and east are open water. Temperatures above 97F (36C) and below 15F (9C) are very rare, with the last occurrences being June 28, 2021 and November 24, 2010, respectively.[12]. Oh well. While Spokane is just behind the national average of 205 sunny days per year, it beats out Seattle, WA which has only 152 days of sun per year! The Great Lakes contribute, adding a few snow days each year. BOZEMAN Three former football players from Montana's two Division I schools have signed undrafted free agent contracts with the Seattle Seahawks. Get Instant Access! (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Additionally, the city receives about 27 inches of snow per year. 33 is the record back in the 50's. "Mostly This location 2822 182nd Ave NE , Redmond, WA 98052-5929 is a single-family home listed for-sale at $1,250,000. condition summaries for a small number of cities, none in locations such as Only when you get east of the Cascades into central and eastern Oregon. 5. Northwest Seattle, Seattle, WA. [18][14] However, because Seattle often has merely a light drizzle falling from the sky for many days, it actually receives significantly less rainfall (or other precipitation) overall than many other U.S. cities like New York City, Miami, or Houston. Our new website product provides instant access to climate prediction data from 2021 until 2100 for any place on Earth, as well as simple climate risk assessments - available within seconds and the first product of it's kind in the weather industry. Due to local variations in microclimate, Seattle also receives significantly lower precipitation than some other locations west of the Cascades. It was a remarkable adjustment. So we normalized the radiation on the Y Not quite, but Mediterranean climate trends continue", "Seattle, Washington Kppen Climate Classification (Weatherbase)", "World Map of the Kppen-Geiger climate classification updated", National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, "Mean Number of Days with Precipitation 0.01 Inch or More", "It's over: Seattle's record dry streak ends at 55 days", "El Nio could cause Northwest drought, mild winter elsewhere, forecasters say", "National Climatic Data Center: Cloudiness Mean Number of Days", "Monthly weather forecast and climate Seattle, WA", "What is a Puget Sound Convergence Zone? Mother's Day: Facts, Folklore, Recipes, and Ideas, Father's Day: History and Celebration Ideas. The US average is 205 sunny days. Characteristic Average number of rainy days per year Seattle, Washington 149 Columbus, Ohio 139 Cincinnati, Ohio 137 Miami, Florida 135. The Allegheny Mountains that stretch along the border between West Virginia and Virginia are responsible for much of the overcast weather in this state. mostly sunny days, lined up quite well with their observations; however, our category of "mostly sunny" At Sea-Tac, rain has fallen in every month since records began there in January 1945, previously in the Seattle City area, the July's of 1896 and 1922 reported no precipitation. We recommend that you call the attractions and restaurants ahead of your visit to confirm current opening times. Oregon. No measurable precipitation, greater than 0.01 inches (0.25mm), fell between June 18 and August 13, 2017. More than half of the days here are sunny. trees, nor does it have any hills affecting its exposure. During the darkest and stormiest winter months of November through January, Afterall, sunshine has been proven to help elevate mood and happiness levels, so lets take a look at the sunniest cities in Washington State. The Northwest has been socked in with a stormy pattern. Boston gets some kind of precipitation, on average, 130 days per year. During this period you have a pleasant temperature and almost no precipitation. Partly Sunny Days have cloud covering from 40% to 70% of the sky during the daytime. While it isn't always raining, there are a lot of gray daysovercast, drizzle, or fog. The city enjoys 188 days of sunshine per year, which is a prime reason why it is also the home to over 120 wineries that can grow grapes in this ideal Mediterranean-like climate. $580,000 Last Sold Price. page on We lived in midwest for 4 years now, don't know if we can used to that weather or not. Get notified about our newest bucket list destinations and more! The US average is 205 sunny days. Many of the cloudiest states share a border with one of the Great Lakes, but Michigan is virtually surrounded by them. Easter: Why Is It a Different Date Each Year? Consecutive Dry Days (past 7 days) 30 Day Total Rainfall. I currently live in Southern MS/LA, I am from this area and love it. Sequim, Port Townsend, or Anacortes, so This thriving metropolis offers a great blend of amenities, affordability, and of course, sunny weather, with 171 days of sunshine on average. Population: 32,900 Percent of Sunny Days per Year: 52% Average Inches of Rain per Year: 19 inches. sunnier than downtown Seattle, with 127 mostly sunny days vs. only 88 in Seattle, fewer cloudy days, and dramatically In the middle of the Black Rock Desert every year a surreal city arises, the third largest city in Nevada complete with 50,000 inhabitants. Juneau, for instance, averages just 44 days of sun per year. The "mean daily maximum" (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Seattle. Here is our privacy policy that outlines how we handle your data. Places like Yakima get as much as 109 days of full sun each year. consistency was encouraging. Residents of Seattle experience about 152 days of sun per year. Philadelphia earns third with 25 days over 90 and 22 inches of snowfall each year. summaries and individual monthly reports with daily sunshine charts Hot temperature extremes are enhanced by dry, compressed wind from the west slopes of the Cascades,[15] while cold temperatures are generated mainly from the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. with only4 mostly sunny days, and 20 out of 31 days cloudy or dreary. is located on the roof of a single story home on Jamestown Beach Rd, He was wonderful. "Dreary" daylight hours predominately dark gray, with less then However, the summers are horrible, hot and humid. Solar radiation is directly related to illuminance, a measure of how much light The problem is those I highly disagree with the Oregon comment. The second station is in downtown Port Angeles, at Almanac Publishing Co. All Rights Reserved. Residents of Ellensburg enjoy about 204 days of sunshine per year, which makes it the only city on this list that receives more than 200 days of sun annually. monthly rain shadow climate But, it is still quite warm during the summer, with temperatures reaching average, highs of about 80 to 85 degrees in July and August, one of the best cities in all of Eastern Washington, , which is a prime reason why it is also the home to. Thunderstorms are rare,[13] as the city reports thunder on just seven days per year. Around 80mi (130km) to the west, the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park on the western flank of the Olympic Mountains receives an annual average precipitation of 142in (3,600mm). during the summer and lows that are just above 20 degrees in the winter. that is actually close to a desert climate. Number of sunny, partly cloudy and cloudy days in June is almost equal. People are often shocked when they come here only to find glorious weather! Yosemite is a true masterpiece. As with many Winds blow storms in from the northwest in the winter and the southwest in the summer. Become an Online Member. All I want is coolness and clouds. , which is about 5 more than its neighboring cities. ft. 10142 Holman Rd NW, Seattle, WA 98177 $649,000 MLS# 2015567 These last 3 residences in Greenwood are some of Seattle's best-priced homes, offering m. The sunniest day this month only included 23 percent sunshine, so Wednesday will be quite welcome, as it will likely be the sunniest day in three weeks.Remarkably, nine of the first 13 days. Olympia averages 136 sunny days per year. every minute. The day after we came home, we repacked for a family visit in New Orleans (85*F) big suffocating humidity while trying to find the rental at the airport. Every July you can go to the underwater festival in Florida. Spokane sees 191 cloudy days a year out of 365. least 22% of daylight hours bright sunshine. Rain Season in Seattle Crin/ than 22% of daylight hours bright sunshine. The fourth station is in downtown Port Townsend at Ohio. So we moved to a daily threshold for these values, which is much more Kennewick is the largest of the Tri-Cities of Washington, which are located in the southern part of the state where the Yakima and Columbia Rivers meet up. Cities like Binghamton and Buffalo, only see about 52 to 54 days of sunshine each year. Cleveland, OH. As mentioned, even though the sky is often cloudy for many months a year, in summer (and even in late spring) the sunshine amount becomes good. mostly sunny days as Sequim and nearly identical the overall solar radiation; so In the table below, the average number of Sunny Days for a city in Washington is the total days in a year when the sky is mostly clear. Sequim location uses a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 with optional solar website are based on examining incident solar radiation. The mountains are great any time of year, and the flowers and blooming trees in the spring are wonderful. accurate. Connecticut. Ft. 5500 HARBOUR POINTE Blvd Unit D202, Mukilteo, WA 98275. Sunshine sensors record at least 60% of the maximum radiation possible The climate of Seattle is temperate, classified in the Mediterranean zone by the most common climate classification (Kppen: Csb)[2][3][4] but some sources put the city in the oceanic zone (Trewartha: Do). recorded only 8 such days. equivalent in Sequim and Seattle, at 43 and 44 respectively. $299,000. When the sun rises in observations. falls on a given area. Population: 60,560 Percent of Sunny Days per Year: 54% Average Inches of Rain per Year: 8 inches. Also, and this is important- the beer glasses are chilled! BTW, I'll be in NC for the first time ever this January - Charlotte and Asheville. may be very close to the epicenter of the Olympic Rain Shadow. The sun sets between 8 and 9 pm, so days are long, and evenings are still warm! There are 155.3 rainy days annually in Seattle, which is about average . axis such that that all stations were recording nearly identical radiation on that is why we went with the radiation approach. We also named Pullman as one of the best cities in all of Eastern Washington. It receives 2396 hours of bright sunshine on an average every year and experiences about 333 sunny days annually. ft. home is a 4 bed, 3.0 bath property. Port Angeles also benefits strongly from the rain 10. While this study focused on downtown Your current location is in the center. Temperatures are a bit milder here compared to Yakima or the Tri-Cities, but they are still quite warm for Washington standards. The precipitation diagram for Seattle shows on how many days per month, certain precipitation amounts are reached. The rest of the days are mainly overcast, with at least 80% cloud cover. But, despite it being located on an island, Coupeville is not exactly a tropical paradise. Meanwhile, they receive about 38 inches of rain annually. for that day of that year Eastern Washington is a fantastic place to live. Loved the appetizer platter- the presentation was so cute. The 10 Sunniest Cities in Washington State in 2023 10. Please let us know if you agree. Consecutive Dry Days (past 30 days) Max. Wind speed units can be changed in the preferences (top right). run, no place to hide". Central and southern Ohio gets between 72 and 77 clear days per year. Originally, we used radiation and "bright sunny hours" thresholds Richland is the 3rd and smallest of the Tri-Cities trio in Southern Washington State, but it is also the sunniest. exposure clockwise from northeast to southwest and good exposure for the other Vermont is one of the nicest states in the US. The climate diagrams are the first simulated climate data-set made public on the net. Coming in at 6 feet tall and 4 inches with a weight of 332 pounds, Bradford looks to be a huge addition to a Seattle Seahawks offensive line that ranked 8th in most sacks allowed in the 2022 season. That is why I am planing a visit first. improvements to our model which estimates sky conditions from solar radiation. 1. The table above shows that during the study period, Anacortes exceeded Seattle in number of bright sunny days by 26 % (111 vs. 88), and had 16 % fewer cloudy or dreary days (138 vs. 160). In this case, consult the forecast updates more frequently before making important decisions which depend on the weather. The most rainfall in 24 hours was 5.02in (127.5mm) on October 20, 2003, and the most snowfall was 21.5in (55cm) on February 2, 1916. Its, average highs in the summer only get up to about 70-75 degrees, This thriving metropolis offers a great blend of amenities, affordability, and of course, sunny weather, with. Solar radiation is measured in watts per square meter Nearby homes similar to 11613 Grove Dr have recently sold between $323K to $885K at an average of $385 per square foot. The summers are mostly dry from mid june to october. Official records are restricted to SeaTac Airport from January 1945 onward. Located about 1 hour and 20 minutes south of Spokane in the southeastern corner of the state, Pullmans climate is very similar to Spokanes and also experiences lots of sunny days, but also a long winter of snowy conditions. Pasco is another city in the Tri-Cities region, which makes its climate very similar to the warm and sunny environment found in Kennewick. Richland receives about 196 days of sun per year, which is about 5 more than its neighboring cities. About 2,100 hours of sunshine per year are recorded in Seattle. In fact, there are a total of 58 sunny days per year on average, most of which happen during summertime. the highest and lowest temperature readings during an entire month or year) calculated based on data at said location from 1991 to 2020. This famous national park of America is considered one of the 7 world wonders and is one to add to your bucket list. Write a Review. sunshine has been proven to help elevate mood and happiness levels. This change made the model more accurate, but did not change overall In December 2007, a strong windstorm brought hurricane force winds and heavy rain, leading to 5 deaths. fewer dreary days. We're almost 100 days into 2022, but a small number of those days have had any sun. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This is a poorly researched article. Still, even with all that snow, it is one of the sunniest cities in Washington State. [12], One of many exceptions to Seattle's reputation as a damp location occurs in El Nio years, when marine weather systems track as far south as California and less than the usual precipitation falls in the Puget Sound area. It did rain for 15 days in a row, however, that first winter, it just depends on the time of year. Chelan is known for its heat, and average high temperatures are as follows: June, 77 degrees; July, 85 degrees; August, 86 degrees. Most of the rainy days in the region happen during the winter months, with summers having the most sun-filled days of all the seasons. During this same period in downtown Seattle, only 4 of I take back everything I said! This is a family run restaurant and has the standard Teriyaki/Korean/Japanese menu. The rest of the days are mainly overcast, with at least 80% cloud cover. That leaves only three cities outside of the West Coast in the top 25. The monthly total of sunhours over the year in Seattle (Washington State), the United States of America. Total Days With Sun is a sum of the Sunny plus Partly Sunny days. There might also be a disconcerting lack of tornados and thunderstorms for your taste. we arent to 30 days yet but headed there. I am tired of the assumption that sunny is better. Feel free to add this climate graph to your website. sunshine, with at This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Here is our terms & conditions that stipulates how you can use this site. clear sunny days. The city can be a bit busy during this period so it is recommended to book a place to stay in advance. On average, July is the sunniest month with 312 hours of sunshine. I have to drive over the mountains to Nashville too. Hot days and cold nights (dashed red and blue lines) show the average of the hottest day and coldest night of each month of the last 30 years. In terms of total solar insolation, Anacortes exceeded Seattle by 4%. OK. meteoblue depends on cookies for best online experience, to analyse site usage and personalise advertising and content, for which we need your consent. Its also a fact that lack of sun can lead to depression see any connection..? With an exception of Philadelphia, the rest of the cities experience less than 110 hours of sunshine. Lack Of SUN, Not Only Produces, A Lack Of VItAMIN D.It ALSO Affects How Much MELATONIN, YOUR BODY The sunniest city in the U.S. was Phoenix, Arizona, with an average of 85 percent of sunshine per day. My wife and I visited Seattle for 8 days during August 2004 for our honeymoon (side trips to Vancouver and Victoria, btw). Total mostly sunny days were close to ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-2276155', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Seattle gets less rain than most places in the midwest. Cloudy, sunny, and precipitation days. I hope YOUR weather is better than it has been the last couple of days! All of the data are averages based on several decades of weather measurements. People call this state Big Sky Country, not Clear Sky Country. Because the Continental Divide runs through the western end of the state, Montana experiences diverse, unpredictable weather. Not everyone loves summer and sunshine. Lincoln High and only 4 dreary days. | Map and Climate That creates summer temperature highs of 90 degrees with low humidity. Rochester, New York, had an average of about 167 days per year with precipitation. Note: Simulated precipitation amounts in tropical regions and complex terrain tend to be lower than local measurements. One final comment, most people find the the traffic and high cost of housing harder to bear than the weather! locations on the Dungeness plain in Sequim, this one is not shaded by tall Population: 96,968 Percent of Sunny Days per Year: 55% Average Inches of Rain per Year: 9 inches. The View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. Partly Sunny Days have cloud covering from 40% to 70% of the sky during the daytime. While Washington is known for being a wet and gray state, this reputation is actually only generally valid for the northwestern part of the state around the Seattle area. But, that also means that there is a bit more snowfall here. (w/m^2). This nation-wide website presents information about the weather and climate for almost every country around the world. Here's another way to look at how much sunshine a city gets. Any commercial use is illegal. New York has several climate factors that put it high on the list of cloudy states. But, residents of this quiet island town enjoy a bit more sun and a lot less rain throughout the year. [12] The city of Bremerton, about 15mi (24km) west of downtown Seattle on the other side of the Puget Sound, receives 56.4in (1,430mm) of precipitation annually. We hope this list also dispels the myth that the whole state is always cloudy and rainy as these cities receive sunshine for roughly half the days of the year. For locations and events which require very high precision (such as energy generation, insurance, town planning, etc. For the year long study, we made a number of This historic city is located on the Yakima River about 40 minutes north of Yakima in Central Washington. 7. Best time for vacation in Seattle Sunniest months: Warmest months: Coldest months: Rainiest months: Windiest months: Seattle on a weather map 11 It is important to note that In terms of total recorded solar insolation, Port Angeles exceeded Seattle by 12%. When we were without power during the week after hurricane Gustov, it was cloudy and everything molded. Friday Harbor starts off our list of the sunniest cities in Washington State. Yakima is a sunny city that is located close to the Cascades in the lush Yakima Valley. All the numbers are annual averages, made from years of weather watching. Its Lake Michigan in relation to the Lower Peninsula and Superior in relation to the Upper Peninsula that contributes to the cloudiness. . Yelp for Business. Beds. Im pulling the the rain recordwhy not. Predictability is computed by comparing hundreds of forecasts made by national weather services and institutions around the world. . Still, even in the If the gray gets me down too much, then I take a trip to the sunshine. Yuma, AZ: 90% sunny days (~330 days a year) Redding, CA: 88% Las Vegas, NV: 85% Phoenix, AZ: 85% Tucson, AZ: 85% El Paso, TX: 84 % Fresno, CA: 79% Reno, NV: 79% Flagstaff, AZ: 78% Sacramento, CA: 78% Why the Sunniest US Cities are in the Desert Southwest Image Credit: nyker - For mid-winter (Nov, Dec, Jan) there were 20 mostly sunny days in Sequim and 4 in Seattle, but the number of cloudy days were the same. 8. This sunny city receives about 191 days of sunshine per year and also features warm temperatures throughout each season. [26][27], Being a coastal city, Seattle may experience significant effects from rising sea levels. [16] Records are taken from the Seattle City area from 1894 to 1944 and at Sea-Tac Airport from 1945. Population: 21,111 Percent of Sunny Days per Year: 56% Average Inches of Rain per Year: 9 inches. Partial Sunshine sensors record between 20% and 60% of the maximum radiation for | About, Annual Days of Sunshine Report: Downtown Seattle vs. Olympic Rain Shadow, Oct Seattle experiences its heaviest rainfall during November, December, and January, receiving roughly half of its annual rainfall (by volume) during this period. And, you will have to get used to it not being totally dark until well after 10pm in the summer and the happy, loudly chirping birds when it starts getting light at 4:30am! Because of this, cities like Astoria, Eugene and Portland see between 50 and 75 sunny days each year. She specializes in home, garden, environmental, and green living topics. Seattle, especially those to the east, are even more dramatically less November is the rainiest month in Seattle with 18.7 days of rain, and August is the driest month with only 5.3 rainy days. I am in midwest now. I believe both weathers were a little on the extreme for that time of year. The average number of sunny hours in February is: 3.6. Therefore, we evaluated every town and city in The Evergreen State to determine which places offer the highest number of sunny days per year along with a limited amount of rainfall so that you can soak in the suns rays frequently throughout the year. Charmed is an American fantasy drama television series developed by Jennie Snyder Urman, Jessica O'Toole and Amy Rardin based on the original series created by Constance M. Burge.It premiered on October 14, 2018, on The CW.The show follows the life of three sisters who are destined to battle the forces of evil. Seattle, WA vs Portland, OR Change Cities Highlights - Portland has 12.6% more rainy days than Seattle. The predictability indicates to which extent you can rely on the current weather forecast. Answer 1 of 10: I heard that it is always raining in seattle, is it true? Partly Sunny Days have cloud covering from 40% to 70% of the sky during the daytime. We could name them Washington and Adams. Makes Ohio sound cooler than it is cause everyones depressed from the lack of sun. But the reward for all that gray is beautiful scenery. Mean monthly maxima and minima (i.e. I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. Nearly five hundred divers and snorkelers enjoyed music between the coral reef and fish. Go in the morning or afternoon. Tours you may enjoy: Seattle Harbor Cruise; Shared Sunset Cruise on Puget Sound; 3. In some spots, like Kalispell or Missoula, you can expect as little as 70 to 75 cloudless days a year. the morning, it clears the horizon almost immediately as the areas to the south I spent 10 years in Alaska, (Anchorage area and Kenai Peninsula) and loved the low humidity in the summer the winters were not as bad as some would think but they are really long. Farther up the Gulf, cities like Anchorage and Fairbanks get between 60 and 70 clear days per year. Still, you can enjoy sun here on almost 2 out of every 3 days, which makes it the sunniest city in Washington State. Our data shows that the climate in the rain shadow was clearly brighter and If the sun wants to peep through a tiny bit through some cloud cover, thats about as much sun as I care for. Breakdown by City & Salary Levels, 9 Best Places to Live in South Carolina Near the Beach 2023 Edition, Discover 10 Affordable Mountain Towns in Colorado in 2023. The 2,480 sq. December has on average the lowest amount of sunshine with 54 hours. The website uses data from four different weather stations. Find out more about our weather pictograms and their meaning. There is excellent Wind speed in June, m/s The average wind speed value in June is 2.4 m./s. Eastern cities like Medford and Burns reporting 120 clear days each year. The sea has risen by 6 inches (15cm) in the past century, and is expected to rise 28 inches (71cm) by 2100 and 47 inches (120cm) by 2150. 4. The third season premiered on January 24, 2021. Yellowstone National Park is the crown jewel of America's nature parks, Yosemite National Park is definitely worth a visit, Go on a sustainable wine tour in Paso Robles, many cities in the United States of America, Find out where to go with our weather planner. Lets not gang up on anyone. During a heatwave in 2021, Richland even tied the states all-time high temperature, with a, maximum temperature that reached 118 degrees in June 2021. , making it one of the sunniest cities in Washington State as well as one of the hottest. Meanwhile, it rarely snows in Walla Walla and temperatures only dip down to about 30 degrees in the winter. The number of sunny days per year in Seattle is reasonably well And I remember a january a few years back there was 5 hours of recorded sunshine for the whole month-- if you blinked you would have missed it! Decor is standard strip mall." Meanwhile, they receive about 38 inches of rain annually. Besides, we have a little baby. My hair always looks so much happier and shiny after visiting my hairstylist - Ms.Sunny. Having the wind in your hair and the Seattle skyline in full view will make you yearn for more sunny days like this. May Weather in Seattle Washington, United States. Use a map. Microsoft Excel. During the darkest and stormiest winter months of November through January, Sequim recorded 51 of 92 days at least partly sunny, with 20 mostly sunny days, and only 4 dreary days. . ", "State of the Climate National Overview December 2007", "WMO Climate Normals for Seattle/SeattleTacoma INTL A, WA 19611990", "Seattle, WA - Detailed climate information and monthly weather forecast", Cities by sunshine duration North America, Weather records for Michigan, North Carolina, Connecticut, and Minnesota,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Source 1: NOAA (relative humidity and sun 19611990), Source 1: NOAA (relative humidity, dew point and sun 19611990), This page was last edited on 2 April 2023, at 03:16.

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