It certainly wont hurt. If you happen to be fishing from the west bank around half way along the straight, dont be too surprised if you encounter a snag or two. It answers all your questions and contains all the contact information you may need, its up to you to choose somewhere within your budget that offers the necessary ease of access, not me, otherwise there would be 500 anglers all turning up to fish the same peg. 2019.03.15: Map 19 updated to include APG. Farndon.. NG24 3SD. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Until as such time this matter is resolved do not be surprised if you are asked to pay twice to fish there. Some restrict fishing to members only, some offer temporary memberships for fishing in daylight hours and a small number allow night fishing. Kingfisher Lake is for our affiliated Kingfisher Angling Club members only and not to be fished by the standard Ashfield Club membership. A great bit of work Bob. Tel: 01159 Christened John William, J W Martin was a prolific writer using the nom de plume of Trent Otter. 2021.11.10 Map 2 Updated to show change of control from South Yorkshire Police to Ashfield Angling. Imagine the scene when the goose flew over Nottinghams Market Square with pike, rod and man dangling from its beak! An astonished crowd in the Square rushed to the mans aid only to find him standing unhurt in the middle of the Square and in celebration of this wonderful event it was decided to hold a fair on the very spot where the man had landed and it was to be known as the Goose Fair. If this rule abused the use of boats WILL be withdrawn. Now the rivers voice was ominous, for none the fact could blink That it ought not to be audible at all, Since the houses lay a measured mile above the nearest brink, And the railway ran between them like a wall. As we leave Nottingham behind us it would be a missed opportunity not to share a few weird tales. Its famous for the old 2,000-peg Trent Angling Championships, trotting the stream for roach on the Burton Joyce Golden Mile, and now the haunt of anglers in pursuit of big carp and barbel. There is a vast network of caves beneath the city, carved out by hand in the soft sandstone rock by prospective dwellers. 2020.06.13 Map 19. Others have suggested it derives from the Romano-British trisantona. Collectively the clubs listed below manage fishing rights on the majority of the river covered by this guide. All we do in the ABF now is run several night fishing syndicates. Now imagine if there was a guide like this for every major river in the country. (Night Fishing is not allowed on a Day Ticket)Closed Season 15th March to 15th June Inclusive. The complex is huge and it will take time to sort out. Required fields are marked *. 2022.06.25 Map 25 South bank now controlled by Clifton Grove Angling Club. Please abide by the signs on site. Day tickets available on the bank. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. River Trent, East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire River Trent, East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire These fishing rights owned by the Association are quite possibly one of the best stretches of the River Trent available. Visit Collingham Church on the opposite bank and you will see the heights of historical floods carved into the churchyard wall. The Flegbrough west bank I understand was Soldiers & Saliors, but is now from a personal visit is unaccessible .The East bank near Torksey Eva featured in the Anglers Mail last year with day tickets available from a club based on a local pub, regrettably I cannot recall The name, but the word White featured. Great eh? Think anyone can access their waters page on the website. Updated to include Ferryboat Angling Club. Sadly no-one ever manages to share the photographs! 2023.01.24 Map 9. Fishing Newark holiday barn rental Newark barn 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom sleeps 5 33 reviews from 102 / night 714 / week 1 / 20 Holiday barn in Newark Newark barn 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom sleeps 5 44 reviews from 101 / night 706 / week 1 / 18 Cottage rental in Newark Newark cottage 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom sleeps 4 13 reviews from 92 / night In 1939 gravel extraction from alongside the river Trent was begun by the Hoveringham Gravel company. Tony. How deep is the River Trent at Gunthorpe? Clifton Grove Angling Club. The Dyke itself is heavily modified and was rerouted and canalised in 1772. The caves were still inhabited until around 1924 when the last family (the Shore family) moved out. They are fairly obvious to the naked eye, you can often get deep glides that hold barbel and also very shallow ones depending of the uniform of the river. You will notice how the inside of bends are natural banks of shallow, gradually deepening water over hard packed gravel whereas the outside of the bends are all stoned to prevent erosion and probably explains the current fashion for using rod pods on the river. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Just a sample of what can be found on the site. He and his supporters would have known Gainsborough was the furthest reach of the aegir, and ideal for his demonstration. The upper section of the Dyke sweeps away from Newark in open countryside. One stretch I think I can fill in for you, (not literally! Fantastic guide produced with an immense amount of dedication. A Century later when work was done to improve navigation the piers of the bridge were found. The carp can be caught right under your rod tip in the pads or from the wall which is around 30 metres out. Its an area that receives next to no pressure compared with the rest of the river. Im struck by how the amount of available day ticket fishing has shrunk since the match fishing scene died. The riparian rights belonged to a retired clergy from Fiskerton who sadly passed away a number of years ago, so presume the rights have passed to his heirs. The bridge columns are submerged but still exist above the river bed to about a meter below the surface. Really helpful article, are there barbel to be had in the Nottingham town stretch of water ( Victoria embankment ?) Map 16, the stretch above BDAAS/ABF is indeed private, only 3 pegs though before the wharf stretch. So could you tell me where on the Trent nowadays can you park your vehicle behind your peg? The suspected landslip happened near Gunthorpe Lock on the River Trent at about 17:00 BST on Tuesday. Barnsley DAA purchased the Fiskerton stretch of the Trent in the early 1980s (I believe) for what, at the time, was rumoured to be the kings ransom of around a quarter of a million pounds. At the same time, human remains in the form of a skull and bronze spearheads were brought to the surface. Great to see such passion Bob and currently on two books for the Trent with a couple of favourite spots. The following articles, written a while ago, still stand the test of time. It is believed the Trent derived its name from two Celtic words tros (over) and hynt (way) or troshynt (over-way). This water offers some very good bream fishing along with carp and tench, the bream in here are big. To have reached this far would not have been possible without the input of kindly folk like Tim Aplin, Mark Perkins, Nev Fickling, the two Simons, (Bettis and Matheson) and a few others. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The river upstream of Cavendish Bridge takes on a character of its own, narrower, wild and untamed with shallow gravel runs, deep holes, fallen trees, back eddies, streamer weed, indeed its a whole different animal and worthy of a project of its own. When barbel first began to show in the 1980s, the pegs in front of the then Star and Garter pub were a hot spot, as was the Dover Beck mouth area. If you are planning a visit to the Trent it is recommended that you check for recent updates on the fishery owners own web site before setting out. Details courtesy of Scott Bradley. DN211JU. 2020.06.17 Map 15. Had a lovely message from Peter Barker informing me the stretch above Beeston Weir (from the last boat moored at Beeston marina to Barton lane where the over flow enters from the Attenborough nature reserve) is owned by W.H Taylor. This is a day ticket water although a key is required for access. Non-tidal River Trent: Location: Holme Lane - Winthorpe: Postcode: NG24 2NU: Grid reference: SK 80998 57234: What3Words: adjuster.outnumber.remind: Latitude Longitude: 53.10616000-.79155705: Pegs: . The cave network has Scheduled Ancient Monument protection equal to that of Stonehenge, making Nottingham Caves a site of vast importance to the heritage of the United Kingdom. Feeder tactics would be my main method for any species. You asked if anyone could help fill in gaps, since moving to Licolnshire,most of my fishing has been on the tidal river. No contact details available for this club at the present time. dont be shy, simply get in touch and make a difference. To some its a numbers game. 2022.02.08 Maps 26 and 27 updated to show Spring Lakes water, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and a stretch owned by a company that appear not to want anglers on their land. Both have survived imperiously though no truce has ever been drawn. Please park at right angles to the road to maximise the parking area and minimise disruption to local residents. Its possibly hard to believe but Holme Marsh village was once situated on the West bank of the River Trent until the cataclysmic flood of 1575 which changed the course of the river. The island between the two weirs (Nabbs Island) is C&RT owned but fishing rights belong to Scunthorpe who do not allow fishing from the island at all (to protect Ladypits to the south of the island). Trent Fishing Club (Email,,, Ferryboat Angling Club, Church Laneham (No contact details available). Helped me out. Many of the malcontents operate furtively in the shadows to this day but their rumblings and mutterings now tend to fall on stony ground. Day tickets are no longer issued. Theres still a big tidal influence but its manageable with care. Apologies to the reader who sent me details, Ive lost your name. Similar titles have been bestowed upon anglers hurling heavy feeders in my direction from the opposite bank. The very best dont come cheap but if you want to drive at 200 mph you dont go looking at budget cars, do you? The following are the only waters that are currently night fish-able. Wide and deep, it has in the past produced some huge carp and is still an excellent area to fish for roach and bream. The blog quickly gained a following, thanks to Brent's engaging writing style and extensive knowledge of the sport. Great work bob. Like all the slower, deeper stretches you will find huge specimens but dont expect them to crawl up your rod. Two fields of river bank downstream from Thrumpton ferry (second & third meadow). The River Trent is arguably the UK's finest coarse fishery and certainly a magnet for barbel anglers from far and wide. For the specimen angler there are large barbel and bream to be had on the feeder with some excellent carp and pike also to be had. Details courtesy of Kevin Stevenson. Good Luck. Thank you. it will help me no end The final lock at Hazelford was opened in 1926. Please note night fishing is for permit holders only. I have received information from Len Duckworth (NPS Bailiff) that Newark Piscatorial Society has expressed their right to the ownership of fishing rights at this site and are pursuing their claim via the Angling Trust/ Fish Legal department to resolve the matter. An extract from Sons and Lovers by DH Lawrence: The Trent ran dark and full under the bridge. Tel: 01636 612654, The Tackle Shop, 2 Bridge Rd. You will be on your own in the pioneering boondocks and good luck with that! Just remember, every swim is not an aquarium stocked like a commercial fishery. 3 talking about this. (Match bookings available). Perhaps your contacts at the Mail may be able to assist, it was featured in their were fish pages. NG9 7EP. APG Fishery (Gunthorpe Lock) reverted to a members only water on this date. Road access to Winthorpe crossing 400 yards from river, only 2 miles from Newark Station. A slight alteration in the wording regarding the two short day ticket lengths run by Zita McCarthy (12 pegs Salmon Farm) and Rob Lee (2 pegs) respectively. Bob. The whole of Nottinghams Embankment is free and easy access by taxi from Nottingham Station. best wishes mate Scroll to the bottom of the guide if you want to check on the most recent changes listed in order that the information was received. The stretch alongside the Stoke Road was not called The Golden Mile for nothing. For boundaries, venue specific rules, Booking/ obtaining tickets/ prices, etc, please visit the respective web sites. TOP TIP: Scroll toward the end of the guide for an index of club web sites and details of stretches offering day tickets. Be aware if you should ever attempt to fish this stretch from either bank on a rising river, it is easily possible to get cut off and stranded. I have little experience on rivers and will be travelling best part of two hours to get on the water, but the lore and stories of bountiful and big tidal perch, pike and zander have drawn me in enough to step out of my comfort zone. , Best Answer From Peter in Australia: A hook will rust away in a fish, but it may take a while, especially if the hook is plated or made of thick metal., I also like the historical snippets. 2022.10.06 Map 9. *** Note: Maltkiln Lane Fishery (Summer 2020). and thanks for putting in all the time to put this together. Hi, fantastic read. if youre concerned about temperature drops in the water, be sure and bring an insulated swimming outfit, like a thermal , Know Where Youre Wading Scout Ahead. Below Fiskerton on the North bank is a day ticket stretch controlled by the NPS, tickets in advance from the Post Office on Main Street. appreciate all the time and effort its taken you and others A fascinating and challenging stretch of water containing a weir, islands, the Sawley Cut, River Derwent confluence, the Trent and Mersey Canal junction plus the start of what some deem to be the upper Trent (personally I feel it starts at the point beyond which navigation is no longer allowed, but thats a personal whim). Please note also that on all these specimen waters all the relevant big fish gear is required i.e. Welcome to the Midland Angling Society The Midland Angling Society have 140 pegs on the River Trent available for pleasure and match fishing producing some of the best fishing and value for money on the river. This is a relatively shallow water with good pace that lends itself to barbel. Twenty pounders have been reported here on numerous occasions. AboutPressCopyrightContact. Attenboroughs sprawling nature reserve presents access problems on the North bank where the majority of deeper water and flow lies. Change made to location of DCAC water courtesy of information from Matt Bray. Apparently the river was so low in 1792 the remains could be seen. Gunthorpe Bridge, River Trent. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. As you approach the lake the track to the right goes around to the river Trent section and at the far corner splits into two ALL VEHICLES must NOT take the LEFT track this is foot traffic only as it is not safe for vehicle and members doing so risk being banned from the club. Sprawd tre ksigi wieczystej dla dziaki 066101_1.0001.AR_13.1460 przez internet za darmo 6-About 10,one on the concrete,three on the beach and the rest further down on the stone 7-Yes,wade out and trot its about waist deep then shallows up so you can get out and trot a good line with a avon/balsa or big shouldered stick-also great for trotting livies or a small sea dead for the pike Hope that helps! A delightful stretch of water that holds a fair few carp as well as the usual whiskery suspects. Just reached Nottingham, but thought Id comment on my journey so far..really enjoyable reading about this gem of a river never fished it, yet. 3GH. Also known as the conveyor stretch. Later he moved to Huntingdon and so became even more famous for his exploits on the Ouse and the Fens describing his fishing life thus: During 46 years I have roamed 16 counties, have cast my lines in the waters of 25 rivers, and have seen much to instruct and very much to interest.. Narrow, shallow, crystal clear, a delight to fish and so radically different you will not even recognise it as the Trent. A (day) permit allows you to fish two rods and whilst barbed hooks are allowed, micro barbed hooks are preferred. A bridge spanning the river connecting Cromwell and Collingham was destroyed before the end of the 18th Century. The boundaries shown may be slightly out by a few metres but if anyone wishes to contact me through the web site contact form with more accurate details I will be happy to refine those details. 2022.02.08 Map 14. This area can be bream city in the right pegs but if you target them rest assured you will also cross paths with some big barbel. Great work Bob, hope you get well soon.. Wow extensive insight brilliant read. Please note night fishing is for permit holders only. No. Hello Bob, thats a great write up but can I ask you one question, im from West Yorkshire and dont mind the drive but if you could recommend joining one club which would you recommend or is that been a little unfair on all the other great clubs. How about the People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA) trying to get Nottingham to change its name to Not-Eating-Ham? Members are permitted to fish FP, Duffers, Tench lake and Dollar lakes only as well as the whole of the river section of the river Trent. Details courtesy of Ian Cougil and John at Retford Angling Supplies. Contact in advance is always recommended with the exception of Collingham and A1 Pits. Well done Bob! Please try and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Details courtesy of Stephen Scaz Scaysbrook. He wrote of the Dubbs: Charlie Hudson, who lives somewhere against Dunham Bridge, within easy distance of one of the deepest, if not the deepest, bream swims on the Trent, viz., the celebrated Dunham Dubs, is about as good a bream fisher as any I know.. It . Regarding Maltkiln Lane Fishery above Nether Lock, Newark. What time of year is best for barbel fishing? Kingfisher Lake is for our affiliated Kingfisher Angling Club members only and not to be fished by the standard Ashfield Club membership. Mines a pint! thanks for going to the trouble Check the individual web sites. No fishing over the gravel bar on Dollar. Send me your details and Ill happily credit you accordingly. Those who exhibit a taste for the macabre might wish to check out the Just Beer Micropub in Swan and Salmon Yard. Copyright 2023 Ltd. Co. Reg. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. Many anglers are drawn to the Trent by the phenomenal catches reported in the press, on social media, web forums and clips on YouTube. It does not store any personal data. The River Trent rises in North Staffordshire, flowing for some 250 miles. In August 1948 the title Little Hero of Farndon was bestowed upon 12-year-old Ronnie Ward after he rescued a four-year-old child from the river at Farndon Ferry. No. Members are permitted to fish FP, Duffers, Tench lake and Dollar lakes only as well as the whole of the river section of the river Trent. What rod or rods would you recommend Bob or do you use for chucking this kind of distance with block end feeders. Strictly no cutting trees or reeds at any time this is a wildlife reserve and this will be done by the bailiffs after prior consultation with the committee and Severn Trent Water. The roadside, Peg 70-ish, won a 960-peg National Championships. Owning Fiskerton and also Worsborough Reservoir was almost as good as having permission to print its own money. It has more species of fish than any other river of its size in North America.It supports 139 rare and imperiled species,including ten fish and mussel species listed under the US Endangered Species Act. An important river crossing on the River Trent for many years, the first Gunthorpe Bridge was built in 1875. Within the water are sizeable carp plus large bream, tench and very large pike. Large catfish like a good-sized meal and the movement of these creatures will get their attention. Unhooking mat,large landing net etc etc and carp care medication is a must. Historians believe he may have been demonstrating on the aegir, a tidal bore. Though famed as a Trent legend he only actually fished the river for 13 years. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. Your email address will not be published. I hope it has helped you find the information you were looking for and some you perhaps werent. A mysterious sleepy hamlet founded by a Dane named Kati but theres no mention as to whether this was a he, a she, or perhaps even a pioneering non-binary.

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