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App and Online Booking

Effortless booking experience in your palm through its app and online. Download and sign up for two-tap booking, fare estimates, favorite locations and much more.

Real-time update

Enjoy the convenience of latest updates from your own comfort. Get estimate time of arrival, notification on driver arrival for pick-up or share your location with loved ones.

Latest Electric Vehicles

Our fleet is a state of the art technology, utilizing latest electric vehicles in the market by the renowned car brand Volkswagen. Enjoy latest safety and entertainment features.

Comfort & Silence

There is much more to our emission free fleet. Enjoy spacious cabin while on a compact size car exclusive to electric vehicles. Ride with style and comfort in a total silence.

100% electric, sustainable
and reliable urban mobility

Transforming daily lives of our passengers and the world one kilometer at a time.

With a vision to drive Pristina towards sustainable transportation and offer par excellence in service, ETAXI has introduced an innovative solution for intra and inter city rides.

Your ride with us is free from emissions of CO2, particulates, SOx, NOx and noise. While you enjoy the comfort and convenience of our service, you also become an active member of our society on protecting our environment and contributing to a greener future.

Paving the future for
equality in our society​

Sustainability for the future is nothing without equality in our societies. We believe in equality as the foundations of social cohesion, the economy and greater democracy. In doing so, we commit to women empowerment and are proud to be also the first taxi service with majority women drivers as part of our professional team. 

ETAXI employs women drivers

Family Friendly

Your child's safety is our top priority

ETAXI electric vehicles are equipped with latest safety technology and our sweetest passengers travel in the comfort and safety of approved child seats.

Parents do not need to rush in the mornings or afternoons, your precious ones are safe with us. You can track their ride real-time and receive notifications once they are on-board or arrive at their destination.

All this is possible for your convenience, your palm away. Benefit from monthly payments, reports and history of rides using our apps.

Një fëmijë i ulur në ETAXI me sigurinë maksimale

Pet friendly

There are family members not always welcomed elsewhere. ETAXI shares the love and care for your life companions, and wants to be part of your journey with them. Our cars are equipped with pet carriers so you don’t travel alone again.

Pets in a row watching ETAXI

Happy Clients

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