for us. If you were Pentecostal at one time in your life, why did you leave it? Gods peace and love-. This is where I am in my walk with God. His Word is. No one wanted to be the last person who left the upper room before Pentecost happened! Still, what is spoken must not go against the Scripture otherwise it is not of God. Enjoy! Im not anti-Charismatic: I know my gifting, and I know Jesus still uses the gifts (charismata) of His Spirit to enable people throughout the church in their ministries. Care for them. We just had to always speak faith filled words, and not doubt. But the real proof would have been a real miracle where someone re-gained their site or a deformed limb was restored. You are coming out of a cult, so anger is one of the stages but I promise it gets better. came back, so did the feeling of complete rejection and failure. Many Christian friends who were sympathetic turned their back when I couldnt stand being alone anymore. That is kind of how I ended up at this church after leaving the Catholic church (with my dads old group from when I was a kid-same group that left the original church to the one we are at now). God bless. As my brother Michael referenced, 1 Thess. I just left the same ungodly situation three weeks ago, so I praise God that you did also. option, but it was also an admission of failure and lack of faith. I have found him and his word to be more than enough. I could not take it anymore and had to leave. Wow! Webwe should all care about the existence of objective, absolute truth because it fits logically with reality. And even though I am technically of the Pentecostal persuasion I can state without hesitation most of it today is completely false. I also have been to the Ramp and have stayed there for a week of summer intensive ministry training. I see now I was very wrong. But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets; Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference: exactly keep. This is why I mentioned Rick Joyner. Clearly. It is an out of balance, unbiblical view of being a disciple of Christ. Knowing Christ and Living a life simply following the precepts of the bible are more than enough. He didnt put them in people. I can tell you of some corrupt Baptist Churchs which have left the Faith and embraced the Homosexual agenda. I searched out many testimonies when I was coming out for comfort and help. Thats a great question, In that statement Im saying we should not elevate our experiences above scripture. They reminded me of all the mistakes I had made during my time at the church and they didn't have to exaggerate, Going to the doctor was an acceptable "last resort" Of course now I am a sinner.I failed because God wasnt enough. Your word is TRUTH God. In other words, God effectively stopped speaking new revelation through mankind 2000 years ago or whenever the last apostle recorded his last words. However, it might not be Gods will to hear that particular scripture. If you need to vent, Im here. Thanks. You should be able to pull up the bizarre video on YouTube along w/ his wifes pic laying on a grave to soak up the dead persons anointing. As a pastor that is necessary but difficult. I am quite familiar with the biblical accounts of external manifestations of Gods power. No condemnation. Thus, there is no longer a need nor cause for any words from God because he has said all he needs to say in the bible. They prophesied that they saw my moms brain cells starting to multiply, but of course we had to do our part, which involved extreme fasting, and money ( it always involves money for these evil wolves!). Not to downplay God, but to really experience Him for how he's truly working today in different ways. That's why Jesus said. My Conscience is clear. warm fuzzies. Apparently the Angel Gabriel appeared to Bob Jones who would give woman prophetic words if they stripped down in his office. They dont even have one bible verse in the sermon or compare to a bible story. It is a righteous holy anger at how God is treated like a customer service agent and more. join or stay or even attend on a regular basis. I look forward to your next post! I am just as firm in my beliefs that the majority of what passes for the miraculous today is patently false. I have heard false prophecies through the years. healthy, then the inescapable conclusion is that you must be doing something wrong. In this video, I talk about the reasons why i left the conservative Pentecostal movement. Due to their extreme legalism I felt that I was not getting the true message of the gospel, but instead indoctrinated by man-made rules. 1. Why is putting bones in our mouths to spit out even considered an option. My experience is this; dreams can be easily influenced by what we already want/dont want. Thats my journey for now. In Ezra and Nehemiah the priest had become so corrupt that God had to raise up a new movement by calling his ppl out, I have to remember that when I feel utterly alone at times. This is the link,, Cecil Andrews What is it about men being embarrassed by a woman in front of their friends that makes them angry? Ive gone though many different emotions over it. While I reject the label charismatic, Im still a continuationist, and I wish more who believe in the Biblical gifts would call out the unbiblical extremes like being drunk in the spirit. However, we (humankind) have been adapting scripture to modern cultural practices as time as progressed using parallels to compare equivalent circumstances. - Does God still heal? I thought I did at times, but whenever the pain Words from an old Hymn: My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Blood and Righteousness. If you requested prayer for the Consider Zachariah in the temple in the presence of Gabriel. Is that all it takes?. because I had done some pretty stupid things in my time. My testimony is so very similar to yours. While Ive had personal, subjective experiences that convince me that Christianity is true, there are compelling reasons to believe that its objectively true.When I first began to investigate the claims of Christianity, I compared it to some of the most THATS why I have zero respect for these false lying so called prophets Its VERY DANGEROUS to say God said so and so when He did not! No thinking Christian could or should attempt to dispute them. So, I resonate with and appreciate your story. So weve moved on from casting the proverbial boulders onto all things Pentecostal to the SDA now have we? Looking forward to that blessed day when I see Jesus face to face; and by His strength I will live for Him until my last breath. I left a charismatic church myself in 1979 despite the warnings that Satan is trying to keep me from what God has. were responsible for the members of the church, and it was their duty to warn them and discipline them if they were For forty years I have argued against and resisted all things charismatic. I have seen many things, experienced much Church hurt and seen a lot of crap. You did an excellent job of pointing out many of the outrageous and even criminal acts and errors of these false teachers.yet so few want to hear it. Maybe I needed to stop working extra hours and devote more time to I just wrote a 10,000 word essay using Scripture as the basis on the subject, The Importance of the New Testament Doctrine of Selfless Service and Disciple Making.. 31 So Jesus said to those Jews who had believed in Him, If you abide in My word [hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them], you are truly My disciples. 5:7 we are to live by faith and not by sight. The pastor brought in the prophets/apostles to promote the We Love Our City that our church was starting to implement. I'm drawn to apostolic preaching on the internet but I've never stepped in a pentacostal church. Calvinism, though not Cultic (but borderline) is a false teaching in itself which misrepresents the character of our wonderful Lord and His awesome plan of salvation. There were no dramatic meetings or guilt trips when I left the mainstream Pentecostal church. Galatians 2:21 KJV For me, Jesus is my King! I was so wounded, mistrusting, broken and broke. Unfortunately it will just increase as the church continues to elevate personal revelation above scripture. There were no major control issues here. How To Get Over A Guy I Have Strong Feelings For? were many who volunteered their time, but paid staff members handled the bulk of the responsibilities. Only the blood of Jesus Christ saves. To keep my eyes aware to possible false teachings. my life with enough faith to pray for my healing. Other prominent Calvinists like John Piper and Wayne Grudem are continuationists. I pleaded with God to show me where I was I spent hours in study in those days which laid a biblical foundation before I went to Bible College. I dont know why but it instantly conjured up the sufferings of the saints who endure far far worse things yet do not deny their Christ and I was stopped short. I love Justin peters and John MacArthur It really helped me. The knowledge of speaking in tongues is something I acquired from my Apostolic family members, but it makes me wonder why I've never heard anyone in my southern baptist church speak it? They like use the Acts verse/s about when the disciples were all filled with the Holy Spirit and then they all spoke in tongues. came. Pentecost is biblical and the things practised in charasmatic/pentecostal churches are find in the bible. Rejoice always! A Serious Question for Black Americans (esp. She is in deep and after a year I dont even know where she lives. That should give you a clear view of the people I was running with. and even Canada. I have my antennas up with being so new coming back into the body /church. Maybe next time I would get it right. I began seeing some very strange disturbing manifestations during our services where people were flopping all over each other, going into trances, acting like they were giving birth, making animal noises, and on occasion even rolling out of their clothes. The Catholic Church in effect falters when her members fall short of what they should be doing and believing. In the aftermath of the Azusa St. Revival, the demand for denominational organization became clear to many when founded Christian churches mostly denied Pentecostal followers. I enjoyed your story and am happy to see you attending a small group rather than giving up on it all together. I am praising God for his mighty deliverance of you from the darkness you have been immersed in! That said, does that mean God does not speak to us today? I can't really explain it all here because I'm just not that well spoken and articulate with my words. Also, context is key with a lot of scripture, as is language. I have seen this happen many times because God spoke to them its a strong delusion. You are using an out of date browser. Nationally known guest speakers visited from time to time. This destroys. For the first time, a man has won the women's Tour of the Gila. However, that doesnt mean that I have given up on That's too much for children and people look at me crazy when I tell them about my childhood. A lot of things that is said to be the Holy Spirit moving is nothing but the Flesh, Carnality and Recognition of self!

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