Further from reality. Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has been arrested on a charge of domestic violence in Washington state. Neighbors JayEricksonandBeckyHunnicutt claimed they saw the Browns coming and going from Icy Strait Lodge at all hours. The details of the agreement surfaced in late May. A spokeswoman for the channel said Discovery had no comment on the case. Not a good sign for any unbiased person looking for proof the Browns have duped them. Yes, Matt Brown and Joshua Brown grew up in the Alaskan wilderness after their family moved from Texas to Alaska. He said he was looking for the harbor., Not knowing your way around Alaskas state capital may seem odd for a native Alaskan, although not knowing a major citys layout does fit the story of living in Alaskas bush country. Unfortunately, having more money sometimes leads to more problems. appreciated. After all, it's understandable that some viewers would be skeptical that the Brown family legitimately lives off-the-grid in the cold Alaskan tundra. Local realtor George Doyle was contacted by the production company but says he didnt engage. Hofstad said when he saw staff from the Alaskan Bush People walking around, he started bugging the harbor master to move them someplace else. Bear's life has been filled with ups and downs in the past year, including an arrest for domestic violence in March. Copyright 2023 PopCulture.com. The next day, Adams discovered she was pregnant with River, so they reunited. Whether it comes to the personal or professional life of the Brown family living in the Alaskan wilderness, some reporters are having a field day in criticizing every aspect of 63-year-old Billy, his wife Ami, and their seven children. With rumors flying, what exactly are the facts? WebThe new scandal. Adams was on the phone with a family member during the alleged incident, and they told police they heard Raiven yell that Bear was hurting her. The plea deal with Billy Brown and his son calls for those charges to be dismissed, the newspaper reported. I thought it best to settle to put this behind us.. Brown said he had only been in Juneau three weeks and did not know his way around. My son is not going down with the show. Offers may be subject to change without notice. The shows production company, Park Slope Productions, and the Discovery Channel did not respond to requests for comment for this story. Moreover, it fulfills our commitment to. The show follows the Brown family through 13 seasons, six family members were charged with 60 counts of PFD fraud, Billy Brown, who died last year, and one of his sons pleaded guilty, National Geographic show Port Protection,, For the first time, live invasive green crabs have been found in Alaska, Alaskas first monkeypox case recorded in Anchorage, Army grounds aviators for training after fatal crashes in Alaska and Kentucky, How do electric vehicles perform in Alaska? Web Alaskan Bush People (@AlaskanBushPPL) September 9, 2022 In late April, Brown Blasting News is working with the European Union in the fight against fake news. All of the boys have their own rooms, Hunnicutt told the outlet. We will keep you updated with the news you shouldnt miss. About a decade ago they were at Mosquito Lake 30 miles north of Haines on the highway. 1: The authenticity of the show The greatest In order to be treated, Billy needs more medical care than whats available in Alaska, so they travel and stay within Seattle, Washington. Click on the topic that interests you to follow it. Adams also accused Bear of being physically abusiveduring her pregnancy and filed for a temporary restraining order, which was dropped. to 'Immediately Arrest' Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears amid Molestation Lawsuit, Marilyn Manson Files Defamation Suit Against Evan Rachel Wood amid Sex Abuse Allegations, Kansas Police Officer Allegedly Preyed on Black Women and Girls for Years: 'Terrorized a Community', Armie Hammer Accuser Slams Elizabeth Chambers' New Interview Where She Says Hammer Is 'Healing', Elizabeth Chambers Has Found Love Again and 'Is Super Happy' After Armie Hammer Split: Source. They would take us to the mountain and we would film.. The family, who live out in an isolated part of the state, are known to shun modern society in preference for a simple life in the bush. But according to several sources, including locals who know the family and fans with savvy investigation skills, some pretty surprising, ahem, exaggerations have been uncovered about the Browns and their story. On the other hand, by clicking only on accept strictly necessary cookies, you will receive non-targeted advertising whose number and repetition will not be limited. According to Anchorage Daily News, however, Alaska State Troopers said no one affiliated with Alaskan Bush People seems to have reported any shots fired. Fans have tended to lean toward believing Matts claims since many wonder what he would gain by lying. As one fan shares, My favorite show. In a statement, Billy Brown blamed the problem on poor record-keeping. Were doing a lot of praying right now and hoping that we can continue our lifestyle.. They added that production crew members from the Discovery Channel series often kick back at the lodge as well. "I was at the same house and that's when he raped me.". Alaskan Bush People (@AlaskanBushPPL) November 1, 2021 Matthew Brown: Net worth in 2021 Matthew does not currently have much of a net worth. All of the licenses were purchased in October 2012.. Do the Browns really live in isolation in the middle of Alaska, or is the entire show fake? If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual abuse, text "STRENGTH" to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741 to be connected to a certified crisis counselor. 571 talking about this. After raising his seven children in the Alaskan outback and self-publishing his book One Wave at a Time in 2007, Billy Brown was able to take his family to other places in the United States. How many reality television shows have achieved that? WebAccording to arrest records viewed by PEOPLE, the 34-year-old Alaskan Bush People But the Browns push it a little bit further. 9:50 AM EST, Tue January 12, 2016. The program allows absences of up to 180 days, or even longer for one of 16 specific reasons, such as military service, education or long-term health care needs. Tel: We use cookies and similar technologies to personalize contents and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. In an Instagram post, he alleged that his parents and production were responsible for giving him cocaine. He also accused his late father of keeping all the money from the show and never giving the kids their fair share. Its non-residents portraying themselves as Alaskans that basically make us all look like a bunch of frickin morons.. According to Billy, the familys cabin was built with his bare hands, but once the cabin burned down, the family lost everything. WebAlaskan Bush People s Joshua Bam Bam Brown has revealed details of his relationship with his girlfriend Allison Kagan including how long theyve been dating and what been doing in their time together. On Monday, the Brown family patriarch and one of his sons pleaded guilty to fraud charges involving allegations that they took money from a state fund for residents while they were living elsewhere, according to media reports. - YouTube 0:00 / 3:21 Alaskan Matt, then 3, and Joshua, then 1, grew up away from most of civilization while their parents, Billy and Ami Brown, tried to make a living in the Alaskan outback. The closest thing to a consistent and trustworthy source about the events concerning the Brown family is the Alaskan Dispatch-News. From Matt Browns heartbreaking decision to face his drinking problem to Joshuas exciting trip to New York City, social media sites are filled with photos of the Brown kids posing with fans. Unfortunately, Matts words would hold more weight if it were not for the testimony of the police officer who pulled him over for driving drunk several years ago. Those kindhearted fans sending money to the Alaskan bush family feel that they are making a difference in a poor familys life. The family is so comfortable there, oldest son Matt is often seen hanging out at the lodgings bar. Instead, my reaction was precisely what was written in the title of the first article I wrote about the Browns sheer disbelief that they werent even in Alaska. I mean, look what the show is, he said. "I was disgusted. Tel: We use cookies and similar technologies to personalize contents and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. They were successfully sentenced in court because the so-called Alaskan bush people do not even live in Alaska all of the time, yet they still collected tens of thousands of dollars with Alaskas oil revenue sharing. Living the bush lifestyle was stated to be very hard on her, although the children are largely able to take up the slack. We call them bobs in the basement. Thats just what we call the people who sit behind the computers and dont have a life. WebAlaskan-bush-people-lies-scandals-021. ABC News attempted to share some details about the Browns, of course they didnt exactly go further than the back story on the Alaskan Bush People stars already provided by the Discovery Channel. Jessica Jurges, 35, who previously served as a personal assistant to Matt's family, claimed in the interview that Matt raped her in a swimming pool as she tried to fight him off on July 8. Bear finally met River six months after his son was born and they rekindled their romance. ET on Discovery. So its the real deal, judge.. The least we can do is not replicate this behavior by haphazardly posting incomplete facts about the Browns taken from comment boards rather than well researched and reputable sources. WebAmong the many Alaskan Bush People scandals is one with matriarch Ami Brown at the In fact, the state hadnt considered them proper Alaskans since 2009. People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Living off the grid might not seem easy, but it's worth it! However, I question the direction of a TV genre that seems to be more concerned with putting liars and criminals on the air and calling their representation of themselves and their environment real. In June, Bear announced Adams was pregnant with their second child. Having done the research and yes, that includes watching the show Im no longer bothered by the title of the series. They are portraying themselves as something that they are not, the source wrote. A Google search of Alaskan Bush People together with the word fake brings up a list of sources that for the most part arent reputable. The show follows the Brown family through 13 seasonsas they attempt to live off the land in Alaska. As in so non-reputable, Im banned from using them for this article. The allegations involve claims predating the Discovery Channel show, which began airing in 2014. WebA rep for Alaskan Bush People did not immediately respond to The Sun's request for According to Radar, locals have spotted the Browns at a cozy inn. Of course, in keeping with the shows theme of the Brown familys survival in the Alaskan wilderness, the network does not want to promote that Billy Brown has an estimated worth of $500,000 and that his children are well compensated for appearing on a reality television. Fans have not seen Matt on Alaskan Bush People since season eight, as the Discovery star was dealing with his substance abuse issues while the show filmed its ninth and tenth seasons. Is Alaskan Bush People fake? '90 Day Fianc' Star Anfisa Arkhipchenko Sets the Record Straight About Whether the Relationships Are Real! In contrast to the scandal surrounding Billy Brown and his sons deceiving the state of Alaska about being full-time residents and receiving money for Alaskas oil pipeline, the Brown family has not done anything to prompt fans to send money to them. Discovery Company. And here we have one of the major issues with the Browns: That by all accounts, they have no actual roots in Alaska. Alaska Public Media 2023. In 2014, six family members were charged with 60 counts of PFD fraud for receiving nearly $21,000 in payments when they didnt qualify. The same report notes that they falsified documents from 2009 to 2012 stating they met residency requirements and as a result, they were able to bring in more than $20,000 from the aforementioned state fund. The date of the offense listed on the court document is Oct. 11 of that year., The five other citations read similarly. They do not live in the bush they only go there to film scenes. Four other members of the family were also charged. I asked Brown why he had sped towards Home Depot. Related: Alaskan Bush People: Bear Says His Brother Matt Lied in His Tell-All. The new season will feature the same cast of characters fans have known since the show launched in 2014, including Solomon "Bear" Brown, 35. "It was just days after I had pulled him out of the pool when he was trying to get at Jessica," Dawn alleged. Bear Brown and Raiven Adams have tied the knot! If I knew he was that bad though! The new scandal In contrast to the scandal surrounding Billy Brown and his sons deceiving the state of Alaska about being full-time residents and receiving money for Alaskas oil pipeline, the Brown family has not done anything to They broke up again before River was born. The deal dropped the cases against the other family members but they still had to pay back the dividends. Read more on the same topic from Tina Burgess: This area provides transparent information about Blasting News, our editorial processes and how we strive for creating trustworthy news. You'll go to prison. According to Washington State Troopers, Bam was not at fault for the fatal accident, which left Matt spoke about how production allegedly asked him and his family to lie about their lifestyle and left the show because the sinister ideas were weighing on him heavily. This tidbit led the family to get into serious trouble when it was learned they were taking oil revenue illegally. Viewers love the show Alaskan Bush People, but more and more scandals keep coming out about this family. The only siblings that get along are Bird and Rain, she said. Ive yet to read a comment written by someone who had direct contact with the family. Why the Alaskan Bush People will be roughing it in jail: https://t.co/G4t6ge80VE pic.twitter.com/ilDuVI98on, Mens Journal (@MensJournal) January 13, 2016. WebFans have been skeptical about the Browns of Alaskan Bush Peopleever since they

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