This Two layer Baltic Birch spring floor with Power springs has a 12 year warranty. You don't have any recently viewed items. The polyolefin fibers are not stringy and cannot be pulled out by velcro, a problem common to less expensive and lighter weight carpets. > You can purchase Vinyl Floor Skirting - here. Full size carpet bonded foam mats for cheerleading, gymnastics, fitness, and more! We recommend a board that is 3/8in (or 9mm) in thickness because that is the size that fits the hardware we provide. How do you mount the springs to the boards? 12'x42' Elite Flex Spring Kit. The 5ft x 5ft board size is easiest to work with. Most items offered for sale are used and may contain defects not immediately detectable. Price Includes Carpet rolls, available in 7-colors! Why American Gyms Floors are the best on the market today. All orders with more than 1-roll will include the 4 Velcro fasteners to attach the carpet to each other! Each steel frame section is 8 (20cm) high, 6 (1.8M) wide and 4 (1.2M) long. They will be something more than 42' -- usually 2" to 5" over. Items include . The Carpet Privacy Policy. We will be glad to quote the foam, carpet No, you would need to purchase your wood separately. Good condition. Get training tips, newsletter articles, sale alerts and more, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm ET5747 West Isabella Rd. Call 859-881-0018 Prices shown below do not include freight. Glory and Power uses a proprietary thread-locker to secure each spring. Selected items on sale. Palmer-Style Spring Floor Kit, 4254 (Hardware Only), Palmer-Style Spring Floor Kit, 4242 (Hardware Only). NRA Gym Supply is a full-service gymnastics supply company offering sales, service and meet . Each board has 1 linear foot of hook or loop fastener to secure the top boards to the spring boards. Quick View Complete Cheerleading Spring Floor System, 4254-FREE SHIPPING FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! $189.50. These come in a variety of colors -- all at the same price. A: Each pallet comes with a gift, a floor diagram, thank you note and an assembly instructional video. Mancino's wide range of cheerleading mats, cheerleading stunt mats, handspring trainers, and incline mats take your team's spirit to a whole new level. 6'x42' Velcro Baltic Birch Spring Strip. Sizes: Standard Cheer Floor - 42' x 54' Standard Gymnastics floor - 42' x 42' Our Gymnastics Spring Floor can be easily customized to fit any gym's specific footprint! > Need to replace your 4" Velcro? Generally, the gymnastics field has a stronger inclination to the extra (perimeter) springs. $ 105.00 $ 90.85 Sale! Just let us know if you would like pricing on the kit with or without the perimeter option.Attachment hardware cannot be sold separately. Just give us the size you need along with As stated above, when you purchase your rolls, the essential velcro that you need to connect the rolls you buy, are $15 each. Rolling out and rolling up can be easily accomplished by kids due to the foam backing being slit (every 4"). > Need Storage Straps? FIG Approved Competition Rod Floors with a layer of Scrim and Carpet Bonded Foam. On items that can ship quickly and you choose priority shipping, your order would need to be placed by noon (EST) to allow us the best opportunity to ship that day. Save $250.00 on any BYGMR Competition Beam. choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. The bond between the carpet and foam is critical. 20ft x3.3ftx4in Inflatable Air Track Gymnastics . Start in one corner and work toward the opposite corner. They unroll with the foam side down, so there is no flipping of the rolls needed once rolled out. If the boards are in good condition, not cracked or warped, then changing out the springs should work great. Baltic Birch Semi-Assembled Spring Floor, 4254-FREE SHIPPING FOR A LIMITED TIME! Sorry, we have detected unusual traffic from your network. 6'x60' Velcro Baltic Birch Spring Strip. DEMO ELITE Freestanding Uneven Bar Adapter $ 480.00 $ 376.00 Sale! DEMO ELITE Freestanding Leg Package $ 4,285.00 $ 3,547.00 Sale! This is impossible for the manufacturer to accomplish because of the nature of the product. benefits of buying used flooring. They are durable, high carbon steel springs with easy mount retainer caps make for a long-lasting, sturdy floor system. or carpet bonded foam also, if needed. It is a remarkably durable product. Since additional springs and boards are required, it costs somewhat more. Each of these are available in a variety of foam thicknesses, colors and types. Team Sports is the home to complete gymnastics and cheerleading spring floors systems. Any additional of velcro rolls beyond this that you would like are priced at $35 per roll. Available Colors in Carpet Bonded Foam or Flexi-Rolls. A: No, the driver's responsibility is to bring it to the back of the truck, it is your responsibility to unload. There are two main product groups which offer a carpet & foam combination -- Carpet Bonded Foam and Flexi-Rolls. You are using an out of date browser. (We will never divulge your email to a 3rd party). More national champions train on Ross Athletic floors than any other floor in the country! 8:30AM - 5:00PM (EST) October Sale- Spring Floors and Rod Floors November Sale-Inclines and Spotting Blocks December Sale-Landing mats, Spring boards and . However, most think that you need an extra spring along the perimeter. This was being used in ACC Competition up until December of 2019. Promotions, new products and sales. In the picture at the right, you will see how the rolls will arrive at your facility. They are the product of choice for Cheer and Gymnastics. 2 x 4 Powder Coated Steel Spring, Over 1 linear yard of hook fastener per springboard, Over 1 linear yard of loop fastener per top board. One-person setup, No Flipping of Rolls is necessary. Used Please call our office to inquire about what used items we have in stock 888-600-7677 You can also check out our Facebook to keep up with used product posts Or email No products were found matching your selection. The caps have an additional set of grooves that keep the spring from falling out while in use, preventing dead spots in your floor. Tiffin Mats offers a wide variety of quality cheerleading products at the best prices in the business. All Hardware, Plastics Caps, and Velcro are pre-installed! 8'x40 Elite Flex Spring Kit. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery! Glory and Power uses a proprietary thread-locker to secure each spring. We are proud to offer one of the finest products in gym flooring available in the US. $63.99 $ 63. Generally, for gym use, it is 1 3/8" or 2" thick. ***LIMITED TIME ONLY! How about the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders! USA Cheer is officially recognized by the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee! (We will never divulge your email to a 3rd party). Your comment/question *Limit 500 Characters, 1101 South Fresno St. Fort Smith, AR 72901. Q: What do I need to unload/unpack the floor? Order these items with a Glory and Power floor. This foam will not support growth of fungi or mold and does not emit dust or fibre products. Vinyl Floor Skirting is one of the most popular ways to dress up your floor. DEMO EQUIPMENT SALE. Instructions/FAQ Copyright 2023 Team Sports | Gymnastics Equipment. About roll length -- Carpet Bonded Foam (and Flexi-Rolls) regardless of the manufacturer, will not arrive in an exact 42' length. As stated above, when you purchase your rolls, the essential velcro that you need to connect the rolls you buy, are $15 each. Instructions/FAQ Download the 54' x 42' Spring Floor Assembly Instructions here. The two layer system enforces the cantilever at the edge of the floor. To avoid surprises, make sure that velcro is included in your pricing. . Roll ship in an estimated 12-14 weeks from the time of your order. Please contact me if you have one for sale or know someone who does. Get training tips, newsletter articles, sale alerts and more, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm ET5747 West Isabella Rd. Flexi-Rolls The quickest and easiest mat ever made! Free shipping. Mount Pleasant, MI, 48858, All Tumbl Trak Sales Reps are Safe Sport Certified, Copyright 2023 Tumbl Trak | All Rights Reserved, 5747 West Isabella Rd. Spring Floors Gym Flooring Carpet Bonded Foam Flexi-Rolls Spring Floors Floor Springs Gym Flooring Tumbl Trak Find all types of gym sports equipment here. With your city, zip code, the quantity, and which product(s) you think would work the best for you, we can give you definite delivered pricing. Up to $27.00 off. Wear and tear on foam is greatly reduced. The sale includes only the spring floor deck. The ideal thickness is 3/8'' (or 9mm). > The floor comes ready to lay directly into place. Keep yourself and your athletes safe withproducts from Victory Athletic Surfaces. The caps have an additional set of grooves that keep the spring from falling out while in use, preventing dead spots in your floor. Carpet is protected on inside of roll when stored. You will find that American Gymnast hastons of great deals on gymnastics equipment, mats and accessories that have been used in recent competitions. Team Sports Demo Equipment consists of a selection of both Men's and Woman's Competitive Equipment that has been used at a few meets. 99 $99.99 $99.99. Carpeted Foam Benefits Introduced in 1972, this foam provides the fast response required in Cheer, Gymnastics and Martial Arts. One person can set-up or break down a 42 X 42 Dollamur Flexi-Roll floor in just minutes. ReStore carries different types of new and gently used ceramic tile, porcelain tile, natural stone, mosaic tiles, carpet squares, area rugs, laminate, hardwood flooring, and various trim and underlayment. The velcro that keeps it together in a roll is used to join the segments. You will need two layers: One layer has the springs attached to it; the other is the offset layer which ties the floor together as one unit, providing uniformity of rebound. Property of The American Gym, a WinnMedia company, 2022 all rights reserved. Additionally, American Gymnast is also the proud sponsor of Flip Fest Gymnastics Camp, where you will also find special prices on gymnastics mats and equipment that have been used for camp. So, if you were to buy 7 rolls of Carpet Bonded Foam or Flexi-Rolls, you would need 6 rolls of velcro. Florida > Pinellas James Smith Spring Floor Gymnastics FOR SALE: Used 11000.00 Or Best Offer Fresno California > Fresno Katherine Padilla 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bangalore Gymnastics FOR SALE: $00 Eastern Singapore Anushasanyoga MSR Whisperlite Camp Stove Gymnastics FOR SALE: Hollywood Florida > Pasco Adrienne Ball Victory has been a leader in the cheerleading& gymnastics industry for over a decade. Starting at $999.99 Free shipping to the lower 48 States Warranty: 24 Months Tumbl Trak's Air Floor allows gymnasts, cheerleaders, and other tumblers to train harder while minimizing the risk of injury. Each board has 1 linear foot of hook or loop fastener to secure the top boards to the spring boards. Warranty covers carpet/foam bonding and carpet wear only when used as intended for cheerleading, gymnastics, martial arts and aerobic activities. If you need assistance or would like a quote for a standard or custom product, click on the "Request A Quote" button below and our team of cheerleading & gymnastics flooring experts would love the opportunity towork with you to provide new mats or flooring foryour school, gym, or home. Turquoise and Gray. We suggest you Request a Delivered Cost by clicking the box at the right to receive a price for your specific size. Whether your gymnastic program is for a private gymnastic school, kindergarten gym class, home use or for the USA Olympic Team, CWF Flooring, Inc. can add safety and practicality to your gymnastics coaching & training needs. All customer does is pop on the Springs! > No tools are necessary - well, maybe some snips to cut the bands on the skid and remove the stretch wrap. There are two main product groups which offer a carpet & foam combination -- Carpet Bonded Foam and Flexi-Rolls. This gym mat as well as a sportactivity -> gym training Spring eBay Contact Us| Instructions | Gallery | Color Swatch | Financing |Terms and Conditions|Order List| Shipping & Production | Privacy Policy | Truckload Sales, Spring Floor 20' x 20' Martial Arts with Puzzle Mats, Spring Floor Hardware for two layer floor, 18' x 42' Custom Size Spring Floor with Carpet Bonded Foam, 30' x 42' Custom Size Spring Floor (no carpet), Spring Floor 5' x 20' at Home with Carpet Bonded Foam, Glory and Power Enterprises, Pearl, MS, 39208, United States, October Sale- Spring Floors and Rod Floors, November Sale-Inclines and Spotting Blocks, December Sale-Landing mats, Spring boards and Mini Tramps. 01. $ 24,498.00 $ 20,998.00 COMPLETE GYM DESIGN LET US HELP YOU BUILD YOUR DREAM GYM FROM THE GROUND UP! EZ Flex Cheer Mats are built to deliver top-notch performance, and are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Varsity Spirit. Thats why Team Sports floor systems and gymnastics mats are backed by our Three-Year Limited Warranty. Prices shown below do not include freight. Available in 1 3/4 and 2 1/4 thickness, as well as foam-only rolls. If my current spring floor is 'dead' can I change out the springs, use the current boards, and tops to get a whole new floor?

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