"I definitely wasn't drunk or even tipsy, I was just tired because I knew that my solo call time was like 3:30 in the morning. Mclean was promoted as the bad boy of the group. "Especially in Spain and America, there'd be like 10,000 to 15,000 fans outside the hotel, singing our songs all night, through the night. There was no fist fight after this round. . It lead to several complications over his life, including an open heart surgery in 1998. It started when one of the Backstreet Boys, Brian Littrell, couldn't understand why he was seeing so little income from their nonstop touring and European record sales; Littrell hired attorneys who calculated that, while Pearlman had taken in several million dollars in revenue since 1993, the five singers had received barely $300,000, about $12,000 per member each year. Which he is doing with relish new Beemer, new house. He was expected to join in later on. I spend a lot time with my career. Mcleans substance problems have been well documented, but he was also addicted to a habit that affects many in the general population. Zomba would instead play dirty and ignore the album Black & Blue, seeking to coerce Nick Carter to produce solo material. Ka-ching. 2023 Rolling Stone, LLC. Don't miss a beat. The diagnosis forced the band to cancel their promotional appearances over the next few days. So as we talk about faith and as we talk about our journey in life being a heart patient, and being a man of faith and the church; it has always been my stronghold in life. Richardson mentioned big life events were enjoyed over at the house too. A.J. Ocean Fishing Hits Different After Dredge, Titanfall 3 Isn't Coming So Please Stop Talking About It. Kawasaki Disease is hard to diagnose as it often presents in different ways. The final drumbeat and the lights go out, we've already left the venue. "I was born with what they call a VSD, which is a ventricular septal defect," Littrell explained. "He received an IVIG, which is a treatment to bring down the inflammation in his coronary arteries," Litrell said. Leif Garrett-esque nightmare, that was the least of Littrells worries last May, when he had open-heart surgery to correct a heart defect he had had since birth. He had every freaking toy you could imagine," McLean said. Exactly what struggles he faced were once cast in obscurity, but not for long. Now with the very public passing of one of their comrades, the sad reality of life hit them hard. We drove a couple hundred miles with them hiding there! This is in the form of his fathers loss to the battle with cancer. People want to hear live music, they want to hear live drums, they want to hear live bass and guitar . "Obviously, most of us all were all really young. [16], In 1997, Littrell was instrumental in bringing a lawsuit against the group's creator Lou Pearlman, claiming Pearlman had concealed information regarding the group's earnings. The brothers already have had their fair share of personal struggles, and to add to this misery was the sudden demise of their sister Leslie, who passed away at the very young age of 25 due to the shared family trait of substance intake. "That on top of the fact that NSYNC learned from our mistakes, in a sense that when they were working for Lou," McLean explained. That was a major concern of ours. Littrell says that if he could tell his younger self some advice, it would be to protect his skin and wear sunscreen. I believe there are no mistakes in this world. He even has the least lead vocals in the bands songs but is widely accepted as the nicest one Backstreet Boy. "Baylee's cardiologist thinks he's going to make a full recovery and be able to do whatever he wants," a family friend said after they were out of the hospital. Kevin called Brian up in his US history class and he asked him to join the, Their new album (Millennium) broke the record for most sales in the He was first diagnosed with strep throat but the tests proved that wasn't the case. Gay men theyve got. In November 1997, doctors found his heart condition had caused his heart to enlarge considerably. They were Frick and Frack, which fans had nicknamed them," McLean said. Pearlman would siphon off money made through his boy-band ventures, leaving very little for the boys themselves, and capitalized on the initial awful deals he coerced them to sign. Kevin lost his father. And you know, Kevin really looked up to Lou like a father figure. Indeed he has, and it all began with a phone call from his cousin Kevin Richardson six years ago. What do you think of music today? At first he was worried that the cocaine would kill him instantly. Parents know their kids better than anyone and in this case, the fact that they wouldn't give up save their son's life. Sometimes, they'd even make it up to their hotel rooms. In the midst of it, Littrell endured open-heart surgery. The musician reveals his son has atypical Kawasaki Disease and was released from the hospital. She has now announced the launch of a new range of THC drinks called Happy Place, which could provide a great alternative to alcohol for many people looking for a natural buzz and a tasty beverage.THC, Backstreet Boy Opens Up About His Son's Rare Illness And The Hardest Part Of Parenting A Sick Kid, Husband Controls Her Appearance, But When He Dies, Widow Totally Transforms, Tear off a Piece of Cheesy White Pizza Monkey Bread, With This Simple Recipe You Can Make in Minutes, They Sang The Best Duet In "The Voice" History, Stephen Hawking Dies At 76, Leaving A Final Warning For Humanity, RHOCs Tamra Judge Launches Her Own Brand of THC Beverages. In order to improve his condition, he regularly seeks medical attention. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. It was almost like being in a fraternity. Still, he underwent open-heart surgery on May 8, 1998 (which would be referenced by his scenes in the band's music video for "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely"). HuffPost spoke to both McLean and Kevin Richardson, the oldest member of the band -- who joined after working as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Aladdin at Disney World -- both of whom explained some key moments from the Backstreet Boys past. All seemed to be well between the siblings until recent times. If we had any time off they'd be like, 'All right, we're leaving the hotel, we'll find a gym and play basketball,' and that's what they did. Littrell was born with a heart defect that brought him several times into the hospital with life-threatening conditions - for two months alone when he was 5 years of age because of a bacterial infection. "Nick idolized Brian in the group. You got to put that time and effort in. | Music, By Tanya | Nobody got really injured or anything, but I think maybe they scuffed up their faces a little bit. "Lou was not 1/6th of them like he was with us. 1998 was our most successful year, says Richardson. Long touted as possessing the most angelic of voices within the group, Littrells recent performances reflect a certain crack when hitting the high notes. "It was really hard at first," he admitted. What wasn't exactly known at the time was that McLean was starting to experiment with drug use during the band's height, even being visibly high on cocaine during "The Call" music video, perhaps explaining the sunglasses at night look. [8] Growing up in a religious Baptist family, he sang his first solo in Porter Memorial Baptist Church at age 7, and was voted President of the Youth Chorus by his peers one year. A.J. Last May, the group filed a lawsuit against its former manager, Lou Pearlman, and others in his company. It was around this time that he had an epiphany about what is important in his life. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. [29] During both the DNA Tour in Cincinnati, Ohio[30] and the band's Las Vegas kick off on April 8,[31] Littrell volunteered to sing his cousin's part of "Show Me the Meaning Of Being Lonely"[32] when Kevin became emotional twice over the loss of his mother,[33] who had died in January 2022.[34]. Here we have five young boys who had no clue just how huge their fame would get when they formed a band called the Backstreet Boys way back in 1993. "[49] Littrell, who has been born again since the age of 8,[50] has said that he attributes his success in life to God, and that his faith has always been "the utmost important thing" in his life. Baylee will be closely monitored for the next 6-8 weeks by a Pediatric Cardiologist to see if the treatment was effective, Littrell writes. One of these big life events was watching porn, where Howie Dorough saw a girl kissing a girl for the first time. Eventually, though, it became too notorious to be ignored and band member Kevin Richardson even admitted the song made no sense. Brian Thomas Littrell (born February 20, 1975) is an American singer, songwriter, and actor, best known as a member of the Backstreet Boys. [42][43][44], Littrell was born with a congenital heart condition, making him susceptible to infections. To be a star and not have my health? Saim also covers entertainment articles for Fansided. They try to bribe us with money to get backstage, says Q, the Boys longtime bodyguard and possibly the most beleaguered security man on earth. "Well, a knock was at my door and I thought it was our wardrobe person so, I have a towel wrapped around me and I got my clothes in a bag, so I open the door to hand them the bag, and it was like five fans," Richardson said. Brian suffered from a hole in his heart since he was born and had been rushed to the hospital numerous times as a toddler. I was just a chatterbox and I confided in my makeup artist, 'Dude, I'm on fucking coke right now. Brian eventually started a foundation that assists children with similar defects. Even back in the nineties, the group catered mainly to the female demographic. The cracks in their relationship became apparent earlier on when the group first started tasting worldwide success. It's the best number of the show, I love it.". When we were first starting out, when we were really young they bonded. You might have been an avid fan of the group while growing up -- learning their songs during piano class and having the Burger King action figures of the band from when they did a Marvel comic, for instance -- but probably haven't given too too much thought to the Backstreet Boys since. However, as is the case with all famous singers, these boys have also suffered problems. With her husband's heart condition in mind, she requested the echocardiogram.

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