On this site, you'll find articles on all aspects of swimming and home spas. 9, 09. Intex Pure Spa E96 slow reset solution - YouTube 0:00 / 6:10 Intex Pure Spa E96 slow reset solution SSBRacing_Scooter 112 subscribers Subscribe 142 74K views 5 years ago Rest your e96. If the rest of your hot tub seems to be working ok and you are sure that you have got electricity coming to it but the water is cold then the chances are that your heater has cut out. Gosh, there'll be 4 gallons left in the heater, who cares out of 210? The obvious things to look for are cuts and scrapes where are the cables inside could be touching and causing a short circuit. High limit manual reset on heater is tripped. Hopefully, once you have done this and connected everything up again the problem with your control panel will be solved. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. I am a bit confused on what hardware to get and how to determine the performance of an heater/pump. The idea is that the rice will soak the moisture out of the control panel and with a little bit of luck it might start working properly again. 5520 watts is 18,800 BTUS/hour. For my personal bath, I like to have the Intex hot spa with me. spa is set in the heater/filter cycle and water is flowing from the jets), the first thing you will look for is the Hi-Limit Switch, also referred to as the heater reset button. Hey, hot tub owners today we are going to present you if you are getting alarm code E90 is displayed on your Intex PureSpa control panel then how to guaranteed troubleshoot it and what does it mean. "name": "Leslie's, Inc.", Check for water Obviously, water and electricity are not a great mix and one of the most common causes of problems in control panels and electrical components in hot tubs is that they have become damp. Water is filled to the recommended level. Regular hot tub cleaning is one of the most crucial parts of maintaining your hot tub bacteria free and dust free for a long period. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Im not sure if there is any scientific fact in this but you might just find that doing this major reset will solve your control panel problem and set your hot tub back to normal. Check the attached troubleshooting Manual. Light 14 LED Light Fits Most Spas, C2450-1008ET Vita Spa Reflections Flow Thru Heater 4.5 KW 240 V Tube Length 17.5", 711-4030 (Pair) 2" Waterway Heater Union Gasket / O-ring For: Balboa, Gecko, Spa Builders Actual Size 3", T92S11A22-120 Potter & Brumfield Spa Relay DPDT 120 VAC Coil, Del Ozone MCD-50 Spa High Output CD Ozonator 220 Volt MCD50RPAM224060, 805-0229 (Pair) 2" Waterway Heater Union O-ring 2 Orings, Coleman Spa California Cooperage Maax Spas Topside Control Panel VL702S, 3903-DF Tecmark / Tridelta Spa Pressure Switch 1 Amp SPST Includes Free Teflon Tape Sealant, 600-3060 Waterway Spa Diverter Valve Multiport ( Notched ) White 2". Reverse steps 2,3 and 4 to reconnect the thermal protector. [Click here] for more information. "contentUrl": "https://blog.lesliespool.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Blog-1060x500-spa-error-codes-big-list.jpg", Intex PureSpa Error Code Fix and Reset Hot Tub Owner HQ 25.1K subscribers Subscribe 59K views 2 years ago My Intex PureSpa Inflatable Hot Tub stopped working and gave me a mysterious E81. Article from Service Industry News ALL Hot Tub and Swim Spa owners should read. Hi, I am Derek and I am from Newark, New Jersey. If alarm code E94 appears, unplug and plug back in the GFCI/RCD and test the GFCI/RCD to restart the system when the spa water temperature is higher than 39F (4C). If you getting an error code of E90 on your Intex Inflatable hot tub control panel it means no water is flowing through the system. Again we must derate 20% so we are at 16A @ 120V, or 1920W. Yes, you should leave your hot tub on all of the time. The problem could be due to a worn GFCI breaker, moisture or corrosion inside the breaker box, damaged or loose wiring, or malfunctioning components. This is a statutory Code requirement, but you actually will want it! Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. If problem persists, contact Intex Service Center. I used it one summer, put it away for the winter and didn't get it out at all the next summer. The presence of excessive moisture inside the tub may cause its GFCI to flip. Because the heater has a common plug-in cord that plugs into any ordinary wall socket. Step by step instructions for Intex pure spa hot tub pump replacement. If E98 still shown after several reset attempt, follow these instructions: Here is the complete solution Intex Hot Tub Alarm Code E98 guide. This will 100-percent guarantee that the hot tub has reset itself and will also give it chance to cool down. Sitemap |, BigCommerce Partner : Shop Online or at any of our 900+ retail stores! Recently I have purchased 6.6 x 7.9 foot Hot Tub for my family members. link to How Long to Wait After Adding Chlorine to Hot Tub? Please obtain a google maps API key and put it in Site Preferences! Plug the new heater into a. Has the cause of a rocket failure ever been mis-identified, such that another launch failed due to the same problem? For solving this problem all you have to do is following these steps: Clean the filter cartridge of the hot tub or replace it with a new one. - 3 Pros and 3 Cons of Using Household Bleach in Your Hot Tub, 3 Main Reasons Behind Automatic Shut Off of Your Intex Hot Tub, 3 Simple Solutions to Fix the Auto Shut Off Issue of Intex Hot Tub, How Long to Wait After Adding Chlorine to Hot Tub? Power on your Intex hot tub and observe its process. None of the buttons would work. Should I leave my Intex hot tub filter on all the time? { Pricing and offers are subject to change. It is a well designed, high-tech tub and provides you enough comfort to enjoy yourself when you are soaking in the hot tub. I love sharing and helping other swimming pool owners in taking good care of their pool. They responded to all my questions and kept me informed. water temperature is too low PSDCenter, ACC Applied Computer Controls Spa Topside Controls, Brett Aqualine Spa Topside Control Panels, Dimension One Spas Topside Control Panels, Tecmark / Tridelta Spa Topside Control Panels, California Cooperage Spas Cartridge Filters, GPM Industries / Great Lakes Cartridge Fiiters, Waterway Plastics Spa Filter Assemblies / Parts, Hayward C-225 Spa & Pool Filter System / Parts, Rainbow / Pentair Spa Filter Assemblies / Parts, Brett Aqualine / Len Gordon Plastic Spa Heater, Waterway Adjustable Cluster Jets / Bodies, Waterway Adjustable Cluster Storm Jet Bodies, Spa Motors / Seals / Bearings / Capacitors, Dimension One Spas Ozone Products / Air Pumps, Spa Diverter Valves / On Off Valves/ Parts, Coleman / Maax Spa Diverter Valves / Parts, Aqua-Flo Pump Unions, Assemblies / Components, Vico Pump Unions, Assemblies / Components, Waterway Center Discharge Pump Wetends / Parts, Sundance / Jacuzzi Spa Pumps / Wetends / Parts, Aqua-Flo 1.5" Center Discharge Pumps HMCP, Aqua-Flo 1.5" Side Discharge Pump Wetends / Parts, Aqua-Flo 1.5 Center Discharge Pump Wetends/Parts, Vico / Balboa Spa Pumps / Wetends / Parts. If this is the case you could try putting a new heating element in or calling out a service engineer. Locate the spa's high-limit reset. The error code E96 which displays on your Intex hot Tub Control Panel that means your Spa is facing a system error. Turn off and unplug the spa. - 3 Important Safety Precautions to Follow, link to Can I Use Bleach in My Hot Tub? Look for char marks and breaks and ensure complete snugness. There are two different scenarios where you might need to reset your hot tub control panel. }, If blinking, spa is shut down. Intex Hot Tub Alarm Code E98 guide Intex Hot Tub Error Code E99. Flip the breaker panel switch on or press the reset button on the GFCI outlet to restore power. We cannot deliver to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. on the ones I saw online there was a control panel separate from the pump unit , small units like this would not be able to handle the doubling of the ampacity wiring everything in parallel. Lou have you read or do you not understand that your controller could not push 2 units. The suggested time for the Pure Spa to heat up to the maximum 40 degrees is 12-24 hours. Better than buying a new jacuzzi for $2,000 ! With the right knowledge at your disposal, you can easily clean and maintain your below ground as well as above ground swimming pools. Leave it overnight. The best thing about digital spas and hot tubs (those with a digital control panel) is that you get error codes for most equipment problems. Why typically people don't use biases in attention mechanism? So, has your control panel recently got very wet? Even if you have sorted out the problem that the error message is indicating it might still be continuing to show as a problem on the control panel. Check for corrosion on connections The next thing to do do is to have a look at where the control panel connects to the rest of the hot tub. "thumbnailUrl": "https://blog.lesliespool.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Blog-1060x500-spa-error-codes-big-list.jpg", "caption": "Spa Error Codes -The Big List" The WiFi controller should connect to the AP, receive an IP address and connect to the MQTT server within a few seconds. If you no longer have it, search online by using your model, and the year of your hot tub, followed by the word "manual" or "troubleshooting." Verify the pinout before powering up the pool. Replace the control panel If all else fails with your control panel then you might need to just bite the bullet and replace it. It only takes a minute to sign up. Feel free to leave us a message and we will be in touch as soon as an agent is available. Going for $200 on Amazon (. You'll want those lines to be insulated, so get some snap-around foam pipe insulation. "author": { All rights reserved. You might also find that your hot tub control panel is flashing at you, beeping at you or showing you all sorts of worrying symbols. Your tub holds 210 gallons. In fact, many codes are used to provide information about system mode, status, or equipment operation. This really helps out me and my site so thank you in advance! "publisher": { Turn the heater off, then press the filter and bubble buttons to lower the water temperature. * Pricing, promotions and availability may vary by location and at lesliespool.com. The advanced control panel of the Intex hot tub is pre-programmed with different codes. Clean and replace it back. Does a password policy with a restriction of repeated characters increase security? Because you need to be able to turn off the booster heater when it's at the right temp (or if the main pump is turned off)! A blinking red light on the control panel may indicate it needs to be reset. I called Intex and was told there was a 90 day warranty on replacement parts. Hottubfocus.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Apart from resetting the electronic Components on a hot tub there are also a couple of other hard reset options as well. (we're not talking BTU/hr, yet). A few codes I have seen on the tubs control panel are E90, E91, and E92. You can use warm water with baking soda dissolved into it along with an old toothbrush to dissolve the corrosion and scrub it off the connections. 3 When does an Intex pure spa throw an E95 code? All Rights Reserved. 23A x 240V is 5520 watts. Step 1 Hi Limit Switch Trips (Heater Re-set Button) Assuming that everything else is working properly (i.e. All Rights Reserved. Or they rush out to the Big Box Store and plunk down a hundred bucks for a new GFCI Breaker, only to find out, once installed the new Breaker still trips. Check that any touch buttons arent damaged or permanently depressedIt might not be obvious when you first look at your control panel but if it has touch buttons on it check to see if they have been damaged or if they are not popping back into position after use. Often, you need to hold two different buttons down or a brief sequence of buttons to achieve this. And E92 error code is shown when there is too much salt level in your Intex hot tub. Watch this video to get yours back up and running.Check out my complete Intex PureSpa Inflatable Hot Tub unboxing and setup video - https://youtu.be/hjIwGez2-5YFor more great content on hot tubs, make sure and check out my website Hot Tub Owner HQ - https://hottubownerhq.com/\rSo whether you're getting an e81, e90, or e96 error code on your Intex inflatable hot tub, the steps I follow in this video can probably help you.\rThe opinions stated on this channel are my opinions having owned, operated, fixed, and/or purchased hot tubs a total of 4 times. I called Intex and was told there was a 90 day warranty on replacement parts. 23541 Balboa Spa Colorscape 7 Color Digital LED Light Rotating 12 Volt **NLA**, 10863(Pair) 2" Dynasty Spa Heater Union Gasket / O-ring For: Balboa, Gecko, Spa Builders Actual Size 3", 711-4010 ( Pair ) 2" Waterway Heater / Pump Union Flat Gasket 2 Piece, Hawkeye Spa Flow Thru Heater 4 KW 240 V S Class. Every hot tub or spa comes along with multiple electrical components such as a heater and a control panel. Doing this will help you solve the problem most of the time. Mind you, this heater needs to be hardwired, and it should be on a GFCI for your family's safety. If this is the case, then there may well be a method of clearing or resetting the hot tub control panel without switching it off. Persistent low flow problems. Turn on your spa and observe its operation. If you're not comfortable working with the different plumbing and electrical components in your spa, there's no shame in calling a professional for help. (it has an "OFF" label for "test" and an "ON" label for "Reset"). "contentUrl": "https://blog.lesliespool.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Blog-1060x500-spa-error-codes-big-list.jpg", If you can undo the connection then you need to remove the corrosion as much as possible. This splashed water, rainwater, or flooding are the major factors for the presence of excess moisture inside the tub. 4. "url": "https://i8.amplience.net/i/lesl/LES00004-Leslie's-Logo-Refresh_Final_FullColor_Outlines_Crop" The chances are that there is some loose wiring somewhere,some moisture has got into an electrical component or something like the heating element needs replacing. 4. Anytime you're doing some sort of horky-dorky "hack" like this, you should always GFCI-protect everything - and that goes triple for anything involving water! A short circuit happens when two open wires having a power supply come in contact with each other. Is there a reset button on a hot tub? If the ambient temperature is below 39F (4C), we recommend not to use the spa. In the white plastic piece on the discharge, top hose, you will see a silver nut with a black wire coming from it. Yes, damaged or worn out components of Intex hot tub can cause tripping. At the very least make sure that you can return the control panel if you do actually find that once you have bought it its the hot tub rather than the control panel with the problem. Still, any question you have in mind please feel free to ask in the comment section below. High limit sensor reading 118F or above, or the sensor has tripped check flow, High limit overheat; spa temp reading 112F or greater. (it has an "OFF" label for "test" and an "ON" label for "Reset"). With this list of hot tub error codes, you can immediately learn whats behind the two- or three-digit error message, so that you can get the hot tub parts and repairs needed to fix the problem. Now, you had an idea to use a dedicated 20A, 120V socket. Hold and press the high limit reset button for a few seconds. But what are the best rocks? 711-4050 (Pair) 1.5" Waterway Heater Union Gasket / O-ring 2 Piece, Coupler 3/4" Slip Barb x 3/4" Slip Barb RD411-0404 Same As: 419-0900, 0121108015 1.5" Magic Plastics Spa Heater Split Nut Union w/ Screws Replaces: Balboa, Waterway, Gecko, Spa Builders, Hydro-Quip and others, Hawkeye Gecko Spa Flow Thru Heater 5.5 KW 240 V 15" S-Class w/Pressure Switch & Wires, Del Ozone MCD-50 Spa High Output CD Ozonator 110 Volt, 2101 Valterra Spa Gate Valve Slide Unibody Style 1.5" Slip x 1.5" Slip 1 1/2", Sloan Spa & Hot Tub L.E.D. How to fix replace intex pump Turn hot tub off and unplug it from the electricity source. Filter pump motor failed. Or if you dont know how to solve it go and check your Intex hot tub by nearest Intex customer support team. This E90 error code is also displayed when the filter is clogged, or the hoses are blocked. I always recommend you gain professional advice before buying or making changes to your swimming pool, spa, or similar equipment. It's small because you conveniently plug it into a wall on a 15 or 20 amp circuit. It is being practiced by thousands of pool owners just like you. Spa is in filter mode; system message, not an error, Flow inadequate water volume sensed by flow/pressure switch; possible switch malfunction, Flow short circuit/closed circuit; pressure/flow switch, Flow short circuit/open circuit; pressure/flow switch, Spa is in filter mode; system message, not an error, Freeze water is 40 or less; system should self-start pump/heater, Grounding issue; electrical connection not grounded correctly, Temperature sensors out of balance, reporting different results; can indicate a flow problem, Water temperature above acceptable range. Hayward Spa Blowers offer easy installation and quiet performance, providing a relaxing spa experience without excess equipment noise. How to connect 2 water tanks at different levels with one pump? is there such a thing as "right to be heard"? How to Market Your Business with Webinars? How do I reset my Intex spa? Safety would be the main concern here I looked on line and did not see a conversion to a higher power heater and pump (that would require a larger circuit) so in this case I would not try to increase the element wattage as that may cause electrical failures, possibly melting parts due to the higher heat and from the higher current draw. If a short circuit or damaged wiring is causing your Intex hot tub to shut off every time, you can fix it quite simply. The solution to this problem is very simple, first press the RESET button on the side of the spa control unit using a small and thin object till the E98 alarm stop, then unplug and plug back in the RCD to restart the system. Hayward is a leading manufacturer in the swimming pool industry and . Do not use spa. What does E90 mean on Intex inflatable hot tub? Temperature sensor fault, circuit open or faulty, Overtemp air temp around equipment is too hot, lack of air flow, Spa in standard mode; system message, not an error, Shown on startup, indicates temperature probe error, Shown on startup, indicates temperature is less than 39F, Time out error; contact manufacturer for support, Temperature set Celsius/Fahrenheit; system message, not an error. What Are The Best Hot Tub Bargains? I have also provided a simple solution to fix this problem once and for all. Sensors out of balance, reporting different results. Site design / logo 2023 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under CC BY-SA. Spa Inlet/Outlet Plug - Bubble Massage - Replacement Parts - Spas - Store - Intex. Hello , This is an inactive thread. Some system status codes are identified as well, with the phrase "system message, not an error.". Thanks a lot for all those explanations. Take out the cover and pull out the white thermal protector. Very often, you can find a PDF version of the owners manual online. [su_youtube url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eEeJAp9BEA]. Turn on the control unit and activate the filtration to make sure there is water flowing through. You can also get a new hot tub replacement from Intex if your hot tub is not older than 2 years. You must log in or register to reply here. Not only are they full of all the technical details, but they're written in a way that the average Joe, who hasn't spent a lifetime studying electricity, can actually understand. You might also need to turn on the tub again to observe its operation. If you want to reset the heater, press the button and then check if the hot tub is functioning properly. You can even get a new hot tub in replacement provided your hot tub is no older than 2 years. If there is a problem with the hot tub then it will simply refuse to switch on or it will trip out again immediately. In some cases, the errors that pop up require replacement parts in order to fix the root of the problem. Click Here to Get a New Hot Tub Water Pump Replacement. Turn on your spa and observe its operation. Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe 85" x 25" Outdoor Portable Inflatable 6 Person Round Hot Tub Spa with Bubble Jets, Hardwater Treatment . Any new postings here are unlikely to be seen or responded to by other members. Find a rectangular container and fill it with ordinary cooking rice. If the error signal continues on the control panel then you will need to consult your hot tub manual to see what the problem is. How Long to Wait After Adding Chlorine to Hot Tub? If you don't hear the water flowing when you hit the filter button.or it works for a second and then stops, likely a clog. Affiliate links pay me a small commission if you purchase the product, but in no way increase the cost to you. If the accumulation of excessive moisture inside your hot tub is the reason for your issue, luckily, we have a solution. #2. - 3 Important Safety Precautions to Follow. "name": "Hot Tub Works", "height": "500", If you know that there is a way to soft boot or soft reset your control panel then try this first if it has crashed but the most likely thing that will work is if you switch it off and then on again. Remove the filter cartridge assembly from the spa tub. Its a common yet fairly neglected cause that many people dont care about. However, if a short switch-off period doesnt work then its all always worth powering down and waiting for a few hours before powering back up again. www.intexcorp.com For technical assistance and missing parts call us toll-free (for U.S. and Canadian Residents): 1-800-234-6839 Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm Pacific Time 347-*PO-R0-2105 PureSpa SB-H10 110-120 V~, 60 Hz, 12 A 347 PO S AVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS (347PO) SPA ENGLISH 7.5 X 10.3 PANTONE 295U 05/21/2020 English Page 2 The control panel has crashed Bear in mind that hot tub control panels are basically small computers and from time to time they may well suffer from software errors and crash. The wireless touch display control panel activates 170 high-performing bubble Jets surrounding the interior of the spa for a refreshing massage. Detach all the components of the GFCI and then reset the tub using the manual instructions. How can I replace an Armstrong Astro 20B pump? Locate the spas high-limit reset. lol. They should not, however, be considered professional advice on hot tub electrical systems, hot tub moving or installation, hot tub placement, or any other type of professional or legal advice.\r\rIf you need professional or legal advice, you should seek out a qualified professional in your area.\r\rSome links contain what are called affiliate links. You will get much more visibility by. How do I reset my Intex spa? The E90 code on the intex spa is due to a dirty water flow sensor. . "wordCount": "1826", 4. Has the Melford Hall manuscript poem "Whoso terms love a fire" been attributed to any poetDonne, Roe, or other? Please take the time to review the following information, and make use of the link provided, to assist in keeping you and your family safe from injury. When the water has cooled down, plug the GFCI/RCD and restart the system again. Filtration pump not working. That's 50,740 BTUs/hour. 1 watt is 3.41 BTU/hour. Ensure the pool is running well and is clean. Many users say that 38 degrees is a comfortable temperature to sit in which will shave an hour or two off the heating time. Once the circuit breaker has tripped no more electricity will reach the hot tub. . Turn on your spa and observe its operation. Well, I have found one simple solution to this issue. Looks like your current store isn't near your delivery area. After unplugging it, unscrew the B and C connection until water starts to leak out. When does an Intex pure spa throw an E95 code? So into our 1750 pound tank, that's 29 degrees per hour gain. It can be a good fit for children and adults. It might even mean that you need to replace the control panel entirely. For urgent questions, you can reach us directly at This will restore all of the settings to their default values. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Passing negative parameters to a wolframscript. But I would think a new plug would be needed to finalize all of this. So I bought another one this year. Remove the control panel and all the screw holding the casing on. If you dont want to see again E90 Error code on your Intex Pure Spa Hot tub make sure these 2 things: Water is filled to the recommended level. Tighten the connections and restart the unit.

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