Brand was Steggles chicken breast. It is also keeping me away from chicken right now! First noticed the stringiness when buying chicken sandwiches from fast food restaurants. I'm hopeful all of these posts become recognized and addressed. Texture Fresh raw chicken has a glossy, somewhat soft. A hen's increased rate of respiration interferes with calcium carbonate production and shell formation. Edit: as some of you have suggested I believe the cause of the weird texture in the chicken was bromelain. Mary's is one brand name. I will read all 1. It had such a horrible texture, like almost crunchy but was cooked all the way through! The chicken breasts were unusually huge (850g for 2 breasts) and Ive made two different meals out of them. I doubt there's any way to tell without some specific control tests. Thin breasts, thick breasts, frozen, fresh, chain-store, butcher bought, even take out has a raw, horrible consistency. I have had this problem for months and it seems totally random. Was thinking maybe it was me possibly becoming adverse to chicken because of eating it daily for the past couple of years (Same brand for two years: Springer Mountain Farms). It happened months ago and just happened last week again. I've been having the problem for many years on and off. I guess it doesnt bother him but we get ours from Aldi and they are HUGE so I am thinking we will pay a little more for them from somewhere else because I cant do it anymore!!! I recently bought chicken breasts from Perdue. Most supermarket chicken today contains a high percentage of water. I am so glad I found this thread as I had been noticing this is chicken breasts. I buy an occasional Bell and Evans, WF 365 branded and two local farms here in NH that do a nice job. It seems too simple to be true, but eating or drinking something hot may temporarily cause your sense of taste to get weird. "Woody Breast" is what the industry is naming it. This sounds somewhat familiar to the chicken breasts I had bought. I scoured the internet and once I found what the problem is actually called, a lot of search results came up describing it. Its only been recently in the last few years Ive noticed this. I told them not to eat it and gave it to the dog. ( stop giggling ) The farmers are either pumping them full of hormones or super rich foods to get the breasts to grow very large very fast. Just tried to make white chicken cream stew without thinking, two packs of two breasts both had this problem. If you notice any texture changes, such as increased softness, sliminess, stickiness, or residue, it's likely no longer safe to eat. The result of these practices are breast meat that has grown to fast for the natural ligaments,muscles,tendons, and all the other natural growing stuff that needs to take place for meat to develop properly. On a pathological level it results in vein inflammation, muscle degradation, muscle death (necrosis), and lesions in the muscle. I wonder what goes into our food these days. I have noticed the odd texture for the last decade. If anyone has seen the documentary "What the Health" you'll find out lots of stuff companies do to meat that they don't want you to know about. At this time it is unknown exactly what is causing it but the culprit may be due to breeding practices. It's possible that you're letting them out at room temperature for 2 hours. According to the National Chicken Council, a woody breast is when chicken breast meat is "hard to the touch and often pale in color with poor quality texture." It's commonly confused with. I never thought poultry suppliers would do this to chicken just to increase the weight/selling price. So it seems that when selecting g whole chickens or chicken breasts we should be selecting the smaller pieces as these likely are not part if the accelerated growth breedingit is worth a shot as I have experieced this texture a handful of times over the last 2 years and it makes me sick to my stomach (mental I'm sure). This causes a texture that is described as "woody" when cooked. I KNEW that my chicken was safe to eat; temped at 161 when it came out of the oven, even nuked it after cutting and plating because the texture was so convincingly raw! so disappointing; has really turned me off US chicken altogether and so sad as i used to really love white meat and would cook it at least once or twice a week! Lately, even before the pandemic but not to the same extent, I have had issues with chicken. I'm here in TX, just had the same I'm-definitely-sure-it's-not-raw-p-but-the-texture's-raw-and-rubbery-and-fatty experience with skin-on leg quarters. Have not had chicken for a long time and gave it one more chance. That is Frankenchicken. The process is detailed and performed with great care. So gross. We threw away what would have been a perfectly good dinner of chicken breasts with honey mustard sauce and broccoli. My description has been feels raw- some how under cooked but also rubbery the way it gets when it has been over cooked. The chicken Tycoons cannot find a more humane way to end a lifetime of suffering to the sufferage unequaled of being hung upside down the inescapable grasp holding their feet/claws seeing what is happening to family, friends, fellow chickens being boiled alive and knowing you are next. I read someone say they have no problems when they sous vide. So I let it rest and cut into it and felt confident. But last night, this happened when I roasted some never frozen bone in breasts from the fridge. "I don't even try to soften woody chicken, as texture is so important and not an easy fix," chef Brian Malarkey, "Top Chef" finalist and Chefs Life founder, told TODAY. Ive been trying to find out why. The potatoes and beans were great, the chicken not so much. First time poster- all because of gross rubbery chicken! ALL the meat WAS good. I'm a fan of the sandwiches in the "chicken sandwich war" with Chic Filet and Popeyes being my personal favorites. Can this make you ill though? Maybe not, some people I've asked think I'm crazy, others agree whole-heartedly. It's got me thinking and feeling, it's seriously not natural meat. They were like chicken used to be. If you cook chicken in a skillet, oven, or grill for an excessive amount of time, the moisture will be sucked out of the meat, leaving you with a dry, rubbery bird. This has happened to me a few times both cooking chicken breast at home and also out at restaurants. This weird chicken texture is very sad to me as chicken is my favorite go-to meal. Sorry I can't help you because I haven't bought chicken in a supermarket for more years than I can remember. Just too lucrative for globalized finance backed conglomerates to resist! And yes, it tends to be the larger ones sold at the butcher counter as singles (by the piece, boned, skinless). I bought breasts at Trader Joes. Why does my chicken taste weird after cooking? NOTHING ruins a lunch like anticipating that perfect chicken breast only to bite into a texture that is almost indescribable; at first you are certain that it's raw. The food has always been great but me, trying it get on track with my diet ordered grilled chicken. omg. My husband said nothing was wrong but I know what a completely cooked chicken breast tastes like and what if feels like when I chew. I was searching for the same problem and now see all these comments. After doing a bit of research into this I found out that many chicken farms are growing their chickens far too fast and it results in their meat hardening like this. You are correct the chicken is crunchy inside like you biting into a tendons it's crazy . Leaving chicken in a pan, oven, or grill for just a little too. I have had issues with the taste of other meat but buying organic seems to have helped with those. Leaving chicken in a pan, oven, or grill for just a little too long can suck the moisture right out and leave you with a dry . Totally grossed me out. Not sure how the market will respond to this unsavory tasting chicken, I know what I have done. Like it seems like the problem is just getting worse and worse and it might not be able to be reversed, if it is changing chickens' genetics. Soon there will be no good meat left to eat and we will all be eating protein bars. Theyll semi-confess after a whistleblower goes to the media. Look up "Woody Brest". Why does some chicken have a rubbery texture? Ive noticed it one other time. They are not frozen, they are fresh. It's all about profits. . When we can find smaller breasts at the store, they seem fine, but the larger breasts are rubbery and inedible. I understand there's a shortage because of some sort of bird virus. About 15 minutes ago I went to cut the "gargantuan" (LOL, someone elses's word used here) breast to grill up for chicken salad and after rinsing it noticed the stringiness, and I could literally pick and pull off srtingy pcs super easy, that type of thing totally creeps me out I had chills all over immediately, eww! I buy organic chicken breasts and taste horrible. Ill leep reading all the responses on this thread to see what everyone else thinks . Definitely not the chicken we used to get. We purchased Smart Chicken breasts from Harris Teeter and have been for years, but well be pausing addl purchases of chicken breasts for the foreseeable future. I have the same problem, the breasts are not edible, so crunchy. Anyone else, IM STONED TO BITS AND JUST LAUGHED AT THIS FOR A SOLID 20 mins every sentence got better and better thanks for making me laugh chicken texture with a squeaky mouth feel LMAO. Americans have no idea, that everything American on the stock market is now majority owned by all the same Global institutional finance entities, all bought up & controlled by finance. I am off frozen chicken. I have been having an issue on and off with the texture of my chicken. Texture is an emerging challenge within the poultry industry. We talked to the owner and he said he hadn't changed vendors for many years. Nobody seems to notice that this is happening EVERYWHERE . It is just in boneless breasts that we have had the issue I called the grocery store manager and he said he has had more than a few complaints on in past and the complaints are restarting again. I know these eggs are fresh, and I also know the neighbors got some new laying hens last spring. I buy my chickens and rotisserie chickens from Whole Foods or the organic ones at Costco. I thought it was the injection or saline or something, but it's actually a deformity of the chicken's muscles called "woody chicken" or "woody breasts". As I began to eat I could feel this Gross rubbery texture. . This has happened to my more than once- I thought at first I had overcooked, or even cut it the wrong way (with the grain vs. against). I'm in the UK and have come across this problem about four times now in the last four or five months. Exact description too. Ive replied to this question before, but as I get emails with every new response, Im starting to see there are two problems people are finding. My husband even e perform ex this with a McDonalds grilled chicken sandwich. (yes, the ones that are pictured in this article. I recently bought a regular ABF rotisserie chicken from a local health food grocery and it was stringy and had that raw texture. Also, if I cut the meat at all, I can often guess that I am going to have this issue before I even cook the meat. Fortunately, I think, I am on Cipro for another unrelated condition and perhaps it would ward it off. The dishonesty is systemic. Instead of wrapping it up I decided to eat it by dipping it in the salad dressing. Its gross. Thank you for sharing this. These muscular issues are a result of selective breeding for really fast growth and high breast meat yielding chickens (which make up 98% of chicken breeds today raised by companies), and actually is not a result from hormones (as it's actually illegal to administer hormones to chickens and pigs in the US). Sorry not Bell & Howell (lol) its Bell & Evans chickens. The texture of chicken gizzard is similar to that of liver, and it can be chewy. Remove the pork chops from the marinade and grill for 15-25 minutes, turning once or twice. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Raw and cooked chicken breast meat with the severe woody breast condition as seen in a study from the U.S. National Poultry Research Center. You Ate or Drank Something Too Hot. But maybe something pumped into the chicken to plump it up or something injected into it during raising to harvest quicker. It's been many years since I had a kosher bird (at relatives' homes.) Lets wake up (all of us), its not about political differences, human rights, racial matters or even climate change! Bro this just happened to me. Or is it a sad byproduct of factory farmed chicken breasts? Yes! You are feeding genetically altered food. I was in the dark since the sun was in my eyes directly setting and the light was not good on my table. Its gross. "Weve only been dealing with woody breasts for about eight years," says Dr. Casey Owens, Professor of Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas. Same weird texture (like chewing a piece of rubber) and uncooked appearance (my poor husband - my bad, I was blaming the chef). Manager asked me to call right away if it happens again, so they can trace the provider. I think that is the issue we are all experiencing. Have you ever read any of the science journal articles on genetically altered chickens? It was so odd: as the pieces cooked, they shrank up, and then exuded a viscous liquid that bubbled. Same thing happened to our family tonight. I eat it but it is very concerning. My daughter then said mom sorry to say this but your chicken has been like this for a while! I guess I will have to start buying organic chicken breast. Eating grisly chicken is just gross. I continued to "try" the pieces but the entire right half was like a chewy rubber, almost raw chewy texture, like a rubber cube. One had already told me about a term called "woody breast". When chicken breasts are overdone, the texture becomes rubbery. What a world we our creating for ourselves! That's when I found this thread. I am so frustrated with the cost of food vs the current quality. that was worse. Please see the following link. Thought I was going to give us food poisoning, This is really concerning I'm in Colorado usa and I've bought chicken breasts from both walmart and safeway and cooked them to 165 internal temp (most times I go above it to make sure) either in the oven or on the grill and every pack I've bought for the past few weeks have had at least one breast that has that raw like texture. He also suggested spatchcocking and and cooking at 325 for an hour (I have been cooking at 425-450). I will follow up on this but it is still happening and it is disgusting. Chicken that doesn't brown?? I'm in Australia. As far as im aware its difficult to tell its woody until you've cooked and attempted to eat it unless its an extreme caee. It's always the same. And yes, "koshering" is indeed far more involved than just that. It was something I was running into at home. I have had better success using 'Just Bare' brand chicken breasts or just resort to cooking more whole chickens. Why does my chicken have a weird texture? I now only buy chicken tenders and have had no problem. So relieved to know I'm not going mad. I'll be the first to call the USDA today thanks everyone get on your phones. Consider trying to tenderize them by using a marinade or brine with yogurt or buttermilk which has enzymes that make the meat less tough. Not always, but occasionally when grilling boneless-skinless breast of chicken the texture comes out crunchy. While researchers and geneticists attempt to find the exact cause and cure here's what you need to know. Learn something new everyday. Most of the shampoo and perfumes and petroleum jelly prefix petroleum yes that goes in your skin it's systemic. Going to make sure I know of the source, they are small, and make sure they have not been injected/brined, thanks everyone. We had this issue with Heritage Farms at Kroger, but since buying the organic at Costco we are just fine. If you're aware of what to look for, it's pretty easy to avoid purchasing chicken like this. I am feeling much better about myself, not so much for our food situation. Overcooked chicken can have a rubbery texture because when the protein fibers are exposed to the heat for too long, they lose . Even the feathers doesn't look the same either. I too have noticed this over the last year. Not very "liquid". This thread was helpful, until it wasnt. Oops, read all 161 comments and hope find a bit of information about todays Nancy chicken. I have noticed it in both the individual wrapped pieces that come in the zip bags and the plastic trays. Like the growth hormones in 1990s milk, and 6ft plus kids everywhere. It was NOT raw but felt raw. Chicken is the only meat I eat, but do no longer because of this same inconsistent and tasteless result of chicken production. Because anything with enzymes will breakdown fiber, even in genetically edited Frankenstein chickens. . Negative. I switched to organic and don't have this issue anymore. I've had the bad texture ones from Costco - the fresh organic, pack of 3. I bought chicken from giant and this is the second or third time this has happened from giant brand chicken. The act of biting into the meat is extremely smooth, and the breast comes off in the portion your mouth covers (there's no tear-away). The big breasted chickens are gene edited, and all the meat we eat that is outrageously hyper-muscled (seemingly over night a decade ago) is filled dense lesions. I will butcher this but it is an answer. After I finished the salad there was a smaller piece of the chicken left in the bowl. If you are cooking free-range chicken, the meat will be a little tougher/chewier. I experienced the strange texture for the first time with Purdue boneless, skinless chicken breasts tonight. IM SICK OF STRINGY WATERED CHICKEN!!!! :(. Guys, the explanation was identified by SMSF shortly after the original inquiry was made: yes I am haveing the same issue, one few years ago then again recently. I bought a bag of Chicken wing parts and it doesn't look like Chicken parts!!! Last night (20 Oct 2021), is my first time ever with this weird texture. 10K views, 144 likes, 65 loves, 404 comments, 91 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Recteq: With Chef John on vacation, we had Jody step in for a special edition of Back Yard & Beyond, & boy did he. I found this thread tonight after making a sheet pan dinner with green beans baby potatoes and chicken drumsticks. I bought my first pkg of Red Bird chicken, boneless breasts. . The chicken felt the same as the last chicken I bought which was probably 2 weeks ago. so unappetizing. The texture was very slimy, somewhat rubbery and tough. If I dont think about it, Yes, I have this thread actually set to push notifications also..overcrowding. On my last cook I brined my chicken and tried a combo of a little salt and some soy sauce which may have caused it to over brine/strange texture. Hope they sort it out soon and if not I think Ill consider going vegetarian. Really, why does chicken taste like this now? This usually accompanies a nasty taste like how stagnant dish pan water smells. Absolutely horrible here in AZ. Agree with Susie S. It does appear to be two separate issues. OK here goes, It was explained to me like this from a respected butcher. It's determined by the "factory chicken" to be a genetic issue caused by the process of overbreeding, called "Woody Breast Syndrome", I don't see a way to edit my last comment. Im living in Japan and came to food52 searching for some answers as well. Im in Minnesota and recently just started cooking chicken (baking it) and I go above and beyond to make sure it turns out great. Cooked chicken that has gone bad will usually be slimy, sticky, and overly soft. There are fiberous lines running through the breast and it was tough to cut. at first the thin cut breasts were better but have even had a couple of those with the weird texture. .wrote them several letters and they just sent me coupons . It grossed me out so much- Ive almost stopped eating chicken altogether. i always buy organic boneless/skinless from a local co-op so i dont think its only a mass-production problem. I think it may be a kin to a type of tumoring - only to add to the disgusting. Texture: Undercooked chicken is jiggly and dense. I again mentioned what the waitress said when the waitress came out she said she meant that the next FRIED chicken this time would be cooked through. It happens quite a bit with their sandwiches to the point we stopped getting them. Im not too sure what this means as Im new to Canada from New Zealand but assumed it was a variation of ethically raised. They said theirs was fine but I don't know if they were just being polite :(. Aside from Perdue and Trader Joe's, has anyone been able to identify other bad sources? I took it out briefly to check it every 20 mins or so in utter disbelief, but it was like there was so much water in the fibres of the meat that it couldn't dry up and finish cooking. Very odd. And is there any way to counteract the rubberiness? to add to my first comment, this is not the first time I have noticed this problem with chicken breasts. The cheep variety is nice and smooth but then you do not know what they feed them. As the chicken I ordered from two different restaurants was cooked but the texture was similar to raw chicken when biting into; I used the word crunchy to describe it. It happens probably 1 out of every 10 breast I cook, no matter how I cook it. Filthy, diseased animals just piled on top of each other in a filthy environment. Drums are darker and need a bit more time. But all could be culprits. We get our chicken from Gelson's, an upscale market here in the Los Angeles area. so I spit it out in sink and moved to the thicker pieces. Hope they do better with a COVID vaccine (Ill just wait to see on that one, like everything else in the last 35 years.) I know I asked too much but I dread the waiting incubation time for salmonella. Our Government is supposed to look out for and protect all of us! Especially considering, this is what deregulation, corrupting institutional government and fighting to the death to prevent any new regulations, is really all about here. Thanks for making me laugh, though you are isn't funny anymore. If I cook in crock pot its fine but if I bake it, it gets rubbery! Yech! As all the commenters - I too am super confused and googling why is my chicken breast stiff like a corps??? I threw the whole thing away and my husband thought I was crazy. I served it to some friends for dinner and I was horrified and it really ruined the meal for me; I hope not them too. Raw chicken shouldn't be slimy, sticky, or tacky and should be glossy and somewhat soft. "It was unavoidable." Tough dark meat usually is indicative of old bird or a tad under cooked. I do better with Bell and Evans. We decided NOT to eat the chicken so I threw away 2 breasts, a little over a pound that I paid $12.00 for. [not directed at this post] should start at the beginning of the thread, or at least skim it. And you better think again if you think organic is really any better. Im now part of this club, unfortunately. Here is an article that covers this topic:, The microbiologists absolutely know that this is a gene editing defect, (just a matter of time before a scientist no longer caring about a career on the edge of death, fearful there could be a hell, spills the beans on this fact.) That's it for me! If you know of a better brand please share. I am so turned off by all meat and poultry that I am reduced to pasta and fish. Tonight I cooked them and they looked wonderful. He sent me my money back and a bunch of coupons which I gave away. When you bite into it its crunchy. I toss them. last straw was ordering in from a local restaurant with critically-acclaimed roast chicken last weeksame issue on a bone-in breast! Had it happen twice before with months separating them and thought perhaps it was how we froze or thawed them. . The only option I see is to grind them/ chop them in food processor and try them as patties or chicken meatballs with other ingredients. I use it along with an OXO instant read thermometer to make sure the chicken is done. In a rush for poultry producers to get more money per pound they started growing bigger chickens up to 6lb plus. What a turn off, I almost can't eat the chicken although the flavor doesn't seem to be affected, this texture is awful. They reimbursed me and sent me a ton of coupons which I just gave away after investigating more on the other issue; the woody breast disease which is brought on by genetic changes in overbred animals. Im sticking to tenderloins for the time being. I had a chicken sandwich from Wendy's today and the middle was squishy. I just wonder if these chicken related issues have anything to do with "live agriculture slaughter" which is boiling chickens ALIVE! It is troublingits kind or rubbery and 'squeaky' when you start to chew. I have been having an issue on and off with the texture of my chicken. The moment of panic was real biting into the sandwich I purchased, but upon further inspection it was fully cooked. "Broiler breeds have a long history of genetic modifications to improve their productivity," Amber Rogers, an environmental scientist and the founder of My Chicken Guide, told TODAY. Yeah. Woody breasts are more common in older and bigger birds. Its a problem of slipping in gene edited chickens (And other now tough hyper muscled animals) into the food chain. Got a response from @roguecookers that helped. Overcooking might play a role in your chicken's tire-like texture. Why is my chicken a weird texture? I did this for about a month or so and no matter how I cooked them they were not crunchy or woody. Hope American families wise up, its not like we have French oversight checking farmers animals & crops constantly, because they dont want our unhealthy GMOd crap we factually are trying to slip into their country.

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