Germans to America is a series of books which index ship passenger arrival records of German immigrants for the years listed below. Therefore, search all of the end pages assigned to other letters if your ancestors name is not listed where it should be. Many Scandinavians also sailed to America through the British port. Barque James 17 November, 1836 SS San Blas 3 May SS Rhinardda 16 April to retrieve any portion of the site. SS Abyssinia 13 March Ship Artheman 10 February Brig Victoria 25 May "Germans to America." SS State of Georgia 25 April Ship New World 9 June Bark Cuba 3 May SS Olinda 2 May Brig Gem 23 March SS Neckar 14 April SS Nevada 9 January Brig Robert Ray 15 March, 1833 Ship Caroline Tucker 2 May US Jamestown 17 May SS State of Pennsylvania 29 September The Indirect Passenger Lists include passengers who stopped at another European or British port before sailing to their final destination. Then you can return to this database and browse to the images by selecting the year of departure, then selecting the particular volume (Band) that covers the date range when your ancestor sailed, then browsing to the image that matches the departure date or page number found in the handwritten index. Ship Susquehanna 13 June SS Wisconsin 25 April Cambridge Journals publishes over 250 peer-reviewed academic journals across a wide range of subject areas, in print and online. SS State of Virginia 1 February ISTG NOTICE: These electronic pages are Copyright 1998-2023 and may NOT be Ship Telegraph 14 February Included in this database are book indexes to passengers arriving by ship in Boston, Massachusetts between 1899 and 1940. anyone without the express written consent of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild LLC. Brig Herschel 21 May Steamer Hipparchus 11 April Social Science History seeks to advance the study of the past by publishing research that appeals to the journal's interdisciplinary readership of historians, sociologists, economists, political scientists, anthropologists, and geographers. Beginning with Volume 10, all ships with German passengers were included, regardless of the percentage. SS Severn 8 January The vast majority of passengers, usually immigrants, bought bunks in steerage, also called the tween deck for its position between the cabins and the hold. Ship Sapphire 3 May Ship Delos 25 September Ship Hamilton 31 October These microfilms can be accessed at various FamilySearch centers and at the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City. Ship New England 13 March Schooner Tigress 12 May Re: I would like to find information on my parent’s immigration here to the US. Brig Phoenix 13 May Ship Attica 4 April Davis 26 February Brig Emily Tobin 14 September Barque Ann 3 September, 1829 Powell, Kimberly. Step 3: Obtain the Desired Passenger List, Hamburg Passenger Lists, Handwritten Indexes, 1855-1934, Germany, Hamburg, Hamburg - Emigration and Immigration, FS Library International Ref Desk Book 973 W22m, Index of Changed Microfilm numbers at the FamilySearch Library, Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934 Resource Guide,, 70th ship to leave port and departure date of the ship (, The page this information is found on the actual passenger lists (. SS Bienville 10 December Admiral 6 December, 1853 In the passenger list, turn to the page number you found in the index. SS Marshall Bennett 28 April Bark Nicasque 2 April Atalanta 16 April Steamer Britannia 4 September Ship America 21 August SS Surrey 19 February SS Wisconsin 16 April Isaac Webb 15 May The Viking Octantis gets into the list as she is the largest or one of the largest purpose-built expedition ships (intended for the Arctic and Antarctic regions). German Immigration to the U.S., 1850-1897, data files in the Access to Archival Databases . Volumes 159 of "Germans to America" (through 1890) include arrivals to the major U.S. ports of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston and New Orleans. SS Schiedam 15 April Ship Mediator 2 September Ship Manhattan 20 March Gross tons: 30,150. Brig Andromache 7 February The person emigrated at a different date. Ship Adeline 16 April The Hamburg passenger lists are made up of two sections. Schooner Rambler 17 February From Liverpool each passenger receives weekly 5 lbs. Bark Atlantic 19 September SS Montana 27 March SS Catalonia 26 June SS Rhein 7 December SS Victoria 25 April Barque Lulan 18 September Direct passengers were those who sailed on the same ship from Hamburg to their port of destination. Brig J. M. Beard 21 March Germans to America. From Bavaria most German emigrants originated, above all from the Palatine area. Brig Annah 24 May The first 9 volumes of the "Germans to America" series indexed only passenger lists of ships that contained at least 80% German passengers. Ports. They sought economic opportunity, religious and political freedom, and the chance to join family members who had gone ahead. Germans in the American Revolutionary War, The Sinking of the Lusitania and America's Entry into World War I. Margaret Forbes 23 October Brig Ann 1 August Richmond 10 May Aurora September 1815-1917. Bark Dorothy 23 May Caledonia 13 May The Hamburg Passenger lists are a unique source for genealogical research as well as the study of the history of emigration and immigration. RMS City of Richmond 19 February SS Lahn 22 December SS Rhein 13 January Travelers with enough money purchased cabin passage and slept in private or semiprivate rooms. List of Ships that Arrived at the Port of New York During the Irish Famine, 1/12/1846 - 12/31/1851: 3,226 : Data Files Relating to the Immigration of Germans to the United States, created, ca. 1977 - 2002, documenting the period 1850 - 1897 - Collection CIR: 4,108,378: Germans to America Passenger Data File, 1850 - 1897: 4,068,907 SS Wieland 16 April Steerage passengers slept, ate, and socialized in the same spaces. Ship John Ravenel 13 April Use the following table to determine the Index of Changed Microfilm numbers at the FamilySearch Library. Brig Planter 10 December SS City of Berlin 14 April Santiago de Cuba 7 April Wealthy travelers took advantage of packets reliable sailings to study, tour, or transact business abroad. When you find a person in an index, use the information in the index to find the person in the actual passenger list. SS Donau 12 November Thus, a number of Germans who came over on ships from 1850-1855 are not included. Ship Huntress 12 July Also at MyHeritage, index ($) 1846-1851 Boston Passenger Lists 1846-1851, ($), index SS Saratoga 19 April SS Somerset 29 June Ship Susquehanna 1 April Brig Margaret 2 March The FamilySearch Library and many FamilySearch Centers have a subscription which includes the Ancestry images and indexes. Ship Groton 31 October Ship Providence 5 September Hamburg became the most important emigration port in Germany by 1900. This card index on microfilm partially indexes: ForIndex of Changed Microfilm numbers at the FamilySearch Library use the following list. Brig Lily Pommerania 4 April Brig Catharina 12 December Ship Louise Marie 20 May Bermuda 17 April Cambridge University Press ( is the publishing division of the University of Cambridge, one of the worlds leading research institutions and winner of 81 Nobel Prizes. Ship North Star 11 February Brig Ransom 11 February London Packet 29 October The records are arranged by port or airport of arrival. SS Saratoga 26 February Brig Horatio 29 August SS Egypt 29 January Schooner Vine 7 September (Some entered Texas at Galveston or New Orleans and then sailed to Indianola) Links are to scanned and transcribed passenger lists. Steamer Saxonia 17 May SS P. Caland 10 April SS Eagle 9 December Scholten 21 November, 1883 SS Devon 3 April Use Form NATF 81or order online to obtain copies of inbound federal passenger arrival manifests for ships and airplanes, . Each section has its own separate handwritten index. Between 12th and 14th Streets SS City of Alexandria 31 December SS Alsatia 4 October SS Alsatia 26 January biscuit, 1 lb. Webster 17 April Also, at the FamilySearch Library you can browse a complete set of free images of both Direct and Indirect Passenger Lists on if you click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to select the appropriate years. Microfilm Access. SS Republic 31 July SS Italy 24 February Steamer America 12 January SS Silesia 19 February If you know the name of the ship on which your ancestor arrived in the United States from Hamburg and the date that ship arrived, Roger P. Minert's, Kathryn Boeckel's, and Caren Winter's Germans to America and the Hamburg Passenger Lists: Coordinated Schedules (FS Library International Ref Desk Book 973 W22m) can help you quickly access the Hamburg Passenger Lists microfilm departure record for your ancestor. SS Baltic 29 March This meant that farms were divided among heirs, leaving each with small parcels of land which could not support a family. At the FamilySearch Librarysearch for the freeimages of this complete but hard-to-read index on click here. Barque Santisima Trinidad 18 November Vittoria Rubruveer 5 April, 1876 SS Nuemberg 18 April Ship Tarolinta 3 February Anglo American 3 April 100,000 to Africa, ca. SS Adriatic 17 February Ship New England 27 December, 1854 Ship Thornton 15 June, 1859 Until 1910, separate lists were kept for direct passengers and indirect passengers. SS Alvo 26 December Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild is independently owned. SS Holland 16 April 1820-1963 Boston Passenger and Crew Lists, 1820-1963 ($) 1890-1930 Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore Steamship Arrivals, 1890-1930, ($), index 1891-1943 Massachusetts, Boston Passenger Lists, 1891-1943 Index and images. Brig Planter 1 January SS Montana 16 April John Wells 8 February SS City of Rio de Janeiro 20 May Ship James Grant 10 December If the emigrant departed about 1869 or 1870, search the two sets of Klber indexes first, then the Fifteen-Year Index, and then the handwritten indexes direct and indirect. SS Umatilla 26 June, 1894 SS Bumilli 25 March Are you researching German immigrants to America during the 19th century? Note the microfilm number and page on the back of the copy. Barque Ellergill 19 June Schooner Leo 25 June There are different types of cards used in this file. Elena 23 March Schooner Maud 9 April Schooner Flora 4 January SS Rherla 19 March Ship Robert Morris 2 February SS Anchoria 20 March Olbers 8 December Bremen Passenger Lists (English) Bremer Passagierlisten (German) Seaman's Licenses, 1806-1878. SS San Jose 2 June SS Habana 5 March SS Algeria 20 June For the FamilySearch Catalog listing of Indirect Passenger List microfilm numbers click here. Index ($) Bremen, Germany Ships Crew Lists (Bremer Musterungslisten der Schiffe), ($). He is obliged to cook it the best way he can in a cook shop 12 feet by 6! Microfilm Access. SS Parthia 4 April SS City of Montreal 20 April We do not observe fares declining in the late 1840s and 1850s. Cannot Find Your Ancestor in the Indexes? SS Anchoria 7 January SS Saratoga 16 November SS Canada 14 February SS Mary Patton 14 May SS Taormina 28 December Ship Algonquin 10 May Ship Europa 5 June SS City of New York 10 February Beginning in 1891, "Germans to America" only includes arrivals to the port of New York. SS Egypt 23 September SS England 22 December Brig Keying 12 September Brig Stillman 11 May SS Switzerland 14 January Barque Diana 12 June SS Nagel 22 January SS Olinda 2 July Star of the West 4 December Ship Eliza Warwick 29 April Ship Oswego 9 September, 1846 SS Germanic 1 December SS Wm. SS Alsatia 28 March SS Abyssinia 18 September SS Cimbria 1 February Barque Hope 5 April Using the handwritten indexes, you can look up the name of your ancestor alphabetically by year and find the departure date or page number of the passenger list. SS Emily Augusta 8 March Powell, Kimberly. Brig Charlotte 29 April Worldwide scope. Bark George & Henry 27 September SS Australia 3 February From Illustrated London News, July 6, 1850. Re: Where can I find immigration records? The records of Europeans who emigrated through other ports, such as Bremen, LeHavre, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp, have either been destroyed or are not available for research at the FamilySearch Library. ISTG - Voyages in the 1800's Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild 1800's 1801 Dove 8 June 1818 Two Brothers 15 June 1820 Brig Planter 1 January Brig Hero 3 January Brig Hippomenes 7 January Ship Hector 8 January Schooner Junius 10 January Ship L'Esperance 10 January Brig Johanna Catharine 14 January Ship Gleaner 17 January Brig Hope 19 January SS Olympia 26 September SS The Queen 21 March SS Saratoga 9 April Ship Benjamin Morgan 10 April SS Canada 25 April Bark Frueman 26 September SS City of New York 1 April SS Greece 7 April Bark Fredonia 16 June Schooner Boston 9 March To view the images of alphabetical passenger lists for free at the FamilySearch Library click here, and then click the date you wish to view. Many of these journals are the leading academic publications in their fields and together they form one of the most valuable and comprehensive bodies of research available today. . Brig Mary E. Pennell 6 April Brig Hope 19 January SS Britannia 15 December Wikimedia Commons has media related to Passenger ships of Germany. Brig Diana 9 August This database contains passenger lists of ships that departed from the port of Hamburg, Germany from 1850-1934 (with a gap from 1915-1919 due to World War I). You can see a list of images and years covered for the same index on a home computer if you click here, but you will be asked to subscribe to see the actual index images. SS Anchoria 20 June SS Zeeland 25 July SS Saratoga 15 January Schooner Nancy 21 August SS Maas 24 January See step 3 to learn how to do this. Passenger ships of Germany include all ships designed, built, or operated in Germany for the purpose of transporting passengers. Brig Hippomenes 7 January SS Devon 10 November ISTG NOTICE: These electronic pages are Copyright 1998-2023 and may NOT be London 11 April 1820 For more detailed instructions explaining how to use these Indirect indexes see the Handwritten Direct Indexes instructions. Names are arranged by the first letter of the surname only, so you may need to search the entire section (letter of the alphabet) to find the person. Ship Olympia 28 November Brig Leonida 29 August These microfilms can be accessed at various nearest FamilySearch Centers or at the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City. Ca. Ship American Congress 20 April "The ships kept ballooning in scale," says Roka. Mozart 15 September Brown 5 February Look for. Barque Flash 13 June Ship Chariot 10 August SS Abyssinia 6 January SS Clyde 22 January SS Scandinavia 12 April City of Berlin 31 December These microfilms can be accessed at the various FamilySearch centers and at the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City. Bark General Greene 29 May Retrieved from Immigration & Steamships - Collections & Research Immigration & Steamships Tap or click on a column heading to sort by that column. SS Zeno 17 September, 1850 SS Atlas 9 January Bark J. W. Paige 30 April Ship Pharsalia 11 November, 1847 Ship William Rathbone 14 November When you have the departure date, ship, and page number, you are ready to find the emigrant in the passenger list. SS Hevelius 19 November This cutaway reveals how travelers, immigrants, and cargo sailed together. Introduction:This is a list of indexes of passenger lists (also called immigration records or ship manifests) for ships that sailed to the United States from 1820 to the 1940s (and now into the 1950s), including microfilm (some rolls have now been digitized), books, and online indexes and databases. When you find an ancestor make a note on your research log showing exactly where you found them. Each index covers different years and has its individual strengths and weaknesses. Brig Hector 26 June SS Canada 21 March which include use of any spider, robot, retrieval application or any device Schooner Union 13 May Its evolution can be divided into four distinct phases: Introduction. Ship Edward 28 December, 1828 Ship Martha 21 March Thus, a number of Germans who came over on ships from 18501855 are not included. SS P. Caland 2 October SS Oder 28 January SS Lessing 10 April SS Umatilla 27 May Rappahonock 22 June Due to its inclusion criteria, this series is considered to be an incompletethough fairly thoroughindex to German passengers arriving in America during this period. SS William Rathbone 1 March SS Castalia 20 March Schooner Alma 10 June Students will analyze a Table of German Passenger ships that landed in Philadelphia from 1683 to 1775. Ship North Star 3 June How Do I Find a Name that is not Indexed? Bark Virgilia 5 May These passengers may have had stopovers in other ports on their way to their final destination, but they remained on the same ship. From Some famous sailing ships and their builder, Donald McKay. SS Canima 25 September If your ancestor's name does not appear on the numbered page, search the unnumbered page(s) immediately following it. 1800 - 1982 (with gaps) Canadian Border Crossing Records. SS Newport 3 December SS City of Brussels 20 September SS Suevia 11 April SS Tallahassee 5 December This number indicates which page the name appears on in the passenger list. Portland 12 January SS Clyde 8 March SS T. Trowbridge 6 August SS H. Trowbridge 26 July SS City of Berlin 14 September You can also search the same list of images on a home computer if you click here, and then click the date you wish to view, but you will be asked to subscribe to see the images. SS Suevia 7 January Brig Columbus 29 March Brig Gambria 2 September Ship Gleaner 17 January SS Canada 5 October SS Helvetia 8 April Bark Eliza Barss 4 October Bark Dyle First Quarter Their ventilated doors opened directly into the cabin or saloon, a common area for eating and socializing. SS Castilla 5 March Brig Forest 13 February Harvard 22 December, 1862 SS Mosel (retranscribed, now in volume 2) 21 November The journal invites articles that blend empirical research with theoretical work, undertake comparisons across time and space, or contribute to the development of quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis. Steamer Crescent City 28 March Ship Eliza Grant 12 May . Francis B. Re: When did Leroy Dice Gainey enter the US? Conditions varied from ship to ship, but steerage was normally crowded, dark, and damp. Ship Geo. Microfilm Access. Ship Tennessee 27 January Unskilled German workers could not easily afford such a voyage, providing perspective on why German immigration to the United States was positively self-selected. World War I passenger ships of Germany (11 P) Ship Clara Wheeler 15 July SS Spain 22 April SS Cleopatra 28 March If you know the name of a traveling companion, or the name of a relative or neighbor who lived near the ancestor in both the old world and the new world, itmay help to more clearly identify your ancestor on the passenger lists. SS Ethiopia 26 December SS City of Brussels 24 February Am^n St^r City of Atlanta 20 December SS Rhein 7 April Ship St. Martin 10 February Bark Repeater 24 June Brig Weser 29 December, 1837 Othello 1 April SS Australia 2 April Schooner Sisters 24 January Steamer New York 13 May On a typical crossing in August 1845, the ship arrived in New York with 231 passengersall but a handful of them farmers, clerks, mechanics, and laborers from England and Ireland. Ship Abbotsford 17 May By 1891 there were twenty-nine regular lines of steamships running between New York and European ports. Lord Clive 5 July SS Gallia 15 April Beginning in the 1820s, transporting immigrants developed into a profitable, large-scale business. Schooner Jos. Brig Demerara 24 May SS Glausannox 16 April Bark Hayden Brown 11 April These microfilms can be accessed at various FamilySearch centers and at the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City. On some passenger lists a numbered page is followed by one or more unnumbered pages. which include use of any spider, robot, retrieval application or any device Ship Octavia 31 March SS Ailsa 17 March Bark Evening Star 26 March The emigrant did not sail from Hamburg. SS Furnessia 18 December National Archives and Records Administration. SS Caledonia 19 January Ship Edmond 14 June Ship Passengers/Immigration to Canada. Ship Bashan 17 March SS Republic 8 March SS State of Virginia 19 January Ship Franklin 22 June Brig Lauretta 12 June Ship Colossus 8 August The database also includes a partial index, covering the years 1850-1914 (up to the start of WWI) and 1920-1934. SS Anchoria 2 January Bark St Dominique 7 August The indexing project is mainly financed by the "Hauptfrsorgestelle", an institution of the City of Hamburg that supports training programs for handicapped persons. Ship Gov. . For terms and use, please refer to our Terms and Conditions

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