The similarity between the Kicker CS vs. DS vs. KS speaker series is that all have coaxial speakers, and they mostly share similar speaker sizes. Kicker vs Jbl speaker, which is better? Kicker CS vs. DS vs. KS Which One Should I Buy? Next, remove the top half of the case. Speaking of modern-built car audio with state-of-the-art technology, one of the top two leading brands when quality is to be considered are Kicker and JBL. . Box score, stats, odds, highlights, play-by-play, social & more Manage Preferences - However, does this name live up to its potential when applied to the CS and DS Series? This allows you to connect wirelessly without using an additional device like a phone or tablet you connect directly to the speaker and start playing music! Replaced Kicker KS with CS speakers. Also cost about half as much as the KS. Nothing beats listening to speakers in your space. Check out our Kicker KS 6.5 review to get a thorough idea. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon(.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. I was replacing the basic stock speakers (non alpine) in my 2010 Ram Sport and I have to say WOW!!! Yes, all _UTF8 collations use code page 65001 as that is the code page for UTF-8. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ive included the answer here. this is a good tweet (@KennethArthuRS) January 10, 2016. Posted March 31, 2009. The Kicker CS series is more powerful and while following the same manufacturer, it gives you more oomph for your buck. Be careful not to lose the rubber gasket that sits between the top and bottom halves of the case. Hey guys, Ive got an 07 honda accord and ive been wanting some nice speakers. Copyright and Trademark Notice. 5.0. Stereo Receiver vs. Currently, our best five JBL car speakers are the GTO609C premium 6.5 component system, GTO629 premium 6.5 Co-Axial, CLUB6520 6.5 300W Club Series 2-Way Coaxial, GT-BassPro12 and GX963 3-Way. Finally, icing the kicker works. Instead of foam, you have butyl rubber. So I decided to take a chance on kicker for a stock replacement. Choosing between kicker CS vs DS vs KS car speakers is simply a case of quality sound, easy mounting, and affordability. Advertising - Then, Ill continue with a KS series review and how it compares to the former two. Kicker has been in the business of high-end manufacturing speakers for use in home theaters and automobiles for almost four decades since it has been active in the market for speakers. Best Lift Kit for Jeep XJ & TJ: For Every Budget, Best Shocks for Chevy Avalanche & Colorado: What Works, Best Shocks For Suburban 1500: Stock & Lifted Picks, Best Carb for Yamaha Banshee: Stock & Modded Setups. The Seahawks want explosive offensive linemen. Both Kicker and JBL speaker series are affordable as they come in budget friendly prices that compete favorably with their peers with same quality and in eye-catching designs. Some common car speaker sizes include 3.5 inches, 68 inches, 5.25 inches, 4 inches, 46 inches, 6.75 inches, and 69 inches. Pretty good considering your getting the amp and they are plug and play, The following errors occurred with your submission, Ford F150 Forum - Community of Ford Truck Fans. #1. They are designed to give you accurate non-stopping sound effects. dangercdv 3 yr. ago. . Add the KST200 or KST250 Component Tweeters to your existing coaxial or midrange speaker system. It carries a carbon-injected Plus-One cones which are larger than others in size and move more air to produce more bass. one cvx in the correct enclosure will have similiar potential to a pair of cvrs, off the same power. Not necessarily. For instance, if your priority is a car speaker that can handle punchy and deep lows that will crank your speakers, then the KS should be your number one priority. As I pointed out before, the latter two are made of polyester foam. Equipped with the brand's best-in-class CompR subwoofer, Kicker CompR Loaded Enclosures give you the option of choosing between a 12"W single setup, and a 10"W or 12"W dual - for up to 1600W! I did not receive a antenna. I'm also new to kicker speakers so if anyone can be wrong it's me. Pretty much your average guy who's into automotive (suspension, carbs, Yamaha!) In terms of pure sound, in comparable sizes, the KS is actually slightly less powerful. Impact Tested @ -46 Deg C. CS - CS, Used for design temp applications i.e Impact Tested @ -29 Deg. [In-depth Guide], High-Level Input vs Low-Level Input (RCA) Differences Explained, Vizio TruVolume- The Solution to Volume Problems, How to Set Subsonic Filter for the Best Bass Performance, Car Amp Mounting Ideas (Easy Installation Tips), Pioneer AVH 270BT Wiring Diagram and Installation Tips, Hybrid ANC: The Perfect Blend of Feedforward and Feedback, Perfect option if you have no plans to add an amplifier, Muddy sounds at extreme volumes. In case your budget allows it, the KS speaker series will just turn your car into a better stereo environment. Its punchy car speakers are loaded with average superior audio quality with superior low-end accuracy. The prices vary depending on what each car speaker offers to you. Looking to replace my stock Bose speakers in my 350z. It is used in almost all Indian newspapers to enlarge or amplify the main news point. For more information, please see our . I was concerned when I got them because the tweeter was pei and the ks lineup was silk which I like. The 6 CS series caps at 300 watts, while the 6 KS limits itself at 250 watts. CM. Hi, LTCS - Low temperature CS, used for Low Temparture applications i.e. There are also dedicated passive crossovers that comes with all Kicker component sets which are also built to provide optimum frequency separation between the tweeter and mid-range speakers for a more refined tune and audible sound. But when you dive deeper, youll see which of these. The lineup introduces a 410 speaker size, as well as the very popular 2.75 model which is extra compact and packs a surprising sonic punch. Pioneer's A-Series provides an easy upgrade for high performance. It is typeset in a point size that is smaller than the main . Rockford Fosgate has three levels of marine speakers with M0, M1, and M2. Continue with Recommended Cookies. The Kicker Comp R series subwoofers range between 300-800 watts depending on the size. 11 Christian Sad Songs That Will Make You Cry, JBL Xtreme 2 vs Xtreme 3: A Full Comparison, Ideal alternative if you dont intend to add an amplifier. If youre looking for a custom-tailored car audio setup, youll have an easier time with the CS speaker. And I'd love to know what you think after you swap them.These are mine. Pioneer A series is comparable to Kicker CS; Pioneer G series is comparable to Kicker DS (budget speakers, I don't recommend) Pioneer D series is comparable to Kicker KS; There's one interesting thing, though. Another similarity between these speakers is that they produce excellent sound quality at the baseline. Kicker KS series are coaxial meaning they have the tweeter built in to the speaker.The CS series are component they have the mid-speaker and the tweeter separated with use of a filter. They can reproduce sound at different EQ levels and are better built. Heads, Subs, EQs, etc Bring it into our show room. You have the option to independently adjust the volume level of each speaker pair if necessary. Im pretty much partial to the KS lineup, as durability over time is a big deal to me. Ive been debating between the kicker ks series and the kicker cs series. They also just do the speakers with the amp. The patented UniPivot tweeter allows for perfect sound even when the speakers are mounted down low in the doors. Kicker offers two levels of speakers with their standard KM speaker line and the KM604, economy speakers. The Kicker CS is a compact car that is great for those who do not need a lot of space, but it also has some impressive features. to Materials & Welding. The KS 6 x 9 speakers for example peak at 300W, while the CS model goes up to 450W. Simply put, JBL prioritizes portability without sacrificing quality. Another set of four-ohm speakers, the Kicker KS series starts off with two neat improvements when comparing similar speaker sizes: One of the more important differences between Kicker KS and both the CS and DS series is the foam surround manufacture. In addition, kickers do kickoffs to start the game. Pro Comp vs Rough Country: Is Entry Level Enough? UP TO 40% OFF. This ensures durability and quality. The 6 " CS series caps at 300 watts, while the 6 " KS limits itself at 250 watts. Its UniPivot design allows you to swivel the tweeters aiming the sound directly to your ears to give more detailed sound stage. Expert Tip: Each CS speaker has two sets of passive crossovers built into it, allowing it to efficiently handle all frequencies, including those produced by powerful bass notes and low-frequency rumbles from your engine bay. I recently pur a gps from your company. For analog (non-digital) cables, one is marked for the left channel and one . By logging into your account, you agree to our. Kicker vs Skar AudioWhich Brand is Best For Car Audio? Stereo sound is similar but adds a 2nd signal conductor wire. It includes both plastic anchors and metal spikes to ensure that it will hold tight no matter what surface you choose to mount it on. Both Kicker and Rockford Fosgate are best known for their subwoofers and amplifiers, but both companies make some of the best marine speakers available as well. Even more so if you live in areas where it goes from hot to cold depending on the time of the day or if its so humid youll be worried about the foam in your car speakers. JBL series are low-impedance, three-ohm speakers that compensate for the undersized wires found in many of todays cars and make the most of every watt your car stereo can deliver. The other difference between the Kicker CS and DS series of speakers has to do with customizability: The DS series comes only in coaxial options such as the DS 6.5 pair of coaxials. Kindly share your concerns in the comment section. Cookie Policy - Beginners love Kicker DS because it is simple to work with. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Taking a decision on which to choose between Kicker and JBL car speakers may prove daunting and excruciating. Bought some CS speakers and like them even more. Im also installing a kicker key which will add some good volume to either pair. The DS also has more horsepower (300) than its brother (280) does. In terms of pure sound, in comparable sizes, the KS is actually slightly less powerful. what is the difference between kicker cs and ksbow leg correction surgery cost in nigeria what is the difference between kicker cs and ks Gearing up to install a full Kicker Key 200.4/500.1 Setup in my 2021 F-150. A stamped-steel framework supports a rigid polypropylene cone and zero-protrusion tweeters for excellent audio quality- without interfering with factory grilles. Should I get the Kicker KS series or the CS series? I have some CS 6.5 on my kids wagon. Its premium quality woofers ensure you get crisp and deep lows, giving you a memorable experience listening to your favorite tunes. Extreme volume muddy sounds. Punter. 789 reviews. & outdoors-related stuff. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. - Kansas City is 0% more densely populated than Kansas City. . The 6dB in-line crossover delivers control and accuracy, while three mounting choices let you create the perfect look in your ride. BTW the CS tweeter material is titanium, that's why they are on the bright side. KS speakers have tweeter equipped with the body. In addition, because it is longer and taller than its brother is, you will find more storage areas inside this car, great for extended trips or short weekend . Perfect for mid-range applications. So which one should you choose? So far, only the Kicker is what I want (50/150). Seems like CS can handle about 40 more watts RMS and 60 watts higher peak. Kicker is also used (purists say erroneously) as a substitute term for a deckthe one or two-sentence introduction that appears beneath the headline and before the article. Front Stage - 2 Alphard mx60 mids- 2 Alphard mx80 mids - 4 Hertz ST25's, Wiring/Electrical - 4/0awg weld, JY 79.8Ah lithium, 290&370 hair JS Alternator,,, Kicker 40CS674 6-3/4" 2-way car speakers at The Kicker brand is synonymous with quality, dependability, and power in the audio industry. Manage Settings The Kicker is a brand synonymous with quality, reliability, and power. You can consider KS for richer sound quality, but CS is better for loudness. There are also two sets of passive crossovers built into each CS speaker, which means that theyll be able to handle all types of frequencies with easeeven those produced by loud bass notes or low-frequency rumblings from your engine bay! If you are new to the hobby, you can subscribe, post and view our wiki for basic starting information. As a suggestions, small sound-absorbing separators between the booths would make a real difference and be very economical too. Hands down, the KS series provides the best sound performance and options among the three Kicker lines. Cookie Notice The Kicker is going to push 600 watts at 2 ohms. Eclipse CD5000. The difference lies within, though. Each pair of speakers has its independent volume control, so you can adjust them independently from one another if necessary. The box had been open. For the CompR, the 8 inch handles 300 watts RMS, the 10-inch handles 400 watts RMS, the 12-inch . The difference lies within, though. Because it is crafted with a specific variety of clay, Kicker DS has a silky smooth consistency, and its straightforward design makes it simple to operate. All three speakers are unique, with differing features. When you buy through links on the site, we may earn a commission. By the way, if you're a light truck owner, then your sub needs to be at least 6" in size. But anyways, I'm shooting for a 50-60 RMS 4" speaker, but most seem to like to be within the 30/40RMS range, and have the peak power low too. Dined on 21 December 2022 . Just different speakers for different budgets. You can also buy, sell, or trade your car audio gear with other forum members in our popular classifieds. atriotic. You can also choose from three tweeters, including one with a tweeter horn that offers crisp highs and deep bass tones. They are both durable speakers. Two of the differences between these speaker series deal with pure power in their standard sizes. Thanks to the crossover network, which consists of two voice coils with a 4-ohm resistance, four of these speakers can be operated in parallel. The CS series provides impressive performance when powered with lower wattage. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hi! As I mentioned, the difference in price is negligible. In addition, Kicker car speakers are made of polypropylene while the tweeters inside are made of silk with the power handling rating reading up to 300+watts. C. KCS - Killed steel is completely deoxidized steel. For instance, if your priority is a car speaker that can handle punchy and deep lows that will crank your speakers, then the KS should be your number one priority. Polypropylene cones and ribbed, UV-treated surrounds work together for excellent reliability and precise acoustic control. However, if you want a speaker that can handle power coming out of your amplifier, then have a plan to purchase a Kicker KS series. what is the difference between kicker cs and ks. A good kicker delivers active electronic crossover device that works on a signal level of an audio system. A ground conductor wire. The peak power is up to 10 watts per channel, so you wont have to worry about losing your music as soon as you turn on the engine. Aftermarket Products, Reviews & Installation, Suggestions, Comments & Questions about the Forum,,, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Ok thank you. I would automatically go with the ks since their newer, but ive heard some back and forth between which actually sounds better. Think of it as a vastly enhanced rubber, with a shelf life of 5-10 years in most setups. Learn how to solve it, Can handle high volumes without distortion or breaking down, Bass-heavy sound, perfect for rock and other heavy genres. Some Kicker's latest quality car speakers in town include Coaxial DS65 6.5", Coaxial 43DSC69304 D series and 2-Way DS60 6.5" Coaxial speakers while the latest range of JBL quality car speakers are the GTO609C premium 6.5" component system, GTO629 premium 6.5" Co-Axial, CLUB6520 6.5 300W Club Series 2-Way Coaxial, GT-BassPro12 and . Had polk db and were nice and clean but really lacked midbass and volume. First, let us examine the features that each series of car speakers has to offer. Additionally, check my Kenwood vs JVC comparison if youre looking for a car head unit. If you have a comment or question, drop it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you. Matmo215 Well-Known Member. Additionally, because it prevents your hands from becoming dirty, it makes the process of cleaning up your project much more straightforward when it is finished. CS Series 6-1/2" 2-way car speakers In stock. That's all personal taste but the kicker was that the service deteriorated over the course of our meal and the . IMO the component are the way to go the frequency response is better and they can handle more peak power. Lets dispel the stereo woes away. Camarda was one of the NFL's best punters as a rookie last year 72.5 PFF grade, which ranked 9th and will come into camp completely uncontested. huge difference in highs. Thanks! As far as manufacturing materials go, both have their woofers made of polypropylene. Learn more. Both are coming in to deliver ultra and pristine audio quality. It is well-designed and comes with all the bells and whistles you could want from a luxury vehicle. What's the item number I'm looking into doing an upgrade on my sound because my truck doesn't even have sony sound the only disappointment of my truck I wanna get more bass out of it and was looking into kicker, Was looking into plug and play just a speaker upgrade for now, The cs is kickers entry level speakers compared to the KS which is their next stage up I believe. The CS-Series two- and three-way coaxial speakers are a significant upgrade in your sound. I have an Atoto A6 Pro headunit that has RMS output of 4*49 watts. create a theatre-like quality sound whenever you desire. Kicker CS vs DS: Three important differences, Kicker KS: How it improves over both CS and DS series. Joined: Sep 15, 2016 Member: . We have analyzed some notable qualities of two of the best brands of car speakers in town for now. double up on cvxs, double up on power, and go boom like so. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Which Kicker speaker series is any good in your experience? Had some issues with one of the speakers and couldn't find any KS in my area. If you want to upgrade later on you might want to go with the JBL. I think the DS might be a better option. Kickers woofer is made of polypropylene while the tweeters in the Kicker KS are made of silk with the power handling rating reading up to 300+watts. This change in foam surround ensures the KS series lasts way longer. Scan this QR code to download the app now. What Kicker speaker is best? PlayTheTunes is the worlds leading music & instrument source. I hope this post was helpful for you to learn more about the speakers you had in your mind. Put in Kicker KS speakers all around. The speakers durable components will please you. Both the CS and DS car audio speakers start off at 3.5 and then go all the way to the huge 6 x 9 3-way audio setups. Jan 2, 2015. Now my weak point isn't the radio but the speakers. You are using an out of date browser. destin_meeks, Aug 5, 2019 #10. Log in. 3.5, 5.25, 46, 6.75, 4, 6.5, 68 and 69 (3-way), 3.5, 5.25, 46, 6.75, 4, 6.5, 68, 69 (3-way), 410, 2.75 and 69. Our Virginia-based experts can help you find the best gear. Kenwood Kfc-P709Ps 6.5-Inch Performance Series Component Speaker System. Answered by Edmoney 5 years ago. They are also fairly priced, with both speakers fairing almost the same in the market. Back in the day, they had the Kicker ds series and had problems with distortion from their mids and highs. IMO the component are the way to go the . Hoping to get some advice to properly configure the settings and dip switches on the amp prior to install and tuning the system. Text copyright Not mine they are pei and the ks is silk must be a different model than yours. Out of the three, Ds stands out as the cheapest and most affordable speaker line, while the KS needs you to invest heavily. Get a seamless transition between midrange and tweeter drivers, thanks to the smooth sound concept. Although Kicker car speakers have a wider frequency band and seem to have the crisper sound over a broader range of music, JBL car speakers seem to beat the bass from Kicker car speakers by having a larger surface area on their cones. Placekickers also called kickers, need more accuracy than punters for scoring points when kicking field goals. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()), Stillwater Designs. Fortunately, Kicker CS. Kenny's wit punctuated the immediate celebrations. It can be challenging to tell the difference between two different products at a time. Although both Kicker series speakers are excellent, there are many other factors to consider when selecting your next set of speakers. You can even use 65001 in a DOS / Command Window via: chcp 65001 though not all programs and fonts will work seamlessly with it. Best Ways to Prolong the Life of a Speaker. This is especially important if you decide to go and make a complete car audio setup with bigger speakers (meaning a larger financial investment too). Did the Kicker upgrade a few months ago and what a difference! However, this is in no additional cost to you. Bought some CS speakers and like them even more. Use the angled, flush, or new surface-mount tweeter pods . i can let you know after this weekend. Not mine they are pei and the ks is silk must be a different model than yours. Kicker KS series comes in punchy car speakers loaded with average superior audio quality with superb low-end accuracy. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Features rich and clear sound despite its very compact size. They offer accurate sound production and pick even the lowest frequency while working as a full speaker. The KS Series speakers are well known for their high-quality sound and sleek look, making them great additions to any car. CS Component Tweeters feature neodymium magnets and 20mm titanium domes that reveal every musical detail. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. If you are looking for a vehicle with plenty of room and power, then CS is the car for you. Add a video answer . We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you've provided to them or that they've collected from your use of their services. JBL is a brand of car speakers that uses a +1 woofer-cone technology and rugged construction materials plus UniPivot tweeter positioned in the I-Mount system of the tweeters to deliver good music. Ds and CS coaxial speakers from Kicker feature UV-treated foam surround that guarantees longevity of your speakers even in adverse climates. Hope this helps. They are sleek and small, with a simple design that makes them easy to take with you anywhere and they are great for use at home because they have an auxiliary input so they can connect directly to your TV or other devices. Kicker CompR Loaded Enclosures. The Kicker DS Series has a threaded insert for mounting on any surface using screws or bolts. Thus, Kicker CS may suit you if you want more depth and detail! It comes with a dedicated 12dB/octave high-quality crossover components which directs the highs and lows to the appropriate speakers for the best audible sound possible. Although the speakers have differing levels of durability, the years of quality each speaker gives you is worth the term: durable speakers. Highlights. The DS also has more horsepower (300) than its brother (280) does. Another reason for this abstraction is that the .aspx.cs code is run server side, while the .aspx file is compiled on the server and is then served to the web client requesting it. But does this name hold water when it comes to the KS, CS, and DS Series?if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[468,60],'audiocurious_com-box-3','ezslot_13',123,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-audiocurious_com-box-3-0'); This article will discuss three Kicker speakers: Kicker DS Series Speakers, Kicker CS Series Speakers, and Kicker KS Subwoofer. Knowing how good a product is in most cases may not be good enough reason to go for it until critical comparison is made among the bests.

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